3.6 Patch Notes


Does this patch fix the Eyedol questline not showing up when you start it in a playthrough and try to continue it in a new playthrough?

I still can’t unlock Eyedol because the quests won’t show up in a new playthrough.


Gonna say this:

One of the extra characters is CONVINIENTLY located next to Shago and Omen. The shadow characters.

And Shorchid got most votes about reworks

Also, I would like to say hi to all the people who said KI was dying. Your face must be priceless right now

Kilgore is clearly the robot from the shadow lords abandoned laboratory. Eager to see him!

Thank you @developers. You are awesome. KI 4 LIFE


Excellent work @developers @TheKeits ! :smiley: You guys are hard workers and are truly amazing! I love some of the hidden buffs due to the PD changes!

Just a few questions for clarification:

  1. So for Fulgore’s new instinct (which sounds pretty cool and scary!), it seems like the amount of pips he has now only manages your ability to do shadow moves or shadow counters. Is this correct?

  2. If he pops instinct at 2 pips and wants more pips to do a shadow move/counter, now he’ll still have to manage spin speed to get the pips. So although using the new free pip-cancels to throw lots of triple fireballs and lasers will VERY likely get more hits in, get more combo openings, and make Fulgore MUCH harder to deal with in instinct, … it could also slow spin speed, and therefore slow down access to do shadow moves/counters, correct?

  3. Will Fulgore only have a max of 3 fireballs on screen (kinda like omen)? Or will he be able to throw out another triple fireball after recovering from the first one (like sfv guile)?


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Well there is no concrete proof of that.

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So are these new characters free or another season pass incoming? I knew gold skins were coming but damn that was a wonderful surprise lol

I was thrown by this patch being so huge! My fault for not playing the game in about 4 weeks I guess (got distracted by Skyrim and final fantasy - forgive me IG).


There is not, but:

-Aria states that he was unnestable on that quest
-Unnestable Fulgore prototypes were built with gatlings
-This model seems unnestable

Enough proof for me. Not confirmed, but almost

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We hid Kilgore tidbits in Shadow Lords. You all found them with ease!


Oh…so the UT facility “thing” you find IS killgore? Well…not gona lie…kinda disappointed on that one.


S3 didn’t have teases. Now we don’t even get a trailer. What sorcery is this? I blame Kan-Ra even though he did nothing wrong.


Yeah yeah go stuff a sock in it.


Technically speaking, Kilgore is not a part of Season 3.

Kilgore Gameplay (Video Added!)

Hmm. Kilgore is in the same row as S3 though. If he isn’t a part of S3, wouldn’t it make more sense to put the new characters on the bottom? Unless…S4 CONFIRMED


Being a Fulgore player, Fulgore can’t do that now. If you put out multiple weak (slow) fireballs on screen, you have to wait until they are all gone before you can throw another…buuuuut. You can use heavy laser all day though even though that fire ball is still on screen.


Do we have to buy him or is it granted to Season 3 purchasers?


The way to unlock him is similar to:
Omen: he is a bonus character for season 3?
Shago: not part of any season and must be adquired separately?
None of these?

I was thinking about something like:

If you have s1 Ultra edition, you get Kilgore
If you have s2 ultra edition, you get #2 character
If you have s3 ultra edition, you get #3 character

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Got it! Thx! Fulgore instinct 3.6 = lockdown mode!


Am I the only who thinks Glacius didn’t need a cold shoulder buff? that ■■■■ already hurts enough as is!

Also poor Cinder weaker damage with burnout enders and not much else to compensate. Looks like I’ll just have to work even harder to beat Glacius now.

On the brighter side:
As a Fulgore main:
I don’t think the instinct change is going to affect me that much since I always fight to get my pips anyway. If anything this will just makes me scarier HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE!


KILGORE WOOOO!! And I wanna see this fulgore exclusice color damn it! also I want more details on how to get that meter up, also: I wanna see what they in store!

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I need to bring your attention to a little quote from @rukizzel in the video

Feel free to throw down with us every Tuesday.

I’d like to draw your attention to the


Part of that.

Let’s let that sink in.

This means that KI going to be getting weekly updates for a while. For how long? Well, with 3 new characters coming, and the first being in January…
We’re getting new stuff every week until at least March!