3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


On the topic of spinal’s new move, my hope is that having another way to gain skulls will make more spinal players willing to use them differently after launcher ender. Personally I think the standard juggle into skull > shadow skull that so many spinal players do is generally weaker than hard knockdown into high skull for a setup. It might feel wasteful since the curse isn’t guaranteed but I think it’s overall just stronger. Hopefully more players will see it my way after this :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty sure it’s extra frame advantage depending on the button you used. So if you hit with a light attack it’s +1, mediums are +2, heavies are +3 extra advantage? Something like that, but I don’t know the numbers for 100% certain.

I think you’re trying to turn this into a conspiracy where none exists, my friend. If it’s not in the patch notes, assume it hasn’t changed. Then verify yourself tomorrow.

Infinite is pretty big.


He didn’t get infinite meter. Minions barely built meter. It was only izzik’s killer special attack that built 75% of a bar back. And that was every 12 seconds.


I know I can answer my own question later, but I was hoping to get an answer sooner without having to wait.

If the issue that I addressed earlier is still there post-patch, I do think it’s an issue worth addressing (although, probably in a new thread of its own).


I honestly think alot of the community doesn’t really dig deep character specific mechanics. Or how they operate. They just look at the base form and go “well alright then.”

Because I explained the minion build months ago, long time ago in the gargos forums. But noone really pays attention to those forums.

But hey, guess that’s not my problem. On top of that, PP’s build terrible meter in general.


i honestly think people have forgotten just how bad gargos meter gain was back then combined with hardknock down after damage ender.it so was broken. i honestly think if people went back and watch tapes of prepatch gargos there would be no argument


Later I’m going to check on Wulf’s linker so I can compare them after the updates. Thanks for the updates! It’s cool to receive this news. I’ll pass this patch notes in my local community so they read it too =D


please go and watch prepatch tapes of gargos, his meter gain was just so dumb


Counter hit advantage is actually quite variable, not including the obvious Hisako differences.

Season one characters and some others (I don’t know the full list of characters that conform to this) gain +2/+3/+4/+5 advantage on lights/mediums/heavies/specials (that’s an additional advantage on top of the existing advantage, so a light punch which is normally +4 would be +6).

The characters that don’t follow this pattern seem to have move specific advantage. For example Riptor’s far standing medium kick, which is normally +4 on hit, can link into heavy buttons quite easily after a counter hit and so gains more than just 3 extra frames, as do several other moves (Riptor and Eyedol are 2 characters I know for sure have this variation).


I did the math. I know what it was like. And it was terrible outside of (again) izzik’s killer special attack.


dumb and broken are 2 different things. it probably was dumb and annoying but it wasnt broken.


I will say this though. You could be frame trapped with the minions +PP. But all one would have to do then is just do a little lab work OR just do OTJT (on the job training).


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Well I got news for you. That’s the past, it ain’t changing anytime soon.


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Have you heard of a Blazblue character called Kokonoe

Or a 3rd Strike character named Chun-Li


That’s not infinite meter.

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Might it be an idea to get back on the topic of the patch soon and not going over currently kind of irrelevant tournament results?

Yay for my Spinal buffs, yay for my teammate’s Wulf buffs, especially as a Spinal player Omen nerfs are always welcome and most importantly…



LOL. Your gif makes Spinal’s funny bones rattle. I’m glad Maya got a Dagger Assault buff.