10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

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More likely that they’ll be adding Shadow Skins, hence why they are as important (or more so) as Mimics. So, I’d assume that means every character is getting a purple skin of some sort. Perhaps giving them a permanent “Shadow”-like effect, a-la the current Shadow Moves.


Or maybe he’s just talking about changing the shadow moves color/visual effect?

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As much as I would like this, and I would, I think it would be too much work :C but I would love for everyone to have a badass shadow looking form like Shago.


Dude, shadow moves looked so wonky back then. Every time someone spent bar the screen was a big visual mess; especially on streams, it looked terrible. The idea was really cool but I don’t miss the old shadow effect.


I liked the old shadows a lot more.

In any case, whatever the new content is, please let me buy it, and don’t gouge me for it. That’s pretty much all I ask. :thumbsup:

And if it’s gettable by grinding, please don’t make me grind Shadow Lords for it. It’s always nice when we can play the modes we actually enjoy in order to unlock things :slight_smile:


Interesting stream. It’s unfortunate that I can’t even really participate in Shadow Lords without sighted help still, as that’d give me hours to sink into the game. But glad to see things are still being cleaned up etc.

Hoping there’s more accessible content coming for those gamers without sight who want to keep enjoying the KI experience.

Also, what’s the player feedback program/ I’d be interested in getting involved.


Wotc did not create D&D, nor did they create the likeness. At best, they loosely own the rights to the name Beholder. Wotc hasn’t even owned the D&D license for more than a third of its lifetime. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe so, but they currently sell it, so my point still stands…


If that were the case Id software would have been sued long ago, because the cacodemons in Doom they have admitted are blatanty ripped off of D&D’s beholders.

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I wonder when the shadow jago and omen accessories are coming ???

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Fair point, I suppose, but Cacodemons don’t have eye stalks - they have spikes, which makes them different enough.


Yeah, but if they wanted to sue Id over it the “different enough” aspect would be for a judge to decide. :wink: I assume the same would go for these guardians.


Yeah, I know, but why take the risk at all?


You’d have to ask the devs about that.


I’m actually wondering if maybe they already have permissions in place.


It was better than the current look of Shadow Moves. They just look so generic and add no visual identity to something they often refer to in the game modes and campaign. Every other fighting game in history has a way more epic looking effect when a special move is pulled off and Killer Instinct just has this rose purple effect. Stuff like this just makes the game look so dated.

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Either way works for me. I like purple, but I also liked the old effect. So either way I win.

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I like the purple shadows. But I also liked the ones before. There’s nothing wrong with purple, haven’t you seen Goku Black SSJ Rose? His aura is that color and it looks cool lol


It works for Black though. For KI, everyone has the same purple which feels off.

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I don’t know man. In Street Fighter, they just turn a different color in a flash and a small amount of FX.

I mean, in KI, they focus all the shadow energy in their body, and use it to enhance their attack tenfold. That’s why they charge up before using it. And the shadow energy ebbs away from the body like this, but backwards:

Pretty ■■■■ cool compared to a big fighting game like SF.


I do hope we get new Shadow Content! I think that would be great! :smiley: