XP Boosters Available Now!

If the “Coming Soon” message placed over the Boosters section of the Store has had you teeming with anticipation for the past year, we are happy to be able to finally say, “Boosters have arrived!”

You can read more about XP Boosters here: XP Boosters Available Now! - Killer Instinct

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Hi, a small question, what happens if you buy another booster while you already have one that is currently active?

The time will be added to the end of what you currently have.

Let’s say you have 9 days worth of Boost and you purchase another 9 days, you will have 18 total days worth of Boost.

(trying to keep that as simple as possible without using words like stack or double.)

Cool. So is this now the only way to get double XP at the moment? No more Double XP days? Like I don’t want to spend too much money. LOL (I’ve probably put so much in KI, I don’t want to think about it)

Thank you for the answer. Much appreciated.

We love Double XP Weekends and cannot possibly imagine them going away. This is not a replacement for those. Boosters are, like mentioned in the article, a way for you to have your own Double XP time whenever you please.


I’m sorry to be annoying but before the update to ver. 2.11 I had 7500 Killer coins never spent in anything (waiting for season 3)
After the patch my KI gold is 0.
How is this possible? What can I do to get them back?
Thank you

Make sure to post this in the bug thread, (Click Here for the Thread) and Pm one of the Devs and let them know, so they can help you. :smile:

Saw that in the other thread. Investigating.

Thank you, I was worried the reset was intentional.
Can you confirm that KI coins does not have any sort of expiration date?

If a booster is purchased during a double XP weekend will that double it to 4x, increase the multiplier to 3x or just do nothing?

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hi, i have a problem, after the update 2.11, the booster don’t appear for buy, i delate the game, and i have to reinstall. And nothing

after proposing this in the past … I am very, very disappointed :frowning:

At the risk of being a grouch, I’m not a huge fan of the concept.

However, it does finally give me something to do with the KI gold I have lying around from supporting the Shadow Jago fund…

I hope they use the money of XP bonus to touch the S1 (story and models fighters)

Where is that image from? I don’t remember seeing or hearing that but then again, I never watched the streams back in the day either due to my job hours.

The XP Boosters are not available to me.

YouTube Video showing no XP Boosters for 2.11 Patch

Proposing what exactly? The time it would take to add No Mercies, Humiliations and Retro Stages isn’t equivalent to throwing together some already made assets in PhotoShop.
But let’s not get into THAT debate again

“upgrade” our fighters you seem so bad idea?

Why does my XP boosters screen have EMPTY BLOCKS? There is nothing for me to select? How do I get the Booster? What am I missing?