X1X framerate drops?

Just got my X1X and decided to play some KI but I’ve noticed whenever there is a lot of commotion on-screen, that the framerate will drop in a pretty jarring fashion, especially during some ultras and ultimates. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this issue so I’m hoping this is an issue that could be patched out. :frowning:

ThE MoSt PoWerFul CoNsOle.

No frame rate drops for me. I did have some major drops when I first got the X and I tried playing KI while it was still installing. Perfect ever since. I’d try a hard reboot to try and fix it for you.

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I see, I’ll give this a shot and see what happens.

This is exactly what Ive been talking about in the Bug thread and the LAG Salt thread.

Frame rate drops is a much better way or wording it…thanks!

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Still no luck even after a hard reboot, and I’ve seen your replies in the thread you’ve mentioned, and in my case the framerate drops horribly even in player vs cpu matches whenever some shadow attacks are performed and especially when ultimates like Tusk’s are performed.

Yeah i noticed depending on how much is going on

You are right… its bad with Omen on shadow linker kicks, Demonic despair, Ultras, ect… Eyedols shadow lightening too

All started with the 4K XBX patch. Of course IM on XBX too… are you?

Yeah, just got on X1X too. I haven’t noticed any issues with other enhanced games so idk if it’s something that could be fixed in a patch or if it’s a real hardware limitation. Being 60FPS 99% of the time is good but if it drops below 30 during that 1% that sucks lol…

Yeah no issues with any other games fro me…its only KI that drops frames…I really wish a DEV would answer this issue. They have to have noticed it… more than just you and I have had to notice it. Most ppl prob think its just online LAG… hell , I did… but now that you called it frame drops… no doubt thats the issue.

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Can any of you Devs comments on the new Frame rate drops within the 4K patch on Xbox? Its very noticeable during Ultras and busy screen moments.


seems like an unoptimised patch then for sure. interesting that the digital foundry frame rate analysis didn’t notice many drops during gameplay. Maybe this is a bug that came in during a recent patch? either way this needs to be looked into. Theres no excuse not to be locked 60. This game was always a locked 60 for so long then sometime ago i noticed drops on my OG xbox one.

Please look into this developers. If youre done with adding content to this game then please dont leave the performance this way.

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Yeah this was actually (briefly) acknowledged during the Digital Foundry 4K patch analysis…they said it was ‘99% 60fps’ and there were occasional drops during ‘non-contact’ moments so it wouldn’t affect gameplay…unfortunately that’s not true as they noticed frame drops during shadow linkers which could affect breaker timing…I guess DF doesn’t understand KI gameplay.

It’s very disappointing to hear the frame drops are more frequent than was suggested, I’m picking up a One X tomorrow and look forward to enjoying it in 4K…maybe there’s a patch coming but it could be bringing a game initially built at 720p all the way to native 4K at 100% locked 60fps is just too big a task for the hardware. :confused:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the issue with the patch. Iron Galaxy did not work on the X1X patch, so unfortunately we can’t offer any assistance.



Thanks for responding! So who did work on it? MS? I just want to be able to notify the correct party so we can get a fix. In your opinion do you think it is fixable?


IG didn’t work on the 4k patch? I guess that’s official confirmation that they actually have moved on from this game.

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Yeah it doesn’t sound good for those of us who wanted more content, especially a fourth season. Although maybe we are looking too much into it. IG recently put out the Skyrim on switch port. Maybe they were simply contracted to handle that before Microsoft asked them to work on an Xbox X patch.

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MS said, long time ago, that they would deal with the 360 games to make them backwads compatible with xbox one, same as some One titles upgrade to 4K, not necesary the studio which made them

I wouldn’t take it as a 100% confirmation

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That’s not good news for a Season 4.

I’m not really sure who worked on the X1X patch. I suggest reaching out to @rukizzel regarding any specific issues related to the patch.


I’ll see if I can provide a clip soon to show how this looks in some specific instances, it’s pretty bad in some spots.

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