10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

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I feel the same way, KI pretty much ruined my ability to enjoy other games for example bought gears 4 and once I beat the campaign I went straight back to KI.

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Yeah I didn’t even notice this much until my lady brought it up the other day. She asked me why I even bother buying Xbox One games. I thought it was a weird questions because I have every intention of playing them, but then she brings up Metal Gear Solid V, Rise of the Tomb Raider and other games that I purchased and haven’t even started playing yet. That’s actually why I played Titanfall 2’s campaign to begin with lol. I thought “yeah, maybe I should give some other games a shot.” Then I just went right back to KI.

I think I’ll try and mix in some more games here and there, but yeah, I’ve honestly never experienced this before; this feeling of only wanting to play one game. KI’s been amazing, and I honestly think it’s one of the best FGs ever made, no doubt.


In my defense I’ve never cared for gears multiplayer it was always roadie running gnashers everywhere though I still love horde.


Wow I thought I was the only one. Is this game more addicting than we think?

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KI IZ LIFE!!! :slight_smile:

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I need more KI-crack.


KI is about to bring the stuffing this Thanksgiving… Mmmmmmmm STUFFING…

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Ok, scratch what I thought the Watcher Guardian was based on- I just watched Big Trouble in Little China for the first time on Netflix, and I think that someone at Iron Galaxy REALLY likes that flick! :sunglasses:


PS. I can’t blame them- It was a lot of fun! :truck:


Look what i found on twitter. Its gonna blow your mind https://twitter.com/Kranged/status/807261238145282048


ultimately - Ultimates

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Now we’ve all been down this road before. Best to keep your hype in check cause you ll be disappointed. I hope not but best to be prepared


Yup, that’s why I keep my hype until they announcement it.


New costume for Thunder


OMG!!! Thunder’s new costume look amazing! :slight_smile:

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I thought his default was alredy created with the nez pierce Indians input ???


I bet that costume is supposed to be a Eagle reference.


Maybe different stations? They mention the new one is warrior dress, perhaps the basic Thunder is chieftain dress? It’s not like the whole tribe is identical.


Wait…I can’t see the top of his head…is that a mohawk??

…well even if it’s not, that is an awesome oufit.


Looks like I have to Main Thunder now. Lol

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Kim Wu need talking with you. lol

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