Xbox Live Gold discounts

Before I decide on starting my XBox Live Gold trial, I’d like to know, will doing this get me a discount on the “Killer Instinct Seasons 1 & 2 Complete Collection” pack? If yes, will I still own all that DLC after the trial expires?

Maybe @TempusChaoti knows the answer…?

Trial has nothing to do with what you own/ purchase during the trial. once you own it…its yours.

If the online store shows price for gold members and non members…thats your answer…if not…then its the price shown


I keep seeing the price for The Complete Edition marked down from $80 down to $60. Whether this discount is the result of gold member discounts or a holiday sale I am unsure.

Thanks for the info! btw, did u check out my discussion about putting Hokuto no Ken’s Kenshiro in Season 3?

no prob! Send me the link…I havent seen it

Here u go! be sure to get as much support for the petition as possible!

Looks cool! So who is that exactly?? Never seen or heard of him.

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I’m glad you asked! Kenshiro is the hero of Tetsuo Hara & Buronson’s manga/anime series “Fist of the North Star”, or “Hokuto no Ken”. The 1986 movie was released (and dubbed in 1991) in the US before the anime was dubbed by Animaze.

If you want, you can read the entire manga series here, or download every episode of the anime (and/or the move) from here. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy it as I did.

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I remember the NES game Fist of the North Star! Same deal?

Oh yeah! It’s actually the second NES game released in Japan, but the only one to be released in the US.