10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

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my idea pls dont kill me.

Shadow colors related to character alignment. Good guys and gals get silver shadows. Bad guys and gals retain purple shadows.

Silver shadows - Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Thunder, Orchid, T.J. Combo, Maya, Aganos, Hisako, Kim-Wu, Tusk, Rash, Arbiter,

Purple shadows - shago, Spinal, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, Riptor, Cinder, ARIA, Mira, Gargos, General Raam, Eyedol.

Although, spirit guided characters like Jago and Kim-Wu should have a special color on their shadows like gold.

A toggle would be just awesome.

Make them silver for a future update just like KI1 arcade.


Wait…if everyone gets a shadow form then does that mean everyone’s just growl and make snarling noises? If so then that’s a big no. Shago’s not tolerable especially with those obnoxious sounds.

I’ll pass thanks. And not just because of the sounds but…yeah the whole shabang.


So what Shadow Lab Shadows will have a purple mimic-like shader? Sounds neat.


Shadow Orchid confirmed shadow skin only



It doesn’t feel off for me. If I remember correctly, they had said before the s3 officially launched that the purple represented gargos corruption, which at the time, was the main boss/theme. So it made sense. But now we’re getting boss eyedol which might be a reason for them to change the shadow visuals.


To what? red?




Not gona lie. That doesn’t sound very nice.


We don’t really know what they’re actually gonna do. They might now even change the shadow moves. They might be refferring to something else entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see. Although I must say, a shadow move color toggle would be nice, just like they did with the level 4 ender camera.


Honestly I think it’s be better for each character to have their own personal colors for their shadows, possibly in tune to other special moves they do:
Jago & Orchid:yellow
Fulgore: light blue or red
Saberwulf & TJ Combo: blue
Cinder: orange…yellow…red…eh, flame colored
Eyedol: red or purple, depending on the stance
Gargos: Purple

And so on.


please go silver gray on those shadows at season 4.


This is not a carnival party man. Ki is already bright an colorful with lots of sparks everywhere, its good as it is and devs already have to deal with lots of graphic polishments that the game still requires.


I can’t see a reason to change the shadow effect to different colors per character…I mean, the old (imho cooler) effect was already “customized” per character, it was like liquid color spread over a canvas following characters movements and the colors was that of the characters…so cool and unique but they removed it.

Regarding the “shadow-mimics” I don’t know what to think…obviously it would be cool looking wise, but it will bring again more and more grinding to obtain the skin and I’m done with grinding…I prefer to have real fun with modes I like and characters I like instead playing thousands of fights focusing on doing a good number of CB, SB, etc. only to raise some number at the end of the match, this game requires already a f2p grind level in order to unlock things, something like SFV (which is not good).
Just make it honest and make them also purchasable like mimic skins and I’m fine with that.
Purchasable at a reasonable price please.


I just don’t want any announcements of anything unless it’s ready to GO
not wanting to hear about something planned a year away


But are they necessary? What would be the difference besides animation-wise and visually?


Could this mean that jago is getting his shadow jago skin back? I really hope so, using jago with the shadow jago skin was always fun before shago become his own character.


Or maybe shadow moves are just going to be louder than they are now.


Have they mentioned anything else about the “shaders” that were supposed to be coming at some point ?


Maybe they can set a requirement for the shadow ultra such as being already in a combo of 15 hits or more. Also, to set them apart from standard ultras, shadow ultras have the old shadow effect constantly and have a more punishing sound to the hits.

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I’m expecting a purple version of the mimic skins. Purple with purple smokes. Probably what Adam meant when he said “shaders” before SL launched.