10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

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I still want Shadow Lab characters in the Shadow Lords mode. Or are they and I’m just not good enough to face them?


You don’t want to know what’s coming up? You’d rather they just go radio silent for months at a time and then just say “hey, this is coming out tomorrow.” That’s cool if that’s what you want, but I’d rather get a steady stream of info, even if it’s for stuff that’s not coming all that soon.

Although as it pertains to the stuff in this textual stream, Kraig said it would be weeks, and specifically said “before Thanksgiving” so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. It’s not like he’s talking about anything that’s a year or even a month away. We’re talking weeks.

Anyways, as for shadow animations, I like dhow the old one swirled the characters colors in with it. I thought that was a unique thing that felt like it could be a signature KI type of move. The purple animation is nice and it seems more fluid, but it also seems like they lost some of the more precise repetition of shadows mimicking the movement and losing the color palette mix lessens it a bit for me.

IMO, they took something unique looking, regardless of the screen effect or how it looked on stream, and made it a bit more ordinary. Again, just how I look at it.

That said, I think they’re going for shadow skins here, otherwise why else mention mimics? I’ll be curious how that looks though.

If they don’t change characters’ accessories, then I think it’ll be a shame since we already have a shadow character, a base foundation that shows us what happens when we get a “shadow version” of a character.

Would I like more character skins? Sure. No question. So I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth or appear ungrateful. But to just give us a character with a purplish gray tone to them and maybe some sort of purple smoke effect like what we get with the mimics and say “look, it’s Shadow Orchid!” Well… I think that’d be unfortunate. I’d love to see that, but with actual shadow accessories, because that’s what we got with the original shadow character.

Even if we can’t get actual shadow versions of characters with their own move sets, which would obviously be hugely impractical from a design perspective, they should at least have outfits that fully fit the bill. Just my two cents. Now, if they DID give us shadow skins with a unique, shadow accessory set for each character, like let’s say Hisako gets one unique head design, outfit design and naginata… Now THAT would be AMAZING!! :slight_smile:


This I like. :thumbsup:


just give everyone a OMEN skin to replace the current mimics in Shadow Lords. Bring the Omen army to mimic all the KI fighters. Much more consistent to SL than those vfx ditto-hulks. The Omens who keep the gargoses buffs can retain their standard moveset.

I would love to have KI beasts like Sabrewulf and Riptor with shadow skins. Not to mention Gargos and Eyedol! :smiling_imp:

i wonder what “shadows” he’s talking about… Shadow effects or shadow lab!!!

Ahem… Turn Omen into… …Ahem… the Mokujin… …Ahem… of KI cough cough

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Why the double post tho?

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i hope to see a story mode style mode with the season 3 cast like IG did with the season 2 cast



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I see that you remember TSR :slight_smile:


what would be dope his to have omen possess a character every week and give them buffs. :wink:

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That would be great for SL, a weekly mini-boss that you get to fight if you’ve beaten the other four omens or reached another criteria like a certain score or number of days survived.

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When you say turn Omen in to the Mokujin of KI, do you mean just have him appear at the start of each round with a different character’s move set? Why would you want to take Omen’s current move set away from him though?

Couldn’t they just introduce a new character that does this? I mean, I believe Edge Master is that character for Soul Calibur. I’ve been wanting KI to use that floating sage guy from KI Gold’s practice mode for a while. Maybe he could be a season 4 bonus character, and having a character’s move set in one round and then another’s in the next round could be his thing since he’s like a “master” or whatever?

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Yeah I would be highly opposed to them taking away omens move set.


Not quite as im trying to show here. Mokujin, Combot, Edge Master… These enter each battle with a random moveset. Im just saying to replace the mimic skins with Omen skins and give each shadow mimic a
different mask that shows what character you’re facing. The so called SHADOW LORDS has green mimics? I know the mimics are a kind of enslaved beings owned by Gargos but if mimics are shadows it would make more sense right? The green mimics are weird. What matters the most are movesets and not appearence of each fighter. So shadow mimics could be much more consistent to the story of KI. Green mimics seems out of place to me much more than any other guests we have in this game.


