3.5 Patch Notes - Combat Balance


Spinal’s new shadow move is DD+3P? Interesting that nothing else in the game uses a down-down motion right now - I’m curious as to why it’s not just 3P by itself, and I wonder if we’ll see more moves with this input in the future?


Regarding the thrown peacemaker update for Aganos, does it now work when in the corner or against a wall? I reported this a while back and am wondering if this is the fix for that. If it is, I’m actually more worried, because Aganos’ peacemaker wasn’t the only projectile that would miss up close in a corner or against a wall - it happened with virtually every projectile-wielding character, and yet he’s the only one that (might) show this fix. Was the fact that projectiles whiff in the corner/walls intentional by design or not (in that it’s a bug)?


Kim Wu -
Added missing counterhit windows on the following moves: Close MP, Close HP, Medium/Heavy Dragon Kick (QCF+MK, HK), Dragon Dance (QCB+K), Shadow Dragon Dance (QCB+KK), Dragon Dash (KKK)

This one kinda intrigues me, I really wanna mess around with it tomorrow…

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So a character that is very hard to mix up on wake up now gets an even stronger vortex? Okay…


Can someone explain what are all these counter hit window that were missing? Are they some kind of frame that enables you to perform an action that counters the movement that the enemy is performing?


Jago: Haha, what? I’m almost sad that this is fixed because I never got to see it in action.

Wulf: Yow. Those linkers are gonna hurt bad.

Glacius: Maybe I should have reported that opener bug sooner…

Thunder: Bugfixes are nice.

Sadira: Thank goodness the shadow widow’s bite bug is gone. That led to some pretty nasty stuff.

Orchid: See jago.

Spinal: These sound like nice buffs that make it a little easier for him to get his engine started again if his momentum gets cut off.

Fulgore: Bugfixes!

TJ: Didn’t know this even happened.

Maya: The assault change is good but I still worry that it’s going to end up as a move whose risk far outweighs the potential reward for using it. I’ll have to get some time in using it to see.

Kan-ra: I do think there are ways he could be buffed without making him too much more annoying to fight…just sayin.

Riptor: Glad to see that bug get fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Omen: Any omen players probably should have expected this. I think over time since season 3’s launch it’s become more and more apparent just how strong he is. I’m especially happy about the change to shadow slide.

Remaining characters: Bugfixes! :heart:

I think overall these changes are good, but after playing him for a bit I’ve hopped on the “kan-ra needs love” train. I don’t think he’s so weak as to be unviable but there’s lots of little stuff that could be tweaked to make him more fun to play.


You counter hit a move when you hit it during startup, but I suppose the way the game was programmed, every single move needed to manually have a “counter hit state” added to those startup frames, otherwise you would hit them during startup but not get the extra damage and hit stun that goes along with a counter hit.

So I guess for this patch, they decided to do a pass through the game, see which moves were missing those counter hit states, and add them.

It shouldn’t really change the game much. If you get stuffed during startup of some moves, you’ll take a bit more damage now, but you won’t notice it.


Unless you are Hisako, and you get staggers and recaptures and stuff from counterhits.




…curiosity intensifying*

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As for the rest of the patch, cool. Only notable changes are Wulf linker damage increase, Omen losing a bit of meter gain, and Spinal’s new move.

Wulf linker increase: Will matter early in the combo when the scaling is low, but it won’t really matter too much late in a combo (after 4 or so break chances). It might change his counter break combo though, and maybe his one-chance damage goes from 20% to 22% or something, but it’s not going to break the game. I’m actually all for Wulf hitting just a tad harder, and this probably does a good job of it without resorting to stupid S2 instinct stuff.

Omen meter decrease: Sure. Enders are unchanged so it should mean he still has a plethora of meter. Remember when Jago lost 20% or whatever on fireballs building meter, and how little that actually hurt him? Omen will still be a monster.

Omen shadow slide: This one hurts him more. I would rather they find a way to make the move shadow counterable and keep it 0 on block (so at least the frame trap is still an option if the opponent doesn’t have meter), but making it strictly punishable at all times, with or without meter, means he can never try it without instinct on deck. Oh well, he’ll still be good.

Spinal: A pretty big change, especially the meter thing… once Spinal players start to realize that applying instinct curses is not what they should always be doing (shadow sword and ender hurt a LOT), this will really up his damage. I think Bass is getting there, if his play in recent sets is to be believed. But I do think Spinal was only mid-tier since S3 started; Bass makes him look better than he actually was because Bass is good. This change will put him back in the top 10 character discussion and that’s cool.


I might be wrong, but I think they work like Riptor’s tail flip. If I do a tail flip, then I can get hit in the middle of the move. Between hits one and 2 if they block the first hit.

They might be points where you can hit the person. In the middle of their move.


Fixed an issue that resulted in Boss Gargos with Full Instinct and 1 HP to stay on the ground until timer reached 0 after being hit by Grub’s Shadow Domination

I wonder if that means General RAAM’s code name is Grub, which is used interchangeably for Locust.


Nice buffs to spinal, he definitely felt a little “meh” since the launch of S3 so these are welcome.
Still no raam teleport though?

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They nerfed omens’ shadow slide? The move was already terrible. Well at least for me anyway. Now I get a even more free pass against it.

Any stealth fixes to ARIA?

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If you dig around in the files you can find various development names for characters. Raam is grub, eyedol is panda, rash is prince, kan-ra is gauze, arbiter is judge, and omen is nox. There’s also video files for stuff like trailers and the main menu background video. There’s interesting stuff to be found–like, at one point aganos could use payload assault while in combo, without triggering the ender.

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Happy to see Spinal and Wulf buffs, I felt that although starving Spinal of resources was intended as a strategy in season 3 he was a bit too sparse on shadow meter, so this change should help there. Being able to generate skulls for yourself will also be handy, and I can see setups sometimes changing to revolve around stocking up for prolonged pressure rather than a mixup.


and about bugged dossier? (vampire and Omen) and 2 Gargos videos?

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if they were going to increase spinal ability to gain meter and skulls they should have toned down his damage because right now he hits as hard as jago used to hit before last patch. you said spinal is really mid tier but bass makes him look good. i agree spinal is currently mid tier as a vortex heavy momentum character is supposed to be similar to tj , but there are alot of great players in the community that make their characters look good but the fact imo remains he was the only character in the top 16 at evo that was represented twice 2nd and 9th speaks volumes and at the very least means he didnt deserve buffs , and if not for a broken gargos bass would have and should have won it all. the spinal buffs were completely unnecessary imo because if they want to buff mid tier characters there is plenty they can buff . he is gonna go back to being bad for the game like most of if not all of season 2


If you make decisions on who needs buffs based solely on tournament results you’re putting yourself on a fast path to nowhere.