Why SF5 players hate on KI so much?

@tarue13 - How is SF’s combo system similar to MK? SF uses cancels and links, while MK uses strings that are much more akin to Tekken. It’s okay that you don’t think footsies are fun. Other people don’t think KI is fun, and that’s okay, too. But neither is better; all it can be is better for you. And why would you bring up buying characters? It has nothing to do with the discussion, and SF has had its share of DLC issues. In short, you, too, have conclusively proven that you don’t know what you’re talking about, so I will stop there.

@Marbledecker - I do not agree that this is the simplest combo system in history. Sure, if you run on combo assist or just do the base pattern, but throw in manuals in there, throw in shadow linkers that behave differently that their regular shadow versions (that often behave different than regular versions) and suddenly the level of complication goes through the roof. Let me put it this way: I’ve tried to play and explain KI to friends, but they just go glossy eyed and lose interest the moment I start explaining auto-doubles and linkers. But if I give them the pad and have them play SF or MK, they can immediately pick it up, like @BigBadAndy wrote. Yes, KI has much better introduction tools than SFIV or V, but the system is inherently less intuitive and requires a lot of explaining to people who have never played a KI game before.

@Iago407 - I meant everything. Twitch viewership at any time is much higher for SFV, doubly so for Capcom Pro Tour events. Compare a regular SFV CPT ranking event with 8BBD or KIPL and it’s really not in favor of the latter. The number of guides and tutorials out there for SFV is staggering, while KI’s is, unforutnately, pretty lackluster (and would be completely abysmal were in not for @Infilament and @Sajam - keep it up guys!). Sales are hard to compare even if we had the numbers, because the models are so different, but I would wager that SFV also has the lead. And not just because of nostalgia or legacy, KI is no slouch in that department, either - but SF is the prototypical fighter and it’s where the money is right now. With all that said, there are bound to be many more new players, even with KI’s PC release (even though we recently hit 6 million unique users, if I remember correctly - which is an awesome number - how many of those do you think are people who downloaded it because it was free to try, then never played again?). Media coverage is also a lot bigger for SF.

There’s crazy (anime fighters, Marvel), there’s a little loony (KI, MK) and there’s slow and steady (SF, RT). I happen to prefer the latter, but I also like KI a lot and think it’s the second best fighting game out there for a while now. For a moment, it was number one in my book. Conversely, I don’t like MKX at all on many levels, but I don’t go beating on it on other forums - it is what it is; if someone enjoys it, they damn well should.

Again, everyone - live and let live. No game as a whole is objectively better than another, because you can’t account for personal preference, so don’t make this discussion into a ■■■■ measuring contest.

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That’s fanboys overall.
Fanboys will do everything to sh#t on other media that is alike their fandom, but not their actual fandom.
For example, fanboys of DCU will sh#t on Marvel. Fanboys of WoW will sh#t on other MMO’s. And Street Fighter fanboys will sh#t on other fighting games. That’s just how fanboys are. Just like there are fanboys of KI who sh#t on other fighting games that aren’t KI. Heck, even fanboys of the original KI games sh#t on this new one, for not being exactly the same thing as the original games.
And that’s because fanboys are sh#tty people. Don’t listen to them.


They mad cause they can’t have that buttery smooth netcode.

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For the record I like SFV.

With that said, to me it seems the overall majority of SF players have a ■■■■■■ elitist attitude, and turn their nose up to just about any fighter that doesn’t have the Capcom seal on it somewhere.

Like I said though, it’s not all of them, but a hefty chunk certainly seem to.

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I generally agree with everything you wrote, though I disagree with the quoted bit. KI seems just crazy to me, not looney. I wouldn’t even put MK in the looney bin, but whatever. Marvel is the looney game, KI only approaches that sometimes…and MK really never at all.

Just to clarify: on my scale, crazy means totally batshit crazy (ie. anime fighters and Marvel), a little loony means not as crazy as the former set of games, but with very crazy moments (and that’s KI and MK; KI because it has solid characters like Jago or Thunder mixed in with Cinder, Sadira and Hisako crazy; MKX because it is by necessity all about the 50/50 and some characters just excel at that constant, safe pressure, while others struggle); and slow and steady is what I like personally like most.

@ShabuWL Gotcha. Agreed.