Ah, okay. While I still love the idea of an Edge Master sage type character that starts each round with a specific character’s move list, I see that’s not what you’re going for here.

I personally don’t mind the mimics as a thing unto themselves as they are. I think it’s a fun idea to have these mimic versions of characters and I don’t mind that they’re green (as that’s one of the theme colors for the season, if purple is sort of Gargos’ thing, I prefer not to get caught up in who can wear what color and all that type of stuff).

I guess I’m a little confused about what you mean when you say have an Omen skin for a character and a mask that shows what character you’re facing. Are you saying Aganos should have skin that looks like Omen’s for his Omen skin, but then have a special mask you know he’s Aganos?

Either way, if they do shadow skins for characters, I do hope they have Omen’s skin and perhaps a unique mask, even if that might make it a little weird for Omen since he’d then have nothing that’s really uniquely his except for a few sets of accessories.


Moukjin has been a very stupid character in Tekken for close to 20 years now. I play Tekken, so I do know what he is and what he does. The only difference between him and random is that he would change each round. This would be a complete waste of resources to make a character like this that only 1% of people would even play.
If you feel the need to pick like that, then choose random.

Now whatever they add to the game, I hope it is unlock only. They should be just like color 9, and not purchasable with KI gold.


Very interesting, mos def looking forward to shadow skins, keeping the game fresh :sunglasses: #LONGLIVEKI


First off, I’d like to say thanks for Shadow Lords. I’ve been playing fighting games since '91 and it’s easily the best single player mode in a fighting game ever. Amazing accomplishment.

That being said, I would like to see some tweaks to the AI in SL. Right now it seems to be very streaky/binary.

When the AI decides it’s on D I can’t land a move. Attack strength, overheads, throws, it doesn’t matter; the AI has decided that I’m not going to land an attack no matter what I try.

When the AI decides it’s on offense it’s equally frustrating in that it feels like it’s ‘reading my inputs’. It’s countering me w/things that really shouldn’t be reactable very consistently, move after move.

I understand that trying to mimic human behavior could lead to some very exploitable AI but the current situation isn’t ideal. Perhaps incorporate Shadow Lab AI so it varies the AI and the players will never work out a loop that consistently beats the AI?


Agreed, Iron Galaxy truly have designed the greatest fighting game available. I simply cannot wait for what the future holds as far as character design, additional methods of storytelling like the recently announced comic book series, etc. All I can ask for is: MORE! ASAP! :slight_smile:

@theKeits @Delriach @BlitzedKraig you guys certainly deserve all my respect, appreciation and the money in my wallet. Thanks for bringing such a great part of my childhood back for another round.

P.S Also, the fact that there is even a possibility of a “Lovecraftian” character in a fighting game is just, so awesome it like, makes you guys the greatest human beings on the planet, period. Only IG could design such a character and do it justice. k, I had to edit this post and throw this in there. I’m done now,.,

-@franciscapra aka SE1Z3


its more simple than you think.

1 - Pick Aganos exoesqueleton
2 - Give it a Omen skin
3 - Put a mask on it that resembles Aganos

Voilá! Shadow Mimic Aganos.


Ah, I understand now. Thanks for clarifying! I think that could be really cool. It’d be awesome if they could put Omen’s voice effect on what they normally say and do, but that’s probably asking a bit much. Either way, I see where you’re coming from now.

Agreed 150% man! I really hope we get a season 4 if for no other reason than to see what they can do with that Lovecraftian character type.

Also agree about how amazing this game is. I bought Titanfall 2 over the weekend and played through and beat the campaign. Thought it was pretty good! I was about to jump in to the multiplayer and thought “eh, ya know… I’d rather be playing KI.”

How is that even possible that a three year old game can be drawing me back in like that over this brand new game that I just got and really enjoyed? It’s a testament to how much fun KI is and has been from day one. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

On a side note, still hoping for a VMars movie sequel (or trilogy or anthology or whatever’s beyond that!) :slight_smile: