3.6 Patch Notes

We’re ready to address the giant, cybernetic robot in the room.

Check out the full article here: https://www.ultra-combo.com/3-6-patch-notes/


So, we got “Shadow” Fulgore instead of a Shadow Orchid. Unless she is the second addition.
Didn’t see that coming.


Here we GO!!!




Infinite Fulgore pip cancels…LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Three new characters, excitement inbound


Orchid nerfs

I know right this came all out of no where i thought she was fine the way she was.

New characters!!! Though that was an underwhelming reveal…

I have one question though does this mean i can shoot the 3 fire balls without spending any meter or do i still need meter since it technically a pimp cancel?

I have an idea for a new character…


Well oops should reread before posting, LOL

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Killgore looks SICK!

Super impressed with 3.6 guys. Love KI. Wonder what this means for a fourth season that I’m still hopeful for. Either way can’t wait to play Kilgore and the constant content updates will keep me coming back all the time.

Already sitting on 84% archive too so can’t wait to see these exclusive colours. :heart:


So they said we will be able to compete against Kilgore, wonder what that means. Are they going to fight us with kilgore or what? Either way tomorrow is going to be great

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All of this stuff sounds AWESOME. I get that the nerfs are to keep characters in line with the new PD system, so I’m okay there.

Just curious though, with KI getting new characters outside of the seasonal model, does that mean the seasonal model is officially over and done with? Or is this like a “Shago getting a unique moveset” situation? Is there even the slightest chance that the @developers can talk about this?

I’m not asking for a solid season 4 confirm before anyone’s ready to announce anything. Not by a long shot. But if someone could say “it’s more of a Shago situation, we’re doing this right now, but it has no baring on a possible, theoretical season 4.” I’d really appreciate it.

Also… Can’t wait to see Kilgore in action!! :heart_eyes:

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It means you may see him pop up in Shadow Lords…



Quick question. Can Fulgre still charge in instinct.

I am so excited to see new fighters enter the battle…but now the character select screen looks funky.

Hopefully you guys (after the 3 new ones are added) will plan more in the future :wink:

Thank you for your hard work guys.

Edit: Will the new characters be getting new songs by Atlas and Cellerdweller?

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Before season 3 launched we got to try Rash as he was still in development. Hopefully this is more of the same.