XCOM 2 - War of the Chosen expansion


Round 2 of that mission would have involved a literal Flawless rating, which was broken only by the most miraculous, charmed, “did he really just do that?” cross-map one-shot kill by an Andromedon that you’ve ever seen.

Ok game. I’ll give you that one. But otherwise…get rekt :tada::rage::tada:


@STORM179 Necro incoming…

Now that I fixed my PC, I finally went back to this game. I forgot how much fun it is browsing for mods in the workshop. I have spent 30 minutes or more just reading and subscribing to various WOTC mods.


Hahaha. When I started my playthrough the game was still brand new, so no mods were available at all.

Knowing that they’re out there now might finally give me a reason to beat my current playthrough and start a new game… :thinking:


I’m still working my way through an XCOM2 playthrough, haven’t touched the expansion although I do own it. I think I’ve killed two of the King/Queens from one of the DLCs. Maybe three. I have been scumming, but not all the time. I’ve lost a few useful characters to seriously difficult missions and just decided finishing the mission was worth losing them.

I’ve been distracted by other games and real life for a while, but XCOM2 is definitely one I always come back to. One of my favorites.


Aaah, save-scumming. Never gets old.



I am enjoying the new features but I can rarely send bonded squad mates into battle together due to injuries, etc. Also, the bonding is nice in a movie like “Predator” but focusing on these aspects actually jeopardizes completing the actual mission at hand as it is distracting me-- find myself doing what it is best for two soldiers rather than the entire team and mission objective.


Fudge! Is there anything the Chosen cannot do? wtf?!

Being in charge for 20-30 minutes only to get decimated in one 15 second turn. XCOM2: War of the Salty!!

(Edit: I realize you are in Vietnam, so ignore my rant and enjoy the :sunny: )


Beat my current squad :smirk:

Seriously, I’ve dropped the final Chosen so many times at this point that I feel bad for him when he shows up :joy:


But yeah, before you hit serious late game, a Chosen can often ROYALLY ■■■■■ up a mission that was going swimmingly. It’s a nice tension builder :slightly_smiling_face:


did you play that free(?) expansion or update, basically the one that came out after WOTC? I have yet to check it out.


Not yet. Think I’m gonna finish off the super long campaign I’ve been running over the break, and then go through again with the all-new stuff. :slight_smile:


Step one - reinstall XCom2 on my laptop (in progress as we speak)
Step two - start that MFer up
Step three - kill some alien scum
Step four - rage quit after my squad is decimated after one turn by OP chosen
Step five - go back to step 2 after 8 weeks



Lol. Sounds like a solid plan to me :slight_smile:


@TheNinjaOstrich @STORM179 @xSkeletalx
Happy New year, I recommend you check out “Mutant Year Zero RTE”. If you’re into XCom2 you might love that game.

Been watching a bit of Christopher Odd YT channel where he plays Mutant Year Zero. Think this game really has a unique character style. I was not familiar with the source material, but this combined with the turn based strategy gameplay really got my interest.