Well said

Ah, I see what you’re saying about reach now. That makes sense. I guess SF having a bigger reach is a notch in SF’s column, though I’m curious as to what you think that notch actually means or why it’s something to be valued in SF’s favor.

SF is a bigger series, no question. It has more iterations, it has history, nostalgia, etc in its favor. But in terms of comparing the newest iteration of KI to Street Fighter V, what is it about more people playing it on Twitch or even more sales really have to do with objectively comparing the quality of the two games or even in terms of what each game does well?

I’m not arguing against you by asking that, just to be clear. I’m curious as to where you stand here.

Street fighter is a more popular series and so SFV had a lot of basically inherited attention on Twitch and YouTube. And the FGC is definitely enamored with SF and those are the guys making combo vids etc. but MKX, love it or hate it, is kicking the bejeezus out of SFV in sales (almost ten to one)!and it doesn’t have the same volume of attention. More than KI but less than SF. So it depends on what you’re interested in. If we want to make a case that YouTube and Twitch “reach” are indicative of game quality than Minecraft, GTA and CoD are the greatest games on the planet by an enormous margin.

All of this is to say I wouldn’t actually put any money on the table to bet that SFV has sold better than KI. It’s a complicated question because of KI’s sales model, but I would bet that as many or more people own a combo breaker or ultra edition of at least one season as own SFV.

But I think @anon39655210 said it best. Somehow these people got the idea that in order for SF to be good, everything else has to be bad. Whatever. People don’t have to all like the same things. I like to go fishing. That doesn’t mean I would tell you you’re wrong for not liking it. It’s all just silly.

SFV is a good game. I don’t find it as fun or interesting as KI. Other people feel differently.


“Why do KI players hate SFV?”

Every fighting game crowd wants their favorite game to be the best and will hate on anything else calling it inferior or even belittling it anyway possible.

I dont quite understand it either but what I have noticed this week is it is “franchise loyalty”.

I was on the Dark Souls Facebook page and all helll broke loose becasue someone asked if Lords of the Fallen was worth playing…I said yes and that I personally liked it better than Dark souls 1 and 2. and that I like Bloodborne better as well…but Dark Souls 3 was obviously superior to Lords of the Fallen.

And a fire storm ignited… how dare someone say that another game is better!!! People were screen shooting my post and re-posting it…it was wild.

Anyway, same applies to KI vs SF…SF vs MK…ect…

Tombraider vs Uncharted

Forza vs Grand Turismo

Fans get passionate about their favorite game and loose site as to what else is out there and will defend to the bitter end even if they technically are wrong.

It is strange. Matter of fact at the Dark Souls midnight release a group of guys and I were discussing SF and I mentioned I play Ki every day and I love it… one responded "I fukingg HATE KIller Instinct !!! Its too hard!!! It sucks! blah blah blah) …"have you played it? “NO I havent” hmmmm…I just walked away.


I haven’t been fishing in a long time, but I think it’s awesome. Sorry, that’s totally unrelated to anything, but just felt like throwing that out there. :slight_smile:

But yeah, it’s all subjective. Which is why I never quite understand the elitism some fans feel about the camp they’ve chosen to set themselves up in or the rage from any one camp to another. I enjoy Street Fighter, but I also enjoy Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Darkstalkers, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, Weaponlord, Primal Rage and a metric ton of other fighters past and present.

I’m sure that internet anonymity allows people to remove any filter they’d otherwise keep in place, but why have so much anger that might or might not need to be filtered to begin with? Is it just a matter of people over focusing on something they enjoy? Is it grown in a community, only to spread like a virus to other like-minded people?

Either way, it sucks. But that’s just human nature, I guess.

Yeah you’re right, and that’s what’s so hard for me to reconcile. Which one is better? Who cares? You can’t come to an objective conclusion because each facet of each game is valued differently by each person that’s playing and interpreting it.

I liked Uncharted, loved Uncharted 2, liked Uncharted 3 and loved Tomb Raider. Did I love Uncharted 2 more than Tomb Raider? Does it honestly matter? Can’t both be great? Can’t they both be objectively fun games and considered to be of high quality without one of them having to be deemed “objectively” superior?

