3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


Take fulgore off the list, he can’t SC it.

I always find it funny when people say stuff like this with nothing to back it up.


Well unless it was patched, he can SC in the corner. If his back is to it.


Gargos is fair.
Gargos was not OP during evo. Some proof: Rico lost using Gargos.

You can have your opinion and belive that Spinal didn’t need any buff. Ok. But you are speaking in absolute terms, like you are right and everyone who disagree with you, doesn’t.

And that is not true. Spinal could use more buffs. More characters could, but better focusing in some of them with very concrete changes than start making changes “just because”, even more with a possible change to breakers coming soon


gargos winning evo the way he did is a bad look for the game. everyone says it but feel free to believe whatever you want… yeah gargos getting infinite meter from minions wasnt broken and was great for the game lol smdh


Everyone is only you here. The rest of us doesn’t belive that. Please, stop


Imagine if @SlenderCashew50 use Gargos at KI tournament. Everyone will say like “OMG! GARGOS IS OP!” Lol


Questions for you. Have you used this new change with Spinal, do you even play spinal? Did you read the reasoning behind the change? Will you continue to use tournament results to justify your opinion?
Don’t be a douche, shaking your head so many damn times will only cause you neck strain.


This statement is being proven to be objectively wrong by people (that are a part of “everyone”) not agreeing with you.


…and being consistently ignored when 1 has a question they believe to be important will only cause resentment and create a douche when one wasn’t needed nor wanted.

Please, @TheKeits, at least acknowledge that my question exists and that you are aware of it, even if you refuse to answer it.


your argument is flawed, so because rico lost with a character means a character wasnt broken??? didnt kanra and wulf loose in season 2 , did that mean they werent broken?? a broken character can loose in a bad matchup, but it doesnt mean the character wasnt broken. gargos was getting infinite meter from minions back then. i cant understand how any objective person wouldnt see how broken that was smh


No I haven’t forgotten these things, but you’re just listing properties of his moves without context. None of this made him “broken”. Tweaking happened, but it didn’t change the fundamentals of the character, nor remove his very pronounced weaknesses.

Not only should Gargos have been allowed at Evo, he didn’t really do anything. Rico got 9th with him (and Rico is good with every character), and Sleep used him for 1 match in grand finals and not at all before. If he was “broken”, we would have seen Sleep use him in more situations than just a one-off counter pick.

I had a friend who said he was more interested in playing KI after watching Gargos in grand finals.

Some members of the community said some strange things, including some things that were entirely false and improvable, but “bad look for the game” is a pretty strong statement.


Ok pal, whatever. You speak for everyone, but everyone here disagrees with you.

Try to be positive please


[Citation Needed]


You just tried to argue that spinal didn’t need buffs based on his results at evo, and are now turning around and declaring results from the same tournament unfit to be used to argue that a character was not broken.

Can we get back to talking about the patch notes?


Well, I for one, am curious to see how Spinal’s new move is animated…


I think he is off work now, since he is east coast.

You’ll be able to test this yourself when the patch drops tomorrow.

(Also, if it didn’t say it in the patch notes, you can probably safely assume it is not changed)

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What about the stun? Is there a flat amount of hitstun/frame advantage for counter hits? As in will it lead to a fairly tight manual into a full combo, etc. Or would it just lead to pressure?

Sorry to throw this at your feet @Infilament but you are kinda like my big brother, you just don’t know it. :slight_smile:

-@franciscapra aka SE1Z3


Wait why are people arguing over the strength of a previous build of Gargos?


I figured that might be the case (I’m on the east coast too), but I asked the question earlier this evening; someone else asked a question after me, and he then answered the other person’s question while not answering mine. That tells me that your assumption is (or was) not the case - in other words, he was still working at the time. Either that and/or he simply missed it or is choosing to ignore it for reasons…


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