10/28 TEXTUAL STREAM - The One About WHEN We Reveal What’s Next

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And the best part of all " and we’re not done yet " , and " a lot of surprises coming ". That’s really all I needed to hear lol… something big is being Cooked up as we speak… I can feel it :sunglasses:


YASSSSSS! So, is this a costume or a complete set of accessories?


That’s a good question w interesting implications.


That costume looks breathtaking. Thank you IG and MS for doing it right!!


Shadow Accessories!


You are what you take care of. That line comes from eagle


Was that from the comic or something?


Well… didn’t see that coming.

Looks good though.

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It was from the KI Novella, Chapter 5.


Cool. Thx.

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Indeed that is Eagle! Now we need to crowdfund that to make it into a separate character!


Eagle is coming. I’m sure of it.


New December survey also added now on homepage. Askingredients about likes and dislikes in the game. What you spend ki gold on.


I’m aware that is a strong possibility but for now, it’s likely just a skin for Thunder.


Sooooo has the textual stream come out yet? I haven’t seen it but I did fill out the survey. :confused:


Filled out the survey aswell…

I looking forward to see if they reveal some of the things coming up…kind of expecting an Eagle reveal in the imminent future, seeing all the attention Thunder is getting.

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I just finished the survey too. I’m curious to see what kind of validity will be given to my input if the staff actually does contact me


Omg! It’s beautiful

Can’t wait to see the level 50 bird chest paint.

You guys realize this will start a war for new outfits for the others. Lol


What bird chest?


His level 50 has a black eagle painted on his chest.

Am I the only one

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