Your Season 3 Character Wishlist?

Well well I wouldn’t have normally said donkey King, but now that charades like Rash are in, why the hell not.
I’d welcome Donkey Kong!
Might as well bring in the little monkey girl with the spin ponytail as well! Lol

Kim Wu
Joanna Dark
Female Vampire Character
Grappler character (hopefully with a unique design a la Kan Ra & Hisako)
Toss-Up (meaning any character. I’ll probably like him/her all the same)

Yes! Glad so many agree on Joanna Dark.
She needs to be like Chris Redfield on MVC 3

Gunplay and finesse a nice slide opener and gun finishers

I would be 110% down for that! Only thing is, part of me still wants him as an actual playable character too. Hmm… decisions decisions… lol

I didn’t say the skin couldn’t be player-selectable.

I’m really really hoping the remainder of the veterans are back. Gargos, Eyedol, Kim Wu, Tusk. Two guests. 3 new. Sounds like a good roster to me.

  • Kim Wu

  • Tusk

  • Gargos (final character)

  • Servant of Eyedol (bonus character)


  • Vampire (rival of Sabrewulf)
  • Psychic
  • Elder fighter
  • Merman
  • Gorgon

Kim Wu
Twisted Chimera
Large Female Demigod
A Bloody Manifestation of the Souls Dead Children.(a vainy baby face with blood shot eyes on gaint red komo dragon body)

1: Kim Wu
2: Tusk
3: Eyedol
4: Gargos
5: Rash
6: 2nd Guest Character (Arbiter? Raam? Viva Pinata? Captain Planet?)
7: Male or Female Vampire (Blade II style, what with the jaw splitting, giant mouth tentacle thing… probably too gory for KI)
8: Male or Female Mind Flayer / Chuthulu / Illithid Thingy

And they all lived in one house, Kinda like Big Brother, but less lame. I feel it would be a pretty happening place!

This right here… Not sure how that would work, but dang! Would that be something to see!

… … … Could he have a hat, possibly a fedora?

Signs are pointing to more guest characters… I just hope Eyedol makes it in!

your so negetive

Oh I’m sorry, I was just making a joke. Guess my typed response didn’t really show that. My apologies.

I actually think it’s a really cool idea :smiley: Would be really cool to see the different colour palettes to a character like that.

The characters I want to see in season 3 are

-A character that is water based or uses water as a weapon
-Arbiter from halo (if they are going to add another guest character it should be him)

(those are my ideas.

Kim Wu (Rushdown simple, numbchucks, momentum based)
Tusk (Similar to sigfried in startup and weight, should feel bulky, tons of damage and range, really bad up close)
Stylish Vampire
Old Man master of palm arts
Eagle (Arrow Character, shares some similarities with thunder)
Bounty Hunter and Gunslinger
A Legion Type Character
Eyedol (Two stances, offensive and defensive)
Gargos (Flying Grappler)

Guest Character Wants:

  1. Master Chief or Arbiter
  2. Joanna Dark

So 12 characters this season 4 old 4 new 1 new bonus 3 guests

Do you guys think master chief will be a great addition
I suppose he is a great marketing choice, Halo being exclusive to Microsoft and PC

Maybe He and Joanna Dark could be in the same storyline. Besides Kim and Tusk, that’s great for the humans and for creatures I love the Snake Man/Woman or the Archer Goblin Thing.

I’d say now that Gargos and Eyedol are almost confirmed, but Eyedol getting a complete overhaul, as his story had him as human at one point…

What would you Eyedol fans react to a human Eyedol as default and the creature Eyedol (think the Hoover brother from the 80s movie Clash of the Titans)

1: Kim Wu
2: Tusk
3: Eyedol
4: Gargos
5: Rash

6:Male or Female Vampire
7: Something like a Frankenstein monster, creepy, contortionist, like a puppet :wink: you know… i already see that :stuck_out_tongue:
8: Psychic girl or male
9: Witch or a possessed dude/girl

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obviously I need:


otherwise what kind of remake/rebooth would it be? Redesign them at your best, without forget classic skins, I’m waiting the official confirmations about the presences of all old chars to finally buy the game.

Beyond these, all suggestions I’ve read are pretty good, the main things is that devs would make chars in which they believe and are sincerely inspired, every char that would be created under these conditions will be certainly good.

If I can suggest something, I’d like a kind of swamp monster/lagoon monster, see also Eternal Champion’s Trident char. Another thing I’d like could be a mud monster.

Why does everyone want a vampire in Ki? Just wondering… I mean its cool concept and all (although more overused) But what’s with the abundance of vampire suggestions?

Chief is great but I think it should be the Arbiter since he does more close quarter combat not to mention the sword wielding to.