I mean, this mentality goes back through video games, where you had Genesis fans and SNES fans going to verbal war over which system was better and now it’s Xbox One and PS4. You can’t read a single review on IGN without heading down in to the comments and seeing some argument (or many arguments) breaking out that are nothing more than system war nonsense and blatant bias on either side. It’s pathetic.

I don’t owe my personal allegiance to an inanimate product or the monolithic company that publishes it or the even more monolithic game system corporation that makes the machine I play the game on. I’m a Sega fan, a Nintendo fan, a Microsoft fan and a Sony fan because they’ve all supplied me with great gaming memories. Why pick one and spend time and energy hating the others and the experiences they provide? How does that personally help you in any way? What sort of validation of your purchase do you hope to gain by hating others and the decision they made or the game they enjoy?

I’m probably sounding pretty elitist myself here; looking down my nose at these people that spend so much time on hating stuff. But it’s really more that I’m trying to understand the mentality because, to me, it’s both destructive and counterintuitive.

Instead of enjoying what we play and reveling in those experiences with others, there’s so much negativity, both inside and outside communities like the FGC, and it’s considered normal, even as people are driven off or repelled to begin with by the rage of some people.

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Jago is singlehandedly the greatest character ever made.

Capcom is jelly that they didn’t make Ryu in his image.

Thus the rivalry began.

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that’s the case with a lot of games these days. type negative things on some MMO forums, the fanboys gang up on you and tell you to stop playing and go home. How about you try to make a sockpuppet account and post negative stuff about KI on here. mods and 5 or 6 people will be all over that ■■■

I agree…I ended my statement on the Dark Souls Facebook ordeal with " Why wouldnt you want to just like all 3 series or advise someone to try out Lords of the fallen? There is room for all 3 games…

Bloodborne, Dark Souls Lords of the fallen

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I guess I’d need you to define what you mean by “negative stuff,” as I think that there’s a substantial difference between posting constructive criticism and posting little more than consistent, unfiltered negativity.

I’ve talked about how I’d like to see the Vs screen get updated, the combo fonts updated and aligned with the victory font, Omen changes, the 3 stages issue, classic outfits and a bunch of other things and no one’s ever told me to get lost and I’ve been on these forums since day one of the DH forums. Not once.

But if I came on here and was all “KI is trash, its mechanics are trash and people that play it are morons.” Then yeah, I’d rightfully expect some blow back. If you’re posting pure negativity, and you’re doing it consistently, then you’re not adding anything to the conversation.

If you want to have a conversation, then great, let’s talk. Even if we agree to disagree, that’s totally fine by me. You don’t have to like everything I like and vice versa. But if you’re going to post nothing but rage or unqualified opinions and refuse to support them with evidence or further explain your issues, then why would I want to keep listening to what basically amounts to noise? That’s not just here, that’s anywhere.

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capcom has diehard loyalists. what i didnt appreciate back in the season 2 days were all the nasty posts ppl were giving KI on the eventhubs and SRK pages. they never tried it, so they ragged on it. then we got posts saying SF5 is gonna bury KI in player base numbers, or sales wtf ever.

then its like karma struck as we recently found out about the millions who were on KI in march while SF5 is struggling…i dont want to gloat about it, but part of me is saying i oughta type in huge capital letters “whos laughing now?”. JUST to piss those certain players off.

however, in the end its really not worth it. we should focus more on having fun on this game, being informative of character tech, combat advice and philosophy for the newbies. to talk about how the other side of the fence dwells should be of no concern imo. their opinions will never change, and the ones who do like KI are just as welcome as any other, even the ones who dont like it but wanna try it


People have a habit of thinking thier way is the only way. It pops up everywhere. Chevy vs Ford, SFV vs KI vs MKX vs KOF etc etc etc.

It’s stupid and small-minded. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference but that doesn’t somehow negate the opinions of others.

I think people feel threatened when some ‘other’ choice exists because they question the choice (s) they have made. Maybe that Mustang is faster or better built or in some way superior to the Camaro you bought? Or maybe KI has more exciting matches than SFV… Or maybe SFV has a more technical foundation in the fundamentals than KI… And what if that’s true? Then the choice you made is inferior! ■■■■■ that! You made the only possible choice and you haven’t wasted your time or money that’s horse-■■■■! The OTHER GUYS have made the wrong choice… Not you.