Worried that Gargos is another ARIA

Manipulation is one the biggest tropes known when it come demons which I’m guessing Gargos is one.

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Hah! I’ll admit that I haven’t really played KI2. I didn’t even get to the point of fighting Gargos himself, but I’m just worried he’s going to be a demon gargoyle ARIA. Eyedol could better take the cake on that one. Guess we’ll just have to see it all in action when he finally gets revealed. Still, I don’t think he should be given a reason to whoop everyone’s ■■■. He just does it because Kan-Ra messed up and opened a rift leading straight to him and because he thinks the KI universe belongs to him.

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I know and that makes sense, which is why I disagree with this idea that he should be some sort of mindless killing machine. Demons, especially ones that manipulate people in such a way, are clearly not brainless savages, IMO.

The only problem with that is is that he clearly has some sort of reason/intention behind it. He wouldn’t have wasted time tricking Jago into believing he is the Tiger Spirit his group worships if didn’t have something in mind. Same with creating Omen, I doubt he would have created him to possess Jago if he didn’t have some sort of plan or scheme in mind. Or at least that is my take on it anyway :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to point him out as some wild, feral beast just out to kill (since Eyedol seems to be a good example of that), but I imagine him like Oni/Akuma with the knowledge of how much power and destruction he has at hand. No need for finesse. Just some angry jackass who wants to leash some slaves.

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Am I the only one that thinks Aria is a good boss character just because she’s not ridiculously hard or 3 times the size of rest of cast doesn’t mean she’s a bad boss character.

I think her personality and backstory is one of best in the entire roster and her design blends well with that,she certainly in both a design and story sense puts Shadow Jago to shame.

The fact she’s not fully evil and will do whatever it takes to protect humanity not matter what the other consequences are is far more interesting than your typical boss characters in most fighting games who are simply evil because they’re evil with no plot needed.

She’s an amazing character but it’s not her size nor her intent that make her a bad boss character its that you don’t really even get to fight her as boss. She’s only fought at the end by T.J. and hisako like she was just another opponent. She wasn’t difficult to fight or had anything special to differentiate herself from the playable version. When you compare her to boss shadow jago or even previous KI bosses like eyedol and gargos she just falls flat.

I was speaking more in how memorable she is rather than just fighting her I think part of a boss character is being memorable as a character in design and story and not just gameplay in comparison, Shao Kahn is more memorable than Kintaro in MK2 despite not being as hard to fight.

Gargos was the Tiger Spirit that manipulated Jago and has the whole corruption theme going on, so he’s more than likely intelligent and full of himself. Brute force is more fitting for Eyedol, so hopefully he will be in the game and be the destructive, no-f***s-given, evil monster that you’re looking for.

'Twas me all along.


Well, we already have 2 snarky characters in the form of Cinder and Kim Wu, and they turned out just fine in my book (and quite different from 1 another, I might aded). Having 2 pompous characters in the form of ARIA and Gargos is something I think we can handle.

Gargos was always shown as a intelligent but brute. Even in the classic games it was shown that Gargos was more of the brains while Eyedol was more the muscle. So if Eyedol somehow returns to the game, he would fit what you’re talking about more.

We do have two snarky characters in the game. One I don’t think fit his personality very well, and the other I imagined to be some sort of respectable figure. Sort of like a spirit lady. Honestly, whose idea was it for Kim to be a fashion driven college student? And why did Iron Galaxy heed to the community for the re-imagining of an original Killer Instinct character? If they were to base it off of one, I would have went with Zey Mar’s concept for Kim Wu. I’d just like to see Gargos more like Thanos and less like Ultron.

I look forward to the day Eyedol comes back along with his completely broken and over extensive ways.
And that “unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf” stomp.

The vast majority of characters could be considered boss or sub-bosses in any other game with their respective taunts and dialogue.

Maya: “Let’s Finish This!” “Should I go easy on you?” “There’s nowhere to run.”

Cinder: “Practice round, right?”

Mira “You look drained.”

Arbiter Bro-flex

Tusk: Bro-ier flex


I feel like you’re making a lot of assumptions. Gargos hasn’t given me the vibe of “sarcastic” yet.

I think the best comparison to Gargos would be guys like Shinnok.