Your take on SL MP?

I don’t like it, because I tried it, got a win on my 1st fight using the golem vs. Shago on Devil’s Landing while I had an elixer that gave me invulnerability and shadow for 15 seconds with a snake guardian, and watched as the entire game crashed with a loud buzzing sound as I tried to save my shadow data. That kind of ruined my 1st experience with the mode.

Also, using up consumables and guardian charges for MP? Seems like a waste, if you ask me…

Also, it could potentially split the MP community across too many modes.

I will admit, though, that the search criteria background looks oh, so much cooler.

Not a fan. Played one game with a guy who was brand new and I got a perfect. He didn’t have a guardian to choose from so I got a quick perfect. It’s something I don’t see much point in to be honest. Yeah I suppose some one might have fun with it being unbalanced but it’s not what I’m in to.

Also I think it would be better if every one had access to all guardians for the mode and they just chose what suited them best rather than taking from our SP progress.

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This mode needs some polishing. Like, using items wont make them disappear from single player, this mode is for ■■■■■ and giggles, should not affect single player that much.


Why are you trying to save Shadow Data in Shadow Lords?

The mode is hilariously overpowering. The fulgore beams will be real. The exemplar is the best.

well they kinda had to add this mode to satisfy normal, casual player appetite of “what would happen if I tried to pvp with all my buff”

Having played a ton of these phone games/browser games before, I know better than to try to go into mp without a ton of buffs.

But it surely ain’t goin anywhere, it’s there in some vain attempt to milk money like phone games do. “oh if I just bought more buffs maybe i could beat that guy maybe I’ll pay $5 or $10 to get some quick ones and then have the joy of WIN” I can’t emphasize enough how many phone and browser mmo’s are constructed from the ground up trying to create and exploit that mentality.

Now IF buffs had no cash shop availability whatsoever, then I would retract that paragraph. but as long as the $$ prices are in there, that’s what they’re aiming for.

Interesting view you have there that I had not considered myself. It’s a bit on the negative side of things (the glass is half empty kind of thinking), but it’s an interesting and unique perspective nonetheless.

I agree with this. If you don’t gain the loot of a real shadow lords mission but still spend the resources to go in, than whats the point?

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To enjoy yourself of course.

…but do we really have to waste the consumables too?

You can skip them if you like. And if you’re running low head back to SL to stock up.

You’re still wasting material from SL though, and the idea that 1 mode heavily relies on the other (in that you have to play more SL to have more in SL MP) is kind of forced. What if I wanted to play SL MP and not SL? It doesn’t work…

Not really. I mean you’ll be at a disadvantage in SL MP without playing SL first sure. But that is the price one must pay.

As others have been said. It satiates that question “wouldn’t it be cool if we could fight against other people with our buffs?!”. To me the answer is no, but some people will think it’s neat.

I just don’t think you can take it seriously you have to see it for what it is. A mode for a gametype that breaks the rules and is bananas. It’s like playing low gravity on counter strike, or bighead mode in 007, all items on in smash brothers, etc. Just goofy fun not meant to be taken seriously.

I’m really not a fan for several reasons:

  1. Shadow Data save crash, had this exact thing happen to me, but I was recording at the time so I have footage to prove it at least.
  2. The classic announcer needs work revoicing the callout for the Ram guardian (that’s the only one I’ve seen so far) but I’md reckon maybe others need work too possibly.
  3. The fact that you even have to play SL to get anything out of this mode. Being that I can’t play SL in the first place without potentially risking real money in the form of KI gold, the fact that I can’t get any ejoyment out of the multiplayer portion is even more frustrating.
  4. You don’t start with a basic set of guardians/items and upgrade from there. This would be the way I think would best clear up the frustrations previously expressed. As you win SL MP matches, you gradually are able to upgrade your guardians (having them all available in their various forms to allow for fighting on even terms). That would be the ideal scenario as those who haven’t played SL or can’t for whatever reason can still get the entertainment value out of this.

That’s all I have for now, but apologies for the negative post Just annoyed to see that along with SL I have yet another mode that I can’t really enjoy as of this post’s original publication.

So what you’re saying isn’t so much an issue with the modes as it’s an issue with there being no sound cue before spending KI gold. If they were to add a confirmation notification with a sound cue it would probably be fine.

This mode will take time. Most of us had early access, and now we are playing against people who didn’t. Of course right now EA players are going to roll over new players.

As far as using items, you don’t need to use your top items for every match. Take a second to look at the level and rank of who you are fighing. If i am fighting a bronze lv 7 jago, then I am not going to use my perfect killer bat or a potion for invulnerability and free shadow. Most of the matches in this setting are going to be in favor of just one player. We need to give the people who did not have EA the chance to build up their inventory, then this mode will not be bad at all.

Wait, so you don’t like the mode because it clearly didn’t work as intended? Is that what you’re saying? I get that having a negative experience in that regard might be frustrating, but wouldn’t it be better to judge the mode when it’s working properly?

I’m sure there are other factors besides this, but that kinda reads like a Yelp review where someone says “I hated that restaurant because I went there on Christmas and it was closed. One star.” I mean, okay. But the food and the service though…

Oh yeah, I agree 100% here. @developers should really consider adjusting this so stuff you use in multiplayer isn’t lost in single player. As far as solutions go, I’d say one of two things:

-Have a whole separate set of consumables, guardians, etc that only work in multiplayer. Maybe you even earn them only through playing multiplayer? Eh. Definitely the less practical solution, though it could be cool if done right.


-Have two separate meters for guardians (and add meter or box to consumables). One for single player and one for multiplayer. That way when you use something in one mode, you’re not having it’s usage affected in the other mode.

Of course, refilling a guardian using astral gems (I believe that’s what refills them?) should be the same number, which refills one single player and one multiplayer slot in the same shot. Crafting a consumable should give you one use in single player and one use in multiplayer. No need to double the amount of stuff you should have to do to get these.

Of course, I do kinda like the idea of special multiplayer only things that you could unlock either through single player, multiplayer or maybe even both. That has some awesome potential. :slight_smile:

Pretty much this. I mean I get that it’s fun to play with these crazy, broken buffs in multiplayer. That sounds awesome on paper. But at the very least, you can’t have the multiplayer mode that’s meant to be fun and crazy syphon off stuff that you need to play in the single player.

The best part of this mode is the rewards- charges for your guardians. That being said, this may be best as a shadow lab passive pvp type thing. It’s interesting and satisfies curiosity but’s it not the mode that’s getting me excited to boot the game up

I would play it alot if you could use the items that you collected in the main game but it had not cost. Love Exemplar!

Also wish that you could charge the cards after matches!