Why SF5 players hate on KI so much?

I was browsing SF5 forum becaus I was curious who will be next DLC char, and I discovered truly volcanos of salt there.

They`d poke your eyes out for mentioning any bad word on SF5, and they often express how they despise KI… What is their problem?


That’s the Internet for you. Divide anything you see there by 10. Keyboard warriors and all that.

I play both games and enjoy them both (although, to be fair, I am leaning toward SFV lately), I also regularly visit both subreddits and there’s no bad blood there. If anything, there may be a little complaining in the vein of “KI has done this since the beginning, why can’t SF?” and vice versa, but it’s not that bad.

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Like ShabuWL I play both games but to be honest I don’t see a lot of hate for KI from SF Players. In fact, most of the time I visit a SF forum or comment section, there is a lot of praise for how good the netcode is in KI and that they actually care for the community and stuff.

SFV is just frustrating for me to play at the moment, because of the ragequitter army. My last 5 ranked matches were ragequits. But I had to take the 3 losses before, so I lost points and gained none. This happened quite often to me lately, so I stopped playing until they fix this.

But even if they fix it, I think it’s always a good idea to play more than one Fighting Game. Will probably try out Tekken 7 and KoF later this year, but I will stick with KI and SFV because they are the most fun FGs for me atm.

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Well rival games do hate on each other allot just look at Cod and Battlefield for example but it’s probably worse than ever now since with SF5 being only on PS4/PC and Killer Instinct being only on XB1/PC the majority of the people playing those games are on rival consoles.

Both Playstation and Xbox fanboys see those games as their premier fighting game and as a tool to bash the other console even people who aren’t big fans of the franchises are using them in internet arguments to make each other look worse.

Anyone remember all the Forza and Driveclup fanboyism 2 years back or the dozens of needless articles with graphics comparisons between KillZone SF and Ryse with the launch of both consoles?


Because KI is an American developed game that is actually better than SFV. More revolutionary combat system, better soundtrack, more variety in the lineup. These people’s worldview is being threatened. Bottom line.


The bottom line is that you’re extremely biased. Whether it is better or worse is entirely a matter of preference. While KI is unarguably better in some aspects, such as its netcode or soundtrack, SF is better in other aspects - it has a much bigger reach, a better pro gaming infrastructure and it is also easier to understand and get into for beginners. With that said, it really is just a matter of what you like more.

Personally, I play both games but prefer SF because it’s the more honest game. You have to stay grounded, you have to play footsies and you generally have to geniunely outplay your opponent to win. It exposes your flaws in the basic aspects of fighting games, such as frame traps, meaty attacks, anti-airing and so on. KI, on the other hand, is much more crazy because you can break combos “at will”, it allows for many rather frantic interactions and a larger amount of randomness that can swing games. And this is fine; I love that KI is its own thing and hope it continues to be. All that is not to say that KI cannot be played very technically at a high level, it certainly can - just like SF.

Don’t hate the game, hate the… no, wait. Don’t hate at all. Do you what you enjoy, live and let live.


I personally disagree with this. SF has more difficult dpad movements and about a tenth of the tutorial help that KI has. Plus KI has the combo assist, and while many will debate it’s usefulness as a teaching tool, I’d still argue that it helps new players learn the basic cadence of the combo structure if a player is actually looking to learn how to play. If you’re completely new to fighting games, I’d say KI is a much easier game when it comes to new players.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “bigger reach.” You mean more fans play it? If that’s the case, I tend to doubt it given how poorly SFV has done, but if we’re comparing series versus series, then absolutely, SF wins hands down. I’m not sure what that would have to do with being better, but it’s entirely possible, if not probable that I’m just misinterpreting what you mean here by “reach.”

I’d argue that you have to outplay your opponent to win in KI too and that a good match features two players that both know how to keep one another honest in most respects, but I’ll certainly concede that the randomness brought on by guess breaks could certainly frustrate more experienced players. I personally like that it introduces a little bit of luck in to the equation, but I can absolutely see and respect why others would disagree with that.

I do agree with your last sentiment 100%. I don’t hate Street Fighter at all. There are certain aspects of SF that I’m not a fan of, such as many of the character’s designs and the overall art style (at times). I’m also not huge in to charge moves and some of the odd stuff they want you to input to do moves, but there’s still a lot that I love about SF and I definitely have fun when playing it.

I don’t quite understand why people pick a game and glom on to it as if it’s their “team” and then therefore consider other games to be opposing teams. As a lifelong fan of the genre, it’s actually somewhat embarrassing. I can understand disliking some fans of a certain game, but the game itself? C’mon… That’s just voluntarily short-changing yourself. Why would anyone do that?

Games are meant to be fun. If a game isn’t fun for you, or you don’t enjoy certain aspects, then yeah, sound off on a forum if you feel like it, or move on, but to despise a game? To devote time to actually hating a game? Don’t see why some waste the energy.


I haven’t played SFV (though I do want to try it), and honestly I haven’t really played an SF game since the OG days…before SF3. I really have nothing against SFV specifically, I actually enjoy watching it WAY more than I did SF4 (I always thought SF4 was just boring). All that being said, I think it just comes down to personal tastes when you talk about SF players not liking KI. SF in general appeals to more traditional fighting game fans: those who want basic footsies and the least crazy gameplay. Personally I enjoy the more crazy stuff, but even in that I have my limits.

KI, for the most part, is the right amount of crazy for me. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE Jago in this game, as he and his ilk are EXACTLY the type of characters I want to play (to me, Jago is the “quintessential KI character”). When you get into matchups like ARIA vs. Cinder (the matchups that turn the game into Marvel), that is when the game just gets to crazy for me, but honestly the fact that the game ranges from slightly crazier than SF to FULL BLOWN MARVEL, in my opinion is amazing…even if it doesn’t appeal to me personally on that far right extreme.

So yeah, again, it is just personal tastes.


Actually, I don’t think the venom that is a product of the testosterone fueled fanboyism in the FGC is very interesting. But the discussion that is developing on the definition of a user friendly game is very interesting.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately, and there is no question that KI has much better introduction tools and is much more complete in introducing the game’s concepts and ideas. But something that is often off-putting for beginners is the sheer number of things that actually happen and the systems that you need to understand to fully participate in KI. Whereas SF has a lot of opaque stuff that is important at intermediate or high level. But if you throw two noobs into a game and they start hitting buttons they won’t accomplish much - but they won’t be so confused by what they see happening on screen.

So I think for truly first time fighting game players, KI can be somewhat intimidating. But if you have even a modicum of fighting game experience - even if it’s just “I used to play SF and KI on my SNES when I was a kid” then KI will definitely be easier to pick up and learn.


I don’t care what you people say. I stand by my previous comments. American developers aren’t supposed to be better at creating fighting games than the Japanese. And Killer Instinct has shaken things up. You can’t stand it.

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There’s this false sense of pride that people take in what they choose to consume or not to consume… it’s bizarre. Like preferring KI over SFV makes you superior somehow, or vice-versa. It’s becoming a lot like the Chevy VS. Ford or Coke VS. Pepsi thing. I simply don’t get it.

I prefer KI over SFV but enjoy both quite a bit. I don’t expect any praise or accolade for this preference, and I don’t think lesser of anyone who doesn’t share it. Above all I simply enjoy FGs and wish success across franchises.


They are just jealous that we have better looking faces on our characters. Lol


Bias can certainly work both ways. I appreciate SF and MK for what they are and for their legacies but I don’t enjoy them, and so don’t play them. I DO enjoy KI and play it often.

We also can have the debate or discussion without going overboard or getting aggressive, though.

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What I can’t stand are trolls. You have just conclusively proven that you are one - and that there is no discussion to be had with you. Have fun in make-believe land.

I will reply to the rest of the posts when I get home, too much to type on phone.

Coke is the right answer BTW :slight_smile:


KI is just better, people just have little rants and misunderstandings about buying characters in a free game and says you have to mash to do combos.The only reason why people don’t understand how to do combos is there is no other combo system like killer instinct.Do anyone agree out there?

Hmm - I think the lack of desire to learn something new is a big part of it. FGs are a bit of a time-sink and those folks who’ve spent their free time learning SF combos or MKX combos or even Skullgirls combos don’t necessarily want a brand new system to deal with. That said - this is pretty much the easiest combo system in history.

I think @Sajam had one of the best analogies for explaining the KI Combo system - Your opener and ender are the bread, and the ADs/Linkers/Manuals are the ingredients between.

It takes time to learn anything in a fighting game what are you implying?

Really not implying anything - just making an observation.

I just hate people that complain about buying characters in a free game especially the people from mk and the dojo is the most fundamental tutorial system in fighting game history.SF is just being lazy and their combo system now has similarities to mk but with normals.I dont think playing footsies or pressure in the game with a simple play style is fun neither the matchups are less heated in sf than ki.Killer instinct even worked harder than sf or sfv ever could even when it came back for 20 years.KI would have been way better and I really mean better if it did not die for 20yrs.