3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


LOVE seeing these Wulf buffs! I’ll be curious to see how much this helps him in practice. Sounds nice!

I’d still like to see some more variety in his move set, like giving him more options off of run like maybe a forward flip that ends in a double claw strike that hits overhead and is an opener on medium (but travels less distance), but you can hold the button to halt and go in to overpower charge on the heavy version before it lands as well as a move to stop and growl on the light version and you could hold it for a few seconds or back dash out of it. Maybe that’s making run function too similarly to TJ’s powerline and it’s six options, but I believe they’d be different enough to make the characters still feel very unique.

Oh well, I’m sure I’m in the minority, so it’s cool. Would it be crazy to ask for some type of temporary damage buff move that has similar properties to Spinal’s new move? Not really the variety I’d be looking for from a fun / visual perspective, but I always loved hulking out and doing more damage in instinct, so maybe a brief buff could help provided its balanced well? Maybe it could be an ender where he does the forward flip and then growls while the opponent is knocked back, but the move does no damage, he just gets the temporary buff.

Ah, sorry!! What am I thinking. I know this isn’t the thread to throw stuff out like this. My apologies. I let my mind wander a bit.

As for Spinal, the reason for the buff makes sense to me and I appreciate the devs laying out the reason. Seems like it will give Spinal players more to think about and strategize with and that sounds fun to me. I don’t really see why buffing or helping a midtier character would be seen as a bad thing. It’s not like low tier characters are the only ones that can be buffed or reworked slightly to be better versions of what they’re supposed to be already, but whatever. I’m the guy that asked for all the stuff above so what do I know. :slight_smile:

Anyways, count me among the people that would like to see Kan Ra get a little help in the next patch, though I’ll confess that he’s a tough character to say “oh it’d be cool if you could do this…” He must be such an intricate character to balance to begin with.

Either way, sounds like a great patch! Looking forward to it.


gargos did not get any nerfs yeeeee (unless that some bug fixes that were kind of dumb lol)


One of those fixes is a buff. I hated when someone was about to get hit by my portal punch and it just dissapeared.


well yea i know im happy its awsome


Okay, it seems that my three just got missing counterhit windows…Great.

Riptor finally has the juggle oppurtunies in Instinct hehehehe rubs hands
Cinder, okay…
Bruh, you guys have been screwing the bolt on my main (Arbiter) a lot, haven’t you? :joy:


well at least on my side the update is not online, it’s still 3.4. I checked the store to manually search for updates but there is nothing. so it’s not released yet I guess. also interesting if anything changed about the whole mess with the digital DE and PC gamers. until now they still haven’t received any characters.


Shadow slide -8 on block…man I thought I’d sound better going to sleep. I need to completely overhaul my play style.


As one who was always on the receiving end of that slide, I’m pleased for the adjustment. Good Omen’s will still be crazy hard to deal with. He has fireballs and he knows how to use them! :smiley:

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It wasn’t a crux of my style to play. It was just good frame data that was lost. Nothing more.


I’m on windows here and starting Killer Instinct greets me with the message “A new version of Killer Instinct is available for Download. To continue please download the update in the Windows store.”

uh okay. how do you do that? searching for updates in the “Downloads and Updates” section under my account doesn’t help.

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I’m guessing that they’re pushing the update out progressively to the user base like they do on Xbox One, so it should work sooner or later, but it’s not exactly ideal that the game refuses to launch in the meantime.

EDIT: update appeared for me when I checked just a moment ago. My guess above seems like a decent one.


@xCrimsonLegendx, you should post Spinal’s new move here!


Sounds like a good time to start giving Saberwulf another serious try. Honestly I’m a little apprehensive to get back into ranked, since I’ve probably developed some bad habits from all that Shadow Lords. (Who needs reads when you’ve got the Ram guardian and a bajillion nanobot buffs?)


Great, it really is a DD input? So teabagging has become official… :unamused:

…and then he laughs at you… :laughing:

…all while trading 1 resource for another? :recycle:



Yeah DD 3 punch I believe.


I thought they were trying to make inputs easier. Why crouch twice?


Could have been like other moves like Omens shadow teleport and just made it 3P or 3K.

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It would be problematic with ultra and stage ultra.

Raam already has this problem, so they had to change his ultra motion to avoid accidental “focus” cancels.

DD 3P is easy enough, and IMO a good choice if they don’t want to go with PPP or KKK


Why not just D+3P, like with Arby?

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