Why I think Guest Characters are a bad idea

First of all I was always anti guest characters but I’m not gonna hate the game because of it. I even give mg suggestions on who