3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


I would guess they’re going for something that’s hard to input by accident since its a shadow move, and I’m pretty sure all shadow moves have at least some kind of motion.


No idea. It could work

But anyway, IMO DD+PPP is better than any DP motion.

I just hated S1 Fulgore inputs. Teleport with DP K was a pain in the ■■■

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Yeah, okay. I can understand that reasoning. It still looks like a teabagging laugh though (which, oddly enough, does seem thematically appropriate to this particular character).

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yeah, just checked again. update is now available and… TE2+ is still now working, f’n great. jeez how hard can it be to make standard XInput devices compatible again.


From frame stepping it the skill gain seems to be 13 frames before the freeze and 21 after, totalling 34 frames. It is quite punishable after the freeze, from about shadow windkick distance Jago can heavy wind kick punish, and he can react with an overhead and punish. It should be usable with enough distance in neutral but will require caution.


@infilament, it appears that the issue with projectiles near corners/walls is still very much prevalent, post patch. This, along with the @developers non-response to my question above leads me to believe that a) it is indeed intentional, or b) it is a bug, but is not very high on their priority fix list. Either way, I’d still appreciate an answer. I think projectiles should be able to work in the corner when standing next to the opponent, and if the whiff is intentional by design, I would like a logical reason as to why that decision was made.

If I were to hazard a guess though, it’s likely because many of them could be used to for unbreakable juggles and meter building, despite the eventual combo drop due to KV meter blow-out. Still, if that’s the case, why not just tell me that for confirmational purposes and to assuage my concerns?


Which projectiles miss in the corner?


A lot of them. Aganos’ peacemaker is 1, and I’ve seen numerous others, although I can’t recall which at the moment…

It’s easy to do though - simply put your opponent into a corner or next to a wall, and then fire a projectile while standing as close as you possibly can to them. It’ll pass right through them…

It appears to be a hitbox issue - in Aganos’ case, the peacemaker’s box doesn’t even appear until half way across the screen, but still huts up close thanks to the new update UNLESS your opponent is up against a corner or wall.

I’m having trouble replicating this issue with other characters for now, but I haven’t tried them all yet, so I’ll name other characters and their projectiles as I find them.

Furthermore, the peacemaker still whiffs even on larger characters…


I actually became victim to the jago bug, It’s on my Twitter. It was very nasty lol.


I see what you mean with Peacemaker, it can’t seem to hit Jago directly in the corner or by a wall. Other characters are working fine but Aganos does seem to have this issue.

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the camera should zoom in faster


Watch his meter gain.

What have you guys done?


I didn’t even notice the meter gain before. WTF? On block he gets a grip.


Wow! Yet another incentive to learn Spinal. I do love using him. Gonna have to bring him out more now. :smiley:


Whoa… :open_mouth:


If they forced us to upgrade to the Win10 anniversary update to play the latest version and Xbox One sticks still don’t work, I will be pretty upset.


Very late to the party, but good the see the drama has dissipated. all of my views are opinions and please take it with grain of salt.

Jago: an interesting bug that has surfaced that probably was used as shenanigans by the community. HOWEVER, this by itself is interesting. i find it to be a pretty neat mechanic, i would like to see this as a instinct feature for Jago in the future of KI (if it exists). i can see this as sacrificing a portion of Instinct meter (similar to Tusk special to special cancel).

Sabrewulf: wulf needed this, since he lost the damage boost on instinct. He still does less damage compared to most characters with this buff but it works with his playstyle.

Glacius: hate to be the glacius’ that lost because of that, good to see bug fixes that are not intended.

Sadira: good to see consistency fixes, that unbreakable sounded nasty.

Spinal: a likable addition to the complexity of spinal. When you got rid of the relationship between the two resources earlier in the season (using a skull to drain the opponents shadow meter for yourself), i was quite disappointed in the choice. But this change makes it up and made the interaction better then before. Also as a side note, good to see the down down input make an appearance in this game.

Fulgore: ive been the receiving end of both of this bugs, but i didn’t know the uppercut was a bug…

Maya: ah another tweak to dagger assault. i understand when it first was introduced, it was lackluster in terms of performance, so it kept getting better over time this season. But to see another one so quickly after the last make me a bit edgey. But only time will tell.

Omen: Seeing that it took less meter to do a Shadow move compared to the rest of the cast, it makes sense for a nerf like this.

Rash: Good to see he hasn’t been touched

General Raam: about time


Glad I’m not the only one that’s happy to see that, haha. Don’t really have a good reason for it but I like that input :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck my friend. :confused: