Your Season 3 Character Wishlist?

What’s your Season 3 character wishlist? Here’s mine:

  1. Tusk
  2. Kim Wu
  3. Eyedol (sub-boss)
  4. Gargos (boss)
  5. New character (Male vampire?)
  6. New character (Female witch?)
  7. New character (Mid-Season bonus - kinda like Omen. Maybe Shadow Orchid or something?)
  8. Rash (guest)
  9. Joanna Dark (guest)

Released in no specific order (besides the Mid-Season character, he/she obviously needs to be released Mid-Season).

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Your list is basically mine, but I kept it to eight in case of us not getting a bonus character.

All of the first four from the old KIs; yep, I want them. I don’t really care about the gender of the vampire, but I’d like an aquatic themed new character instead of a female witch. Rash is kind of a shoe-in, and my guest character dream is Ruby Rose from RWBY, but I will be okay with absolutely whoever, I think!

I don’t have a preferred order, but my assumption is we’ll end up getting Rash, Kim Wu, Tusk, and a new original character to start the season off with.

Kim Wu
Edgar/Freia (Phantom Dust)
New Character (Stand-like/Familliar character.)
New Character (Fish-man!! Fish-woman!!!)
New Character (Ninja-Character. Crazy ninjutsu, kind of like Shinobi PS2)

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Second guest character.
Original character. (vampire)
Original character.
Original character.

Oh no! I made a very long post about a forestwitch from Sweden. Forgot to save it. Haha darnit!

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Kim wu
Ryat Adam
The unnamed chairman

Wendigo and cowboy that’s it.

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I’ve said it before, Gargos needs a complete makeover. I really like the tiger/demon hybrid thing I keep thinking of. Maybe when disguising himself as the tiger spirit he never completely recovered to his true form. Think of maybe a manticore-like monster?

It would be a huge disappointment if Eyedol was the ONLY one left out. Sure, he can be seen as kind of silly, but IG can change that.

Tusk and Kim Wu of course.

Other than that, I don’t really have too much I’m chomping at the bit about.


Here is the Nigerian Ki War general’s wishlist

Kim wu
TigerKungfu (Kungfu character)
Eagle ( Has Cheif Thunders Phoenix eagles as his fireball, up low, medium like in KI 1)
Skeletorr ( Spinals stepbrother)
Mirage (New Character) that can transform into anyone
Seagutter (New Character) Water like creature Zoner Grappler that can dig into the ground and swallow u from underground when he reappears from where you are
Donkey Kong (New Guest character from Rare Donkey Kong country)
Gargos (Pre-boss) Can transform into shadow Omen :grinning:
Eyedol Final boss (Go bananas with him, Make him unbeatable)

Rash doesnt exist in my list ( i assume he is our bonus S2 character for waiting for so long)

Kim Wu
2nd guest character
Mystery sibling character
New character

Joanna Dark
Shadow Orchid
Kim Wu
Female devil may cry inspired character

A common denomination in everyones post is EAGLE…KEITS.IG MS give us EAGLE with a phoenix Fireball !

Kim Wu (already Confirmed)
a robot from Blast Corps, :stuck_out_tongue:

-Kim Wu
-The Arbiter/A brute from Halo
-Vampire character(Sabrewulf’s sibling)
-A puppet character(Think in someone like Relius/Carl Clover from Blazblue series)
-Ultratech experiment character
-A “Lovecraft” monster, Cthulhu alike

Kim Wu (confirmed)
Tusk (confirmed)
Gargos (pretty much confirmed)
Eyedol (if they figure out how to make him “cool”)
Rash (confirmed)
Joanna Dark (makes the most sense out of all possible guests plus a lot of people want her)
Vampire Dude (seems to be one of the most requested ideas for a character)
Sibling of a previous character (my guess is TJ’s sister)
Old Man (like W. Jinrei from Tekken, his first name got censored lol)

Rash (confirmed)
Kim wu (confirmed)
Tusk (Soft-confirmed)
Gargos (soft-confirmed)

Eyedol Hopefully he will return but i won’t get my hopes up

Naga- snake person with four arms (I want this so bad it’s scary)

Primate Beasty- I’m thinking an ape with a tail or large arms like tank from L4D

Portal user- Someone who can use portals in gameplay (Sounds really dumb on paper)

Joanna Dark or Skorge as the last guest

Just my ideas shrugs

If they don’t get in at least I can use them for my own story I’m writing


This is what my wishlist would be!

Tough to say given that we don’t know how many characters will be in the game. Let’s say that the guest characters aren’t included in the original 8. If that’s the case, than I’d say:

-Kim Wu
-New Character - Eagle
-New Character - (Old Master / Warrior Sage - Perhaps KI Gold’s Training mode guy?)
-New Character - (Vampire)
-New Character - (Half Man-Half Demon)
-Bonus Character - (Rash - Battletoads)
-Bonus Character - (Joanna Dark - Perfect Dark)
-Bonus Character - (Jack of Blades - Fable)
-Bonus Character - (Kaim Argonar - Lost Odyssey)

To me, that’s a perfect balance. Four returning, familiar KI characters, four new characters and four bonus characters. Granted, I don’t think that the last two bonus characters are likely at all. My guess is we’re more likely to see someone from Halo and someone from Gears, especially since both series will have a game coming out this year and next year as well.

But this would be my personal wish list. :grin:

  1. Kim Wu
  2. Tusk
  3. Eyedol
  4. Rash (Guest)
  5. Joanna Dark (Guest)
  6. Vampire Van Heilsing Archer (New / Sabrewulf Rival)
  7. Wrestler (New / TJ Combo Rival)
  8. Medusa/Serpent (New)

Gargos (Boss Bonus 9th Character)

Honorable mention: Eagle

I’ve always thought training guy could be an alt Hisako skin who trains you in a Dojo mode and punishes you with vengeance counters. The moveset seems to mostly fit.