Random Character Tournament Vol. 6: Christmas Edition 🎄 (CONCLUDED)

When are the brackets final?



If Kilgore gets released as beta character like Rash, can he be assigned?

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Are we allowed to talk about “that”?

Yep. Kilgore is official.




Kilgore looks sick!


Not coming until January 3rd :disappointed_relieved:.

He should be here for V7

V7, seems wierd to think about it.

Brackets are final.

You guys should’ve seen my reaction for forgetting about it:

KevBones10 (Cinder) VS HW Valoraxe (Hisako), winner faces Player 21 (Thunder)
oTigerSpirit (Riptor) VS GIAC ItzTymeToDul (Shadow Jago)
Thunderb3e (Jago) VS TDB Fang (Glacius)
PV T1AORyanBay (Sabrewulf) VS PV NinjaOstrich (Maya), winner faces PV Xenoraptor (Gargos)
Storm179 (Arbiter) VS TDB Shin (General RAAM), winner faces Galactic Geek (Rash)
DoobyDude23 (Eyedol) VS MaruMDQ (TJ Combo), winner faces WhatUpEth (Aganos)
Chr0n0s312 (Sadira) VS Player 24 (Kim Wu)
Reid The Player (ARIA) VS Player 25 (Tusk)
Tiger316 (Fulgore) VS blandestjohn (Orchid), winner faces Player 22 (Spinal)
Vlad Kravich (Kan-Ra) VS WrathOfFulgore (Omen), winner faces Player 26 (Mira)

Just a little heads up too:

#Top 3 winners will receive Colour 10 Codes of their choice.

#Twitch Chat will also have giveaways for a Colour 10 Code of each character available.
(e.g. Jago, Sabrewulf, Spinal, Fulgore, Shadow Jago, Hisako)

My reaction to where I was put in the bracket; PV vs PV, winner faces PV

And if you’re interested, we have a new online series, called KI Fastlane. Hosted by TDB and PV.
60 Second Time Limit, 3 Characters per player etc.



The bracket is showing the other way around… Me vs player 26, winner fights @VladKravich

Sabrewulf color 10!!! :scream::scream::scream:

Travelling tonight. The moment I get home I have to update the game! My download speed isn’t great but I’ll think I’ll be ready!

Please @PVXenoraptor remind me when the tourney start? I’m in UTC-3
By the way, who will be hosting the lobby? Are we playing in USA?

Wow, didn’t have much time to practice…I’ll be there for the fun of it XD

Done :smiley:

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UTC-3, that’s 12PM for the tournament’s start time.

I think I’ll be hosting the lobby, the connection between myself, @ItzTymeToDul and @SonicDolphin117 is great, so we should be okay.

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I’m in :hugging:

What time exactly does it start?

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Consider that Maru is playing from South America and I’m playing from Asia. ‘Okay’ might be pushing it.
@Dayv0 3pm UTC, I think. 8:30pm IST.

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Ah, a noon start time? That’s unfortunate, as I’ll still be at work :slight_frown:

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3pm GMT


First match is against @ItzTymeToDul?

I’m coming back for my title.