Worried that Gargos is another ARIA

Simple basis on how Gargos gets up and folds his arms in the teaser and the quote “Kneel to your God.”; the self-loathing, everything is beneath me, I am God complex, attitude is just reminiscent of ARIA. To be honest, ARIA was already an underwhelming “boss” character. Not only through design and personality, but also with gameplay. Now that Gargos is coming out, the only vibe I’m getting from him is “look at me. I’m the ■■■■ and I’m gonna go kick some ■■■.” What happened to the savagery that was in Killer Instinct? There was no need for characters to prove themselves. Sabrewulf is a perfect expressive example of how it looks like to just come in and whoop someone. Also, Fulgore’s teaser after Spinal’s trailer showed how terrifyingly objective he was just by the way he walked. Now we’re getting another “respect me” “boss” character. Can’t we just have a savage Gargos? I’m worried that on his release he’ll be tossing players let and right while yelling, “bow before me!” What’s wrong with a simple raging demon gargoyle?

We can’t assume until we see him in action. He’s a demi god that is probably more sophisticated but not above turning those who oppose him into bloody mulch.

Lets reserve judgement until we see him in action

Boss Gargos is incredibly OP

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Isn’t that the attitude of every fighting game boss ever? They all have god complexes.


Yeah, but Gargos seems to be reeking of sophistication in what’s been shown about him so far. I’d rather have one ARIA than two, please. Guess we’ll just have to see how things go when he drops.

Evil Ryu and Gouki are just angry guys who want to whoop the next closest person. God Rugal just showed his prowess (not like sprites talked much back then). Night Terror and Abyss… Yeah, these guys were a bit savage in their display of domination.

Gargos should be more of a self indulgent anarchist. Lucifer!

“Everything that’s been shown” currently consists of a blurry screenshot and a three-to-five second, non-gameplay appearance in the season launch trailer.

Let’s wait until we get actual gameplay before we panic lol.


… the freaking gargoyle is “reeking of sophistication”?

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In b4 mass destruction of all of you from Cheap OP Gargos.


A picture’s worth a thousand words. You can obviously guess what personality they’re displaying for him in that short teaser, and it pushes it slightly further with the quote. And with that blurry picture, you can still tell that he is standing up straight with his chest puffed out and head held high. That’s confidence right there. Who else has that type of stance? Oh, yeah! ARIA! Do we really need two of that type of attitude in this game? How about a “boss” character who has more savagery than Sabrewulf? It’s not just media referencing Gargos, it’s Iron Galaxy’s long running streak of lack of “Killer” with their characters. Every Season 1 cast, except Orchid, has a visually intimidating personality; as if they have an agenda that no one will stop them from finishing. NONE of the Iron Galaxy characters have that intimidation for me. In fact, I think they talk too much. So I’m not exactly panicking since I’ve already lowered my standards since the release of Riptor, I’m simply voicing my opinion in hopes that Iron Galaxy at least has this in the back of their heads. So far Season 3 gameplay has surprised me (in a good way), but the characters (except Arbiter) are just as whack as Season 2. Tusk looks like someone I made in create-a-soul in Soul Calibur.

That personality seems fitting to what he is. Even in the old game he was a powerful warlord who IIRC would straight up laugh at you in the middle of a match lol

I like Tusk. But I agree with you, he could be MUCH better and more creative than a “techno viking”

Goddamn, Tusk is damn near perfect (stage, music, concept of his gameplay). It’s his look that throws me off. An immortal viking wearing jean shorts.

Spinal laughs in the middle of the fight. Maybe Gargos will, too, in his own sinister way.

What you’re saying actually makes a lot of sense. I agree with basically all of it. Why not just have him be menacing, scary, intimidating demon MONSTER that doesn’t need a reason for ripping someone’s head off lol

Exactly :slight_smile:

Why not have him be a combination of that and sophistication. Like he tries to keep composure but quickly becomes the savage demon warlord that he is?

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Personally I don’t think Gargos ever had that “savege and unweilding” kind of attitude in KI2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was sophisticated in any sort. Perhaps to hide the actual monster he is in action.

Compared to Eyedol who was an actual brute and a savage, Gargos came off more as an intelligant figure but he was dangerous in the way he actually moved in KI2.

As for Tusk, I think he wears jeans because I think the devs wanted to demonstrate visually that he was an immortal man in the way he speaks and how he uses his weapon, but than again we can’t ever distinguish this from looks alone. Since Jago isn’t an ancient warrior but he dresses like as if he wasn’t even from the modern age.

I agree, Gargos’s must have a high intellect being that he has been around thousands or even millions of years. Being a super natural leader of a demonic legion he could be something far more dangerouse and sophisticated than being viscous.

Sometimes it doesn’t take savagery to be very intimidating.


I beleive the “sophisticated” attitude is merely a disguise in his real savage nature. Basically @xXSonicXtremeXx , you should see how he moves, not how he talks he may have a “sophisticated” demanor in how he stands but when he actually throws punches he may be savage.

Probably because that has never been a part of the character. Even in KI2 he was shown to be somewhat intelligent and cunning (manipulating & deceiving Jago as the Tiger Spirit) just read his KI2 bio…

" The Tiger Spirit, the Supreme Warlord, the Ultimate Servant of Chaos. He has had many names and many appearances to match, all equally deadly. Returning to the ancient world with neither Eyedol nor those responsible for his banishment around to threaten him, Gargos takes his place once more at the head of his devoted cult amidst the shadows. He revives a servant in the form of Spinal, tells his pawn Jago of his true intentions, and begins his campaign. Swiftly recovering the strength lost during his 2000 year exile, he sets his sights on a reign of unopposed fear and brutality. "

Maybe it’s just me but nothing about that screams mindless savage beast to me.