3.6 Patch Notes


I don’t know if they’ll have updates every tuesday, but they will probably plan to stream and share information with us. Which is still cool. I can dig it.


11/21 - 3.5
11/28 - Tiger
12/6 - Gold Skin Pack 1
12/13 - Gold Skin Pack 2
12/20 - 3.6
12/27 - Terror Skin Pack
1/3 - ???
1/10 - ???

You get the gist. Whether a skin pack, Guardian, sale, or character, we want to have some sort of event (this includes Double XP, or other weird tricks up our sleeves) every week.

Terror skins?



Im on vacation during 2 weeks starting tomorrow

3.6 drops tomorrow

*Tears of joy


You hit the jack pot for timing my friend.


RE: Balance, all looks nice and makes sense.

  • I like the adjustments to Jago’s EX Fireball simultaneously addressing “safe DP crap” and the “unbreakable lifeswing” without any sort of (clunky) mechanical change. I think the PD change may benefit the life juggles enough to make this not a total loss afterall (?). We’ll see tomorrow.
  • Clever Fulgore changes. I didn’t expect another damage nerf, but considering 15 seconds of free pip-cancels, it makes sense.
  • Ouch on the Orchid EX.Rekka nerf. Source of major advantage becoming heavy-punishable never felt good, ever.
  • Didn’t see the Glacius adjustment coming. I kinda like it. Encourage proper frontloading of punishes, while making me die a little less when I lockout against him? Okay.
  • Totally saw the Spinal meter gain readjustment coming. Glad y’all were ready for it - but I overall appreciate the “go hard and then tone it down” method to it’s opposite.
  • Cool Kan-Ra buff. Proj.inv. command grabs are neato.
  • I’m kinda glad I don’t play Arbiter. Every patch looks like it hurts.
  • All the PD-related adjustments sound just dandy. Interesting that there was zero change to ARIA. I’m excited for her future (pardon the pun).

RE: Kilgore - I’m always stoked for new characters, especially when I don’t expect them. I don’t mind the recycling of assets for new stuff either. But what the stuff is a Kilgore, and what of all that polling? Please oh dear lawd please do not let those other 2 slots be filled by Shorchid & Joanna. Moreover, if Kilgore, what of Eagle? Ooh ooh ooh, I know? Can this be more a ‘Fulgore’ chapter, and we get two purer versions of “Fulgore’s” halves (murderbot & Eagle)!? This leaves one to spare, very nice. I just don’t understand what of all the hubbub about the poll results if Kilgore is a playable…

It’s all good though. If ever I had faith in a dev team, it’s you guys. Keep up the great work!


will there be a stream before Kilgore is released?


Define released…


if I remember correctly you guys streamed I think I week before the character was released?


The reason why I say define release is because technically you’ll be able to play against Kilgore starting tomorrow. Is that a release?! If so, the answer is no.


AWESOME!!! I was not aware we could against him tomorrow


You’re missing a word - against.


so, basically I only get to play Akuma until Kilgore comes out?


Is there a set date for when he will become playable then?


Kilgore gameplay! #KilgoreLives


ok will there be a stream about Kilgore before he is released for us to play as him?


Of course there is!

That’s the current plan, though anything could happen.


And that is… when?


Stay Tuned ™


lol, yeah, thought so. :stuck_out_tongue: