Xbox's big Killer Instinct revival gets a 10th-anniversary stream on November 22, 2023

Xbox’s big Killer Instinct revival gets a 10th-anniversary stream on November 22, 2023 (


Well, that’s encouraging. I hope KI gets more than an update though (*cough cough sequel *hint hint).


I’m gonna keep my expectations realistic


A new KI sequel OR even a new KI game, please :slight_smile: :+1:

It’s likely for the current game. So I doubt its a new game.

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Can I just say that I am stoked for this?

I finally got around to purchasing a new controller and have been playing MK1 for the past week. I hate it. The game experience is miserable. Nothing feels snappy or precise. Maybe it is because I am on PC, but I am only going to play the story mode and then that is it.

Killer Instinct never felt sloppy or slow the way MK1 has. I don’t know how much time I would be able to play a new release of KI, but the idea that it may be relevant again is exciting.

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Probably not, in all likelihood, and it would be a shame if that’s the case. I mean, MK and SF are allowed to continue, but KI has to remain perpetually in stasis/on life support, and the most KI fans have to look forward to is a patch that may or may not improve the 2013 game?

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All I’m saying is keep our expectations realistic.

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I haven’t disputed that. I’m just irritated that the most KI fans could hope for is a patch and nothing more.


I know, but that’s what I’ve come to expect. The game is still fun though.

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Considering how greedy games like SF6 and MK1 have become latley (Drive tickets and Dragon Koins, 100$ worth of DLC etc)

At this stage, I’m actually pretty worried if we do eventually get a sequel to KI. Not because I don’t want the series to continue, far from it, but knowing how money grabbing Microsoft is these days, I have very little faith in them to make a FULLY COMPLETE GAME without some stupid tacked on “currency” or “battlepass FOMO” to bring it all down. IMO

I mean hell, look at Halo Infinite when that game launched. If their flagship franchise can’t even catch a break, I don’t even wanna know how they could botch a KI2. New developer or not.

Less we forget most people were turned off from this KI because of all the characters being sold separately, due to the free to play model.

To this day you have some people who are still confused of which version to purchase because of the whole “Definitive Editions, Ultimate Editions, and Ultra Editions” they have scattered over the Xbox store. Which again, makes it somewhat difficult to gain new players, as they dont know exactly what content they’re paying for. (Omen for example.)

Yes there’s the Steam version, but I’m speaking about those who strictly play on Xbox.

TLDR: If we do get a new KI, due to modern trends and buisness decisions, I have a bleak prediction theres gonna be some strings attached to it. Which is very unfortunate.

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That is definitely a concern, for sure. The last thing that I want in a sequel is a SFV situation where the game is s hit and they hide everything behind a massive paywall that tries to gouge players out of vast sums of money - that is a practice I do not support at all. By the same token, however, KI is not in a healthy place as far as video game series are concerned, especially considering the game had been in a coma for twenty or so years and only has three titles, with barely much of a legacy aside from some trading cards, a few comics, t-shirts, jackets and a couple of figurines.



This isn’t a surprise for MS. they were always greedy. But we might want to express this to them.


Yes that model was there but it was only one part.

You can buy the whole set for a good price as well which gives you all the characters.

So technically you don’t have to buy one at a time.

That said I don’t blame you for these practices being a thing. From the stuff I wont even get into here to the questionable pricing ect.

Never the less here’s hoping for some good time for this update.


True, but it feels they’re being less subtle about it as of late. Sony and Nintendo aren’t innocent either, but MS especially is making some pretty baffling decisions.

But the only way to really know which one has all the characters and content is by doing some research first. We know Definitive Edition is the best way to play it, but many others might not know that and accidentally purchase the wrong one by mistake. Which in theory could turn away somebody who might’ve enjoyed the game. If they wanna grow the fanbase, KI2 should really ditch this moto.

Very true. MK and SF have had a long enough legacy to where they’re finally able to just milk it for what its worth with little consequences, KI on the other hand is not in the best of states. Even with the new update coming out, the series has been neglected for no apparent reason.

If KI2 were to come out with even more money grabbing techniques, (Example: raising the prices of characters from 4.99 to 8.99 like MK1 Shang Tsung.), then I sincerely hope Microsoft is in for a rude awakening if thats how they view their fans.

But unfortunately, that mentallity seems to be the rule, not the exception these days.


Curious, has the KI World Cup been discontinued OR is it currently on hiatus for the time being? Same thing for KI Con for that matter?

This is pretty big news for KI, I mean when was the last time a videogame (a fighting game even) had an update after such a long time? Also yes let’s keep expectations low…however I did see that IG are hiring for an unannounced project. Could be a KI sequel could be Rumbleverse or something else completely.

I wouldn’t expect new content with this update (would love to be surprised though) however I do think they’re working on something more…

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Probably Ultra Street Fighter II, if I had to think of one off hand.

Keits said on Twitter that 10 characters aren’t getting any changes. Definitely trying to keep my expectations in check. I have a feeling this is a lot more nerfs for top tier characters, fixing a few issues and stuff like that.

I only mention this because I see some people on Twitter saying they’re hoping to see new characters, new Ultimates for the remaining characters that never got them, new moves, etc. The latter might be the most likely of the three, but I’m still not going in with high expectations even if they chose to do a stream on this. We’ll see.

It really would be awesome if they announced that they’re working with MS on a sequel at the very end but again, I’m not getting my hopes up. Just hope there’s some fun stuff in there.

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So does anyone know when and where this is supposed to be going on today?

Edit: Nevermind, Iron Galaxy’s twitch channel at 3 Central. Got it.