3.6 Patch Notes


Wait… There’s MOAR?


Rukizzel used Hypebeam…
It was super effective…
Salty Instinct has fainted…

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Jago :sob:

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I really hope to Keits that Killgore is able to be fought outside of Shadow Lords pre-release. If not… then…

I’ll probably make a video about it.

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Arcade mode with Boss Killgore inbound!!! LOL

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Well this was unexpected! New fighters!!! I hope Shark Man is one of the other 3.


Visions of Pretransformation Cinder and Shadow Orchid are dancing in my head. Wait, that sounds weird.

Man… Ya’ll spoil us rotton lol.

So much appreciation for what you guys do!! :slight_smile:


So how do we purchase the 3 new fighters? Are they free for Ultra owners? Definitive owners? Or just new DLC purchases like Shadow Jago was?
Doesn’t matter to e because I will pay whatever it takes… just curious.

Killgore, Eagle, and ??? Another guest?

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We win some, we lose some. Could have been worse though.


How can one team of developpers be so based ?

I haven’t play KI in a while, I think it’s time to buy a year of Xbox Live Gold, 3.6 looks awesome. Keep up the good work guys and have a great holiday season.


Can’t freaking wait until someone stumbles on one of the other two characters in SL. Assuming it won’t happen during this patch, but still. That’ll be a fun day! :slight_smile:

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Does this mean Killgore will get this as his Retro Costume?


I knew Kilgore is new character… This is so cool! :smiley:


PRAISE GOD!!! fulgore finally got the nerfs he dserves!!! great job IG!!! perfect patch notes!!!

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To be fair he is already very good. So I saw nerfs coming, RAAM though, his instinct nerf made him slightly less menecing.

Poor RAAM, he’s getting the Gief treatment of SFV.


Something I don’t understand is the Shadow Lords achievements progress thing.

When he said you can unlock as an example retro Jago… I don’t get it, why would I need to unlock retro Jago? There didn’t seem to be anything different about him, he’s ashtray readily available for everyone, anyone care to elaborate?

Thank you,


glad i spent forever trying to get keits to tell me whether or not there actually was a reversal buffer on raams flipout and never getting an answer til this


Guest Character maybe Joanna Dark?


Remember, PD starts healing after 3 seconds instead of 1. And if you break him, you heal back half, instead of all of it.

I think it makes his instinct MORE menacing.


are those new characters for free?
or is it like a season 3.5? (half the price)