3.6 Patch Notes


Damn MS, forcing me to renew my Live subscription with Kilgore, lol.


Man, just when I started playing Omen & was getting good at suckering people in with Demonic Despair…
You realize as slow as that DD is to hit and as lousy of range as it has you guys just pretty much just killed that move.
It may just be me, but perhaps a reduction to 75% or even 50% PD on connect might have been a better solution.

…I mean, not like Omen doesn’t have plenty of other options, which will no doubt play well with the PD changes, but why give a character a tool like DD and then make it near impossible to use…and then you still have to follow up to make it of any effect? Why would anyone even risk using it anymore?


I’m guessing he is going to share fulgores stage

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Yep. That seems very likely.


They reverted back to the way it was when he first was released.


PD changes: Excited for these! I’m very interested to see how differently the game plays out with these in KI.

Jago: Welcome changes.

Orchid: Wait, that move was +9? Waow. I get nerfing that, -12 seems a little excessive though. I do think this character could use a few buffs in other areas, to be honest.

Spinal: Definitely warranted. The meter gain combined with instinct was just too much. Though, I would like if the skulls still gained the 3.5 amount of meter on hit.

Fulgore: I love this change! This is a great character rework. Making him focus more on his reactor out of instinct is great, and the free cancels sound like a recipe for fun.

TJ: Thank you~

Kan-ra: A decent buff, but I’m hoping there are more to come in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Omen: Makes sense with the PD changes.

Cinder. Same as with omen. I guess I never really noticed excessive meter gain from inferno.

Aria: A bold decision. I’m interested to see how it plays out for her.

Arbiter: I was kind of expecting these changes, but…like, paired with a buff to his higher level damage enders? His level 3 and 4 are the worst in the game. Honestly all of his enders are too piddly. IMO if he’s having his rushdown ability reduced AND his level 1 & 2 damage enders nerfed, his enders all around should be hitting like normal enders.

Mira: Makes sense, though it seems like with the last change the focus of her instinct moved away from the super high damage combos and more toward giving her near-unlimited access to her best moves.

Raam: I actually think this will end up being a buff for raam overall. One of the questionable elements of his instinct was that you were gambling really heavily with the PD when you used it. Waiting for lockouts to use it just seemed like the best way to go. Now it’ll be much more stable, as getting broken isn’t wiping out all of the PD you build up, and it’ll probably be more worth using outside of combos.

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Yeah, I played a bit with him then, and that move was near useless when he first came out, which I’m assuming is why they added the strike invunerability in the first place.


I was wondering if @TheKeits would be willing to calrify this Orchid change.

Opener Ichi Ni San damage reduced by ~20% [Orchid still hits like a truck, but doesn’t use her other openers very often, even in confirm/punish situations. Thus, we’ve lowered the damage output from her Ichi Ni San rekkas just a bit.]

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “other openers”; are you referring to flick flack or slide? I’m not really sure why an Orchid player would ever open a combo with those specials outside a S.HP into Shadow FF for example. Itchnisan gives outs more frame advantage and can also lead to other mixups.


Well it does the obvious 1 chance to victory. Cost is quite high, guess they wanted that to return I guess.

That and I guess the “go through everything especially shadows” was too easy to pull off.


Totally agree and to understanding why some characters are aloud to hit so hard and have many tools at their disposal.
I just don’t get why Glacius needs to hit harder??? He can already do 40% in one normal path combo. 4 combos and its game over.


It was still really high even with the strike invunerability. All 3 shadow bars plus have to follow up quickly with an ender, and hope they don’t try for a break.


Brilliant idea to keep every one entertained and keep players around until the BIG REVEAL!


SO where do the Omen and Shago accessories release fall in this Titillating Tuesdays?? eeeehhh?


Well it is a one chance. So of course they would try to break. I mean unless you are ARIA then your chances of breaking it are slim. Hell omen can even let you recover a little bit get into position that he wants then do a huge chunk of damage. Then has a huge life lead if you’re not already dead.


As a Jago main, even I have to admit those nerfs are fair.

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Which is exactly why they changed it …so you would use something else instead of the constant 50/50 opener. If you aren’t going to use any other opener, well then it isnt going to hit as hard.


I mean, it sounds like you just answered your own question.
More safe+More Mix-ups=Less Damage
Less Safe+ Fewer Mixups= More Damage


To the @developers, I am a loyal fan and feel you deserve more of my money. Good job and carry on, you beautiful people.

To the naysayers, how many of us said it was too soon to think this season was over? To think this game was dead? To act with patience and wait for the developers to tell us the season was over, instead of assuming it and promptly whining about the “small amount” of content we all got? Yeah, you can shut your traps, rest your fingers and think about how much like petulant children you were acting while the rest of us gleefully await this content free of guilt and happily affirmed in our loyalty.


Any chance we can test out Kilgore before holidays or year end? Lots of free time, that’s why :smile:


I am pretty sure that this fix made it into 3.6.


I’m fine with the damage nerf but that isn’t going to deter me from doing anything else; rekka openers will still always be the best option outside of heavy button into shadow. Normally a heavy rekka opener is about 14% so after the 20% nerf it will do about 11.8/12% which isn’t a big deal. I was more curious of what he meant by other openers.

It’s just a weird change overall.

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