3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


ok now on topic. are you afraid of the amount of frames the move takes before you are back to neutral? what if the only time you could safely use the new shadow move is on knockdown?

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I forget how to hide characters.



Can you please stop? Start your own topic if you really have to talk about this.


I think he was referring to 3S.


I’m aware. I’m pointing out that one of those games is not 15 years old. Or 17, which is how old third strike actually is.

On maya’s dagger assault: I think I mentioned it before, but I think that even with this buff it’s still probably not going to be worth using without instinct. Having your daggers scattered is painful and unlike her pip toss the hit isn’t even guaranteed.

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I’m in a good mood right now and I want it to last.

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Actually yes I’m wary of that, I hope there will be ways to juggle into it off most normals to make it safe, and presume it definitely will be after juggling into cr.mk (which causes a hard knockdown against airborne opponents) although doing so obviously runs the risk of being broken and losing the meter as well. However I’m also hoping there will be opportunities to do it in neutral, if you happen to get enough space between you and your opponent, but that will likely be purely matchup and spacing dependent.

I’m interested to see how much meter skulls build now, as I have often felt starved of meter in s3 especially for defensive options, so gaining a bit extra will definitely help.

One interesting thing that is returning from prior seasons is that he can again start to trade resources back and forth but now in a different manner. Whereas before he applied skulls to drain meter to train instinct to get skulls, he now gets a bit more meter from skulls and can spend it to gain them back. Instinct is left out of the equation but potentially allows him to generate masses of both.


Just wanna say, so far 8 people just rushed to disagree with your opinion on Gargos. Might want to reword, or lookup the definition of Unanimous.

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Also, legit question. Since you are citing how broken Gargos was around EVO. Can you name a single tournament where Gargos won besides that one tournament where he was used once before Arbiter won the set? How come no one else but Sleep could utilize this infinite meter and broken power you speak of? Show me one example besides EVO.

just show me one.

Mainly because I would love to see it.

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Omen’s shadow slide being punishable is rough, theres not too many straight up punishable shadow moves


Ahem… so, getting back to the patch…

Wulf damage buffs!! :grin: Omen slight nerfs :blush: Spinal burf :thinking:
I wonder what the animation is for the new Shadow move. That could drastically change its usefulness.

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Guess I’m not using shadow slide anymore…:unamused:


Shadow Skull Summon!!!

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Hm, I discussed this in another thread, but I actually want to see a variant of these Omen nerfs applied to Jago.

I think it’s 2, 3, 4 and 6 for resp. light, medium, heavy, special? I’m pretty confident on the light and medium numbers at least, but you should be able to find the exact numbers in the dojo lesson on counterhits, unless they’ve changed since.

To your question about manuals, yes, it’s very useful for confirming into combos. For example, with Jago if you do the pressure string

clMK clMK crMK

then if either of the clMK’s nets a counterhit, the following crMK will link (respectively 2 and 3 frame links, I think) and you’ll have enough time to cancel that link into an opener on reaction to the counterhit.

It means you don’t need strings which link on hit even without a counterhit, like clMK crLK xx light wind kick, to convert frame traps. You won’t get opponents who are attempting to jump with it and there may be weird scrambly situations where an opponent might eat a frame trap but not be trying to start something, but converting counterhits like this is very useful and expands your pressure options if your character is heavy on frame traps.

I also think it helps make Fulgore’s light/medium laser advantage nerfs less relevant, along with the pip cancel frame traps.


Still no fix for sticks/controllers on PC…yaaaaaaaay…

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I get how you don’t like Gargos, but works like “broken” and “op” are used way to much when someone just doesn’t like a character. To be honest, Gargos is far from the only character to have a move that was considered unfair. Sadria and Wulf had them in S1. Kan Ra was a big one in S2. Riptor had a problem with her flame carpet move, then Shadow Jago had issues when he came out as a full character. Eyedol’s was so bad that it got hot fixed.

What you might not realize is that using words like “everyone”, “all most all of us”, Or my personal favorite “all pro players think” are bad phrases to use, because people will reply to tell you they are not part of that group.

Now some people should just admit that Gargos had a lot of 100+ threads on how his minions made him “OP” Most of this was before EVO, and alot has changed. I still see streams where someone gets upset when they lose to a Gargos.

There are just some of us that don’t like fighting certain characters. It is that simple.

I am not going to complain about the patches of any of the characters, because I have not see the changes in a real setting.


thanks alot for your very thoughful response.i will take your advice