3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


Oh and is there a fix or at least a look into for shadow counters? Because something seems…off about them.


What does this even mean? You need to be less vague.

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Oh ■■■■, hisako play is about to get even better.

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spinal is fine right now, just play all the best spinals, he needed nothing. play muzkill or raven is raw ’ these buffs were so unecessary


So they fixed the Astral Plane unlocking bug. I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to see that improvement.

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Some shadow counters have different speeds. Example

Aganos’ SC slows down when he has chunks

Arbiters’ SC is faster then 8frames. Which was the standard for everyone once S3 hit. But I found that’s not the case.


During early Aganos development, he could gain chunks as a linker. We found that to be far, far, far too powerful and removed it, allowing him instead ot chunk up as an ender.


I will agree with the general sentiment that like many characters in the game, most spinal players are underutilizing his strengths. I won’t agree that the buffs are going overboard–it’s too easy for him to make a small mistake and lose the pace for the rest of the lifebar, I think.

Yeah that DEFINITELY sounds too good lol.


If you late canceled a slide into shadow slide, it acted as a frame trap that was even on block and un-shadow counterable, basically making it a mixup out of Omen’s negative frames, and he always has meter to do this if he wants.

Doesn’t sound too terrible to me.


My question above…

…still hasn’t been answered (and Keits is answering other questions since)… :cry:


Eh, Bass lost Evo fair and square. He was lost in the matchup and Sleep saved the Gargos pick for when it would win him the tournament. Gargos has seen adjustments since then, most of which seem better for the game, but he wasn’t broken at the time.

Spinal buffs are unnecessary because they could have buffed him some other way? I don’t get it.

He will have skulls a bit more often (at the cost of meter and a setup). Not having seen the move, I can’t speak to exactly how he’ll be able to activate it, but it sounds like he has to give up offense to do it, which gives you a chance to get back in there and abuse Spinal’s crappy defense. I dunno, sounds not too bad.


No shadow slide is SC with some characters. Not all but some. Hence why I said it’s terrible (good) for me since I got free passes on it regardless.


Spinal could not be farther from brain dead.


I think the development team has shown that they put a lot of thought into their changes, and they explained their reasoning in the post. They also seem generally willing to revert any changes if they end up not working out in practice. I’m sure they will be watching closely to see if this ends up hurting the game balance, and can make adjustments if needed.

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What is the list of characters that can do this? Arbiter (I think), Aria (I would guess, based on your comments), and… ?


Orchid, maya, ARIA, Fulgore and I think aganos if I remember correctly.


Add Instinct Eyedol

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i think you are forgetting back then gargos still gained insane meter from minions and puddle punch.he also got hard knockdowns from enders other than his hard knockdown ender. in retrospect the community is pretty much unanimous in saying gargos should not have been allowed at evo. gargos has seen large adjustments after evo that made him closer to being fair . if gargos wasnt broken at evo he certainly objectivly speaking wasnt fair and according a lot of the community still isnt fair.


In his instinct? Oh and I believe kan-ra as well.


Keep saying that like you know it.