XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen expansion

Didn’t experience any sort of performance issues except on the last level. I had huge slow down during the final 20-25 minutes. It only lasted 30 seconds or so but it occurred each time enemies spawned or during “their turn”.

Well that sucks :confused: I’ve rarely had any performance issues. Most I’ll get is long loading screens, but I figure that’s prolly mostly on me, since I have a habit of having multiple steams up on my other monitors as I play :sweat_smile:

Lol. I had zero issues except on the very last level and it surprised me since I no prior slowdown of any kind. Anyway, it was good to complete the game at least once. Another box checked.

FYI. Not sure what that last patch (Nov 9?) did but I have crazy slowdown now plus a bunch of more issues. Maybe mod compatibility related issues? Navigating the avenger is slow, squad loading is slow but also issues such as enemies that spawn at initial drop zones leading to immediate concealment being compromised, textures not loading, etc. strange… Maybe a sign to start playing something else :slight_smile:

Lol. Sounds like a sign for me to avoid that patch - I’ve been wanting to play xcom again :-p

[EDIT] A Better Advent 2 came out this week. The first ABA is no longer supported by the author.

Also, just saw a demo of a new online coop mod being developed by modders. Looked promising and is perhaps more engaging than regular multi-player. One players PC is the host and generates the environments, objectives, etc. and then it gets propagated to the 2nd player to join.
Anyway, I will monitor my current issues after the patch to see if it’s perhaps me, otherwise I go on to finish Witcher 3 DLC. hah

Just letting you know there’s a new expansion coming

Yeah, I saw some of the vids for it and thought about picking it up. Still need to beat my ABA (with the Assassin-coughninjacough- class active). I really love that class…some of the perks are just :ok_hand:t5:

I haven’t play XCOM, but I thought you guys might like to know Humble Bundle has a 2K bundle right now, XCOM Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 are part of it.


I got absolutely demolished in ABA. I’m playing a bit too reckless, but dying and over and over and still coming back shows how good the game is.

Haha. Yeah man, ABA is friggen hard sometimes, especially at the beginning. I remember I had a rescue mission one time (where you try and get back someone who got left behind) where I was basically forced into activating like 6 pods at a time. The mission was next to impossible, and it wasn’t even like I was up against endgame foes :-p

Even relentless save-scumming couldn’t let me beat the mission without getting 90% of the squad killed. Fortunately I have zero honor, so eventually dropped the difficulty from veteran to normal for two turns to let my damn soldiers actually hit their 85% shots :joy:

My rescued soldier is now happily kicking ■■■ as a Colonel pistol-based sniper :triumph::+1:t5:

Sidenote: the pistol-based sniper abilities are incredibly OD. Give one of them blue-screen rounds and you’ve got a soldier who can darn near kill a sectopod on their own :hushed:

Have you tried the expansion yet @BoJima404? It looks dope :slight_smile:

Thanks, not yet. It looks awesome indeed.
I haven’t read into the gameplay tweaks but I am hearing some good things. Also, these new classes are sweet.

I’ll probably play the vanilla version before trying any new mods for this expansion.

So I finally played Xcom 2! Very fun.


I tried the console version however. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Yeah, it’s definitely always worth it to run the base game first, just to see how it plays.

Think I’m going to have to finish up my current game whenever my PC arrives - need to complete that full-modded run before I start on the expansion campaign. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the Templar melees look super dope. I’m gonna train a few of them up, deck them out in black, and then run around with a team full of space ninjas :tada::rage::tada:

If it were not for the mods then I would’ve played console version too.

Recently my PC has overheating issues. Very annoying to have to keep monitoring GPU temperature. Started right around Windows update in July. Drivers are very unstable :angry: I really want to enjoy the game without issues.

If GPU is getting too hot, may be a sign that one of the fans on it is going bad. May be worth checking it out while the system is on. Or otherwise, just download one of the free hardware-monitoring apps out there to see if any of the fans are showing errors on anything.

Yeah, I am planning to check it out. Was too “busy” playing games, lol. Using msi afterburner at the moment to monitor the fan and power.

Hey question, do you know how much the expansion costs? I thought it was around $40. Only if you know…

Amazon has it listed at $40.