XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen expansion

Did you try it out already?

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Still no (desktop) computer in Singapore. :pensive:

I was watching Twitch streams of it for a bit (right before I got hype about it and posted here again), but I’ve kind of stopped doing that now. I saw a LOT of the original XCOM2 that way before I played it, and was a little sad that some of the enemy behaviors and such (like the Andromedon) were effectively spoiled for me. I can only imagine if the Andromedon’s trick had been revealed to me while I was playing - I want to preserve all those kinds of things for this expansion :smile:

When you pick it up though, definitely let me know how it is!

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Been watching Christopher Odd’s youtube vids but too many spoilers, so I stopped doing that too. Next weekend I am planning to pick it up and start my walkthrough. Will let you know how it plays.

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I’ll be looking forward to this game :slight_smile:

It’s already out. Buy it now :slight_smile:

Will I be playing the same game if I get the Console version?

I’m close to finishing up XCOM Enemy Within, and wanted to jump to the second one.

Yes, you will be. As far as I know there is no difference (except for mods on PC)

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Beat my second playthrough last night, so starting DLC run today! :grin::+1:t5:

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You have your PC now?

Yessir :slight_smile:

Game is dope. Not even 4 hours in and I’ve seen multiple new enemy types, new map types, mission modifiers, and multiple new character abilities. This is gonna be fun. :slight_smile:

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This expansion is dope. I still have a bad habit on taking on too many units at once by always trying to flank an enemy.

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Sweet. I’m in the process of buying it :smile:

People seem to be a bit mad with the 40 dollar price tag. I thought it wss a bit high too at first but I have no idea how much is absolutely new content. I will probably get $120 dollars worth of playing time out of it lol

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Heh. My problem is that I can’t seem to complete an objective without the mission going to hell afterward. I’ve completed tightly bound objectives and fought off the world to do it with a Flawless rating, and then when I go to “neutralize all remaining hostiles” wind up losing 3 of the team and having the other two wounded. It sucks when you wreck face in a difficult mission, and then get absolutely hosed in the close out. :sweat:

The bonding system in particular is a two edged sword. The extra perks are decent (at least at low level, haven’t gotten the higher tiers yet), but holy crap if something happens to the bondmate it instantly turns into a shitshow. :joy:

I’m playing an almost entirely non-save scumming game (have done it in two missions only where had whole team wipes), and I have to say I’m having fun and the game is tough. Literally almost had to just turn down some missions because I couldn’t field qualified teams to tackle them, and the appearance of a Chosen elicits a “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” almost every time it happens.

So yeah @BoJima404, for me at least, I think the expansion is easily worth $40. :slight_smile:

Random question - is it possible to have more than one special type of soldier in your squad as a time (say, two reapers or two Templars)?

Unfortunately, newcomers to the series aren’t getting any favors. This game feels like it’s for veterans. Right up my alley :smile:

In one of the livestreams devs said that you get one from each faction and later have the opportunity to get a second one from your initially chosen faction.

Yeah man. I legit nearly lost the game last night. Been so preoccupied with new buildings and whatnot (and accidentally built an unnecessary extra power plant :sweat:) such that the Advent timer nearly completed on me. Had to magically cobble together additional resistance contacts to let me hit a black site…blew it up literally a day from the Advent timer completion.

I’m also officially a dirty save scummer again :joy: The Chosen can really ■■■■■ you hard if you are unaware of what abilities they have. Fights that are going well turn into absolute clusters in the space of a single turn, as you get hit by something that literally makes you go “Huh!? That’s a thing???” :disappointed_relieved:

So yeah, had one of those turns and lost all my best guys (including my beast of a Reaper, which has quickly become my favorite class), and just went “nope.” :joy:

This sums up the life of every XCOM player lol.

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Lol. Yep, that and sleep deprivation :joy:

I am having a legit case of XComnia right now…successive nights of going to bed at 3am and getting up 7 for work beginning to take their toll. RIP healthy sleeping habits :sob:

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That’s child’s play for me :smirk:

Coffee is a godsend :joy:

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This is a steal…

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