3.6 Patch Notes


So I’m getting the impression that we are receiving Eagle, and NOT receiving a season 4. Regardless, I’m happy.

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…I was in such a tizzy about Omen’s DD I almost forgot to say my peace about the rest if the news.

PD…cool, let’s see how that plays out.
New content…always nice.

Killgore. K…odd…but sure why not? The guns are neat but why the propane heater face?
I find it funny about him though:
KI team: We made a shadow Fulgore


I think they are focusing on quality of life stuff right now.

Behind the scenes they have already discussed whats happening next.

If i had to take an educated guess i dont think Eagle would be an option, that would make 2.5 fulgore types and 1.5 Thunder types.

Im guessing we will get another “re-engineered” character and maybe 1 new one?


Great patch, glad to see all the changes and additions, exciting times.

Thank you for the fix on shadow cold shoulder having no hurtboxes before the freeze, that one has been bugging me for a while. When I saw the damage buff but hadn’t seen the fix yet I was a bit shocked but altogether and coupled with the very welcome SCS linker nerf it’s a great package.

The Jago and Fulgore changes are also great, it will be very interesting to see what Fulgore can do in instinct now. Kilgore looks cool too!

The Spinal meter nerf is outrageous! Haha no that makes sense, still higher than previously which is good, I loved the change originally as I felt before 3.5 he struggled with resources, and still being 50% higher than before is still very welcome.


Since I doubt the next 3 characters will get stages it would be cool if instead we get updates on old stages. For example, if either player chooses kilgore and then chooses fulgores stage, it changes a bit and defaults to Kilgores theme. Like maybe the reactor in the back is off and there is a lot less lighting so it’s a darker stage. RAAM could share riptors stage, mira and maya could share, eyedol and gargos/omen, etc

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It took three months, but you guys finally made things right for long time supporters of the game and released the gold and platinum skin for gargos. Glad to see you guys listened.


How is making the Demonic Despair virtually useless a change in accordance with the Potential Damage changes?

You sould have made it deal 50% of its damage or something different, because abusing it’s invincible startup was the only chance at hitting with it.

Oh and you lied that time you said Omen’s shadow slide was invincible to “almost all” shadow counters even though half the cast can successfully shadow counter it …


Wait, are these new guys even getting themes? I mean, with as little fanfare as we got for Killgore and how they said he’s not getting a trailer…perhaps all we get is the characters and that’s it?


Sounds like it.


Well actually…he’s kinda right on the shadow slide being able to SC by a portion of the cast.


I already regret making the post anyway but I was being snarky, but either way I don’t think “half” is accurate.


Well off the top of my head there is 4 right off the bat.


Pretty sure Rukari said atleast one of them will get a theme


I wouldn’t mind if the clone characters keep the same themes as the ones they’re cloned from. Like Kilgore shares Fulgore’s, and if a Shadow Orchid happens she could keep Orchid’s theme. If they make an original character though, it would be a shame if it didn’t get an original theme too though.


Yeah, but on the other hand we could have more new music or even remixes of older themes, and as far as music is concerned more is always better.

…unless it sucks.


Oooh, a retro-remix of Fulgore’s theme from KI1 for Kilgore, you mean?
Oh… now I kinda want that to happen, just to hear a remix of Orchid’s KI1 or KI2 theme for Shadow Orchid! Damn, never thought I’d be excited for a potential clone character…


This is incredible. 3 new surprise characters literally out of nowhere. I sincerely want to thank you guys @developers. This game is just an absolute masterpiece and you guys have been busting your asses with making new content non stop. I really Appreciate this and will happily play this game for years and years to come. Hopefully one day we will get a season 4. Thanks again for everything


Yeah it’d be great if reimagined characters had reimagined themes though I’m trying to picture a sinister sounding Orchid then for Shadow Orchid and I’m not seeing it lol.

So what other characters from the novella could we be getting?


Were the Madcatz controller bugs fixed? I haven’t been able to use my Madcatz Street Fighter IV pad since Shadow Lords beta.


Most of all, I want to see sharkman ! lol Idk why but i can just imagine him coming out really really cool looking. But out of the character survey, there was enough new characters for a full 8 or 9 season 4. Maybe they’re picking 3 of the reworked character for these new characters now, and then saving the new ones like the wendigo and djinn and all those for a season 4.