XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen expansion

Edited the title as game has been updated since I created this thread back in Nov 16

It came out recently on XB1 and PS4. I was aware of the game but never had any interest to try it out. BUT, after buying it on Steam during a sale, I haven’t played anything else since. Nearly 200 hours played and still going strong.

I have (re)started the campaign 3 times now, but haven’t finished it yet as I keep finding new mods that enhance the experience more.

Oh yeah and I also enjoy watching others play…my favorite xcom2 youtuber:

Let me know who else plays this masterpiece. Also, I am keen to know how the PS4 and XB1 version hold up (I play on PC only).

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I do.

…but you already knew that :-p How are you liking the “A Better Advent” mod? I also recommend the assassin class mod - it’s a really fun archetype with some interesting perks. Plus, with Cap’n Bubs accessories pack, you can make them look like ninjas :tada::rage::tada:

For anyone reading this post that like strategic games or games that are more micro/macro oriented, XCOM 2 is definitely your fix.

Unfortunately, @BoJima404, the computer i run is just a refurbished office kind of tower. It’s got no kind of ‘oomph’ to run the visuals it demands. Its what made me get a One for Killer Instinct, too. And yeah, Christopher Odd is meticulous in his playthroughs of the game. I know it came out fairly recently on the One so i might pick it up once i have some spare change. Rent and bills and all that adulting stuff first…meh.

A game like this will actually save me money as I hardly get to look at other games, lol. Too busy tweaking stuff and trying to improve. Tbh, I used to like turn based games but I hadn’t tried one in ages. This is what the doctor ordered.

I subscribed but haven’t ‘ticked’ the box yet, lol. I messed up with some of my current mods (dunno which one) and it spiked up the difficulty. The difficulty is brutal on veteran. I went out with a squad of 6, but got wiped out by three enemies on an “easy” mission. So, I am making excuses to start over a fourth time with other mods.

Lol. Yeah, some of the mods drastically up the game’s difficulty. If you’ve already got something on that makes the game rly tough, then you actually might not want to stack A Better Advent on top of that. A lot of the new enemy types and behaviors are absolutely brutal at the early stages of the game.

The most brutal part of the game remains shot accuracy. My 89% shot misses twice in a row but my sniper got killed in one shot while in cover, and certainly not in line of sight, on the tallest building by a muton. I tasted real salt, haha

Lol. That kinda stuff is infuriating. Not gonna lie though, I’m a dirty save scummer, so if the game screws me over too hard I’m just like “nope” and restart :joy:

Ironman has got to wait a bit longer, I guess. By the way, the new enemies introduced in Long War mods are different from the enemies introduced A better Advent, right? Are the mods compatible? Only if you know.

Pretty sure the enemies are different, because long war wasn’t out when a better advent came out. Not sure how well they play together. Steam workshop should probably have an answer on that though.

Did a trial mission with Better Advent, liked it a lot.
Also, it’s compatible with Long War.

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Yeah, I really like that mod. More enemies per pod, ability to trigger multiple pods simultaneously…some missions get really hairy when you’ve activated a crap ton of enemies that you really don’t have the tools to fight :slight_smile:

The Long War has great new enemies but I feel that throughout the early parts of the campaign my own squad has very little tools to deal with these new enemy types. ABA is a bit more manageable, imho.
Now I just use both the LW toolbox (new enemies disabled) and ABA to retool enemy A. I.

I’ve played XCOM: Enemy Within. Does that count? :slight_smile:

No, it doesn’t. But since it’s you, I I’ll count it anyway :wink:


As a longtime fan of the series, I think this is the best XCOM game to date- with the bugs that force restarts being the only big turnoff.

I think I played for around 100 hours in a single weekend where I did pretty much nothing but eat, sleep, and play XCOM.

I play on a “no reloading saves whatsoever” (game is too buggy to actually set it on hardcore atm) so as I was getting familiar with the game, it took me three failed campaigns before I finally beat it. I think they got the difficulty levels in this game juuuust right, and until this game, no XCOM game had really managed to do this.

I have not played with any of the DLC as of yet. I was wary of extra features from the DLC upsetting the perfect difficulty balance. Will probably try it this week.

It doesn’t, but EW is a good game in its own right. I highly recommend playing XCOM2 though Ostrich - it’s just a better game all around. More enemy variation, better difficulty ramp-up, and just some really friggen sweet moments throughout the campaign :slight_smile:

@Tonyathome - I say give some of the mods a shot. They definitely change the balance of the game, but in pretty enjoyable ways I think. Some of the new enemy and class variations are really interesting. I will say though, that the Better Advent mod is probably murder on an Ironman run…the early game is hard as heck :-p

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Training rookies is the hardest. They keep dying on me. I haven’t had a rookie give me more than 2 or 3 missions after the first few missions. My only option is to get high ranked soldiers as rewards for completing missions.

Yeah, I back this statement.

A quick story: on a routine mission, I just finished the main objective (destroy the relay or something), and I just needed to eliminate the remaining “hostiles”. I started with full health, full clip and in position :angry: The remaining three of them (a sectoid, trooper, codex) appeared and still managed to kill 4 members of my 7 man squad in just four turns. :cry: So I lost 60% of my squad in the final 10 minutes of a 45 minute mission.

Still, the salt is too sweet that I redid the mission from start. Awesome game.

I did think of a question though. @STORM179, @BoJima404, what is the multiplayer like, if you’ve played any? From what i saw (and it was from Christopher Odd’s playthroughs early in the games PC life) its VERY rough with a significant delay between ending your turn and your opponent starting theirs.

I haven’t tested out multiplayer yet. I have the same impression as you have currently. Besides Odd’s vids, I have checked other multiplayer footage on YouTube but it wasn’t very engaging due to the waiting time in between turns. Still, I am keen to try it out.

Yeah, I’ve never really had any desire to try out its multiplayer. XCOM will always be a single player experience to me…never really had any inclination to turn it into an MP thing.