XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen expansion


Well, it IS an old game :slight_smile:

Finally took down my first Chosen. I gotta say though, I don’t know that it’d be possible to do on a legendary Ironman run on your first try, with no spoilers about tactics and such. Had a full team wipe the first time I tried it, and I was being cautious and using one of my better teams. Let me know when you take one down too @BoJima404 - I’d like to compare notes!


I might just go for it. It seems like a great steal for the deluxe.


Lol. Why are you still up bro!? You sent a message like two hours ago, so I know it’s not just you being an early riser :joy:


I’m so happy this game is back. The struggles… however my biggest struggle is of a different nature:

The only thing being taken down is my GPU by overheating. My worst fear as I knew from the original game how graphically intense things can get (including some optimization issues with the game itself). Just took out my gfx card, cleaned fans, reupdated drivers, and now going to try again. Haven’t found the best display settings yet :(:sob:

The chosen cannot beat me in-game, I guess :smile:
I’ll let you know once everything is stabilized and manage to take one out.


That sucks man. This one is actually optimized quite a bit better I feel like than the base game. That one chugged up my system pretty good for not much reason at all; in War of the Chosen everything loads pretty quickly and doesn’t have too many hitches.

I will say though, I’ll be really glad when some of the QoL mods get created for this thing. Color coded action tiles and evac all are sorely missed right now. :pensive: Will also be glad when someone takes it upon themselves to streamline the upgrade trees…REALLY wish everyone just used the expanded tree that you have to go into a separate menu to access.


Yes, it runs really smooth.

Btw, I’m playing veteran, of course no ironman. I feel like I’m cheating though. But I just want to do a “quick” run before putting mods on :smile:

I’ve been tuning settings in-game and to decrease the strain on my GPU. I’ll get the right configuration… eventually.


I would love to see that if I could.

Watching people play on Veteran with Ironman is so hype :smile:


Why are you still up and liking my ■■■■ posts? lol


Long story, trust me. Lol.


Dragon Ball FighterZ hype! :tada::rage::tada:


Not sure what I did worked but GPU running smoothly now at 50-60 degrees Celsius, with fan speed kicking in at 90% if hitting 65 degrees.
I’m so tired of tweaking my PC for XCOM it’s time to relax and play Dragon Ball Fighterz, lol.


…and then there were no more spots available in the beta. Back to Gwent ladder then.


Lol. Gwent is mad fun though :smile:


Man, the Chosen are seriously no joke in this game. In any big mission where I’m forced to tangle with them, my first attempt goes bad and I wind up having to retry or be content with having a nearly full team wipe. Which I’m not, so I just retry :joy:

Granted, this time the encounter is complicated by the fact that my best soldiers are either wounded, away, or in Bond Training (really? You don’t think that maybe the ONGOING ASSAULT on our base and home is worth stepping away from your nice-nice time with your partner? No? Just checking), but still, these battles are tough. Forty something total enemies (that last pod about broke my heart), no high ground or concealment advantages, and an endless wave of assholery from the Chosen himself to put up. My team held together well for most of it, but it went pretty spectacularly to pot there at the end :sob:

Lost two majors, had a promising up and comer get shellacked into needing to use my only medkit to stabilize her, and a rando squaddie died, but I was making it. Gritted my teeth and fought for every inch of the map, steadily working my way to the final goal. Get there, set up the perfect “blow this Popsicle stand and run” formation, and then the last pod activates itself and marches its way right in the middle of my team. Wind up losing my best colonel and my last on-mission major taking the objective, and then everyone panics and I find out that apparently I have to beat the Chosen, and can’t just bravely run away. Full team wipe incoming, I just decided to cut my losses and go to sleep.

Round 2 incoming :tada::rage::tada:


These moments are the best. It is what makes the game so thrilling.


It’s going to thrilling when I use my save-scum to absolutely crush these SOB’s tonight. Won’t be accidentally waking 3 pods in the same damn turn this time :joy:


Hahaha. But finishing a walkthrough with two or three soldiers that make it through to the end is a wonderful feeling. Even if it means keeping your best soldiers “artificially” alive through save scumming hehe


Yeah. I remember the names of all the soldiers I’ve managed to do that with, in both this and the XCOM and Enemy Within games. Assault people seem to do the best interestingly enough, followed by snipers (for whom it makes more sense). Amusingly, the ponytail chick from the Gatecrasher mission has made it all the way through both of my playthroughs for XCOM2 - I’m curious to see if she can make it through this one as well. She has a great set of perks, so definitely not out of the question :slight_smile:

I think that’s actually my only gripe about War of the Chosen outside of nagging UI issues - the additional faction classes are so insane (and all have such high combat intelligence) that it makes it a lot less important/desirable to grind your way through with soldiers at rock bottom all the way to Colonel. The fatigue and bond mechanics kind of compound this, since you have so many “rotations” of squads that it becomes something of a chore to keep track of everyone. My other XCOM playthroughs have seen me creating custom call signs and dressing up favored rookies as I try to level them up and make them amazing. In War of the Chosen I just kinda pick at random among the troops who aren’t hurt or on mission or tired.

That’s actually why I was so upset about nearly losing my up and comer - she’s just about the only rookie soldier who I’ve sat down with and intentionally tried to make into a great soldier.


I always create this awesome looking marine straight out Predator or some other movie but he or she usually dies heroically during the final three turns of their second (not even twentieth, no second) ■■■■■■■ mission. It’s usually some randomly generated, uber generic looking soldier is who ends up staying around the longest. Lol.


Lol. That happened to one of my first XCOM2 edited characters. Had a super cool looking character that I kitted out and gave awesome mods to and the works, and then one of my colonels got mind controlled and blew her to bits on her fourth or fifth outing :joy:

Another of my favorites (seriously, this soldier was a monster) wound up getting left behind on an extraction mission. I was soooo tempted to reload the save to try and recover them, but wound up letting it go. That’s the soldier that I had to drop the difficulty one time on the ABA mod, because on the rescue op there was literally no way to beat the 6 (yes, 6) pods of enemies that all chose to patrol the same damn block of the street at the same damn time, which coincidentally happened to be right next to the van I needed to break into to recover the soldier :joy:

It’s all good though - once I got her back, she got like 4 kills a mission all the way until I beat the game :triumph::+1:t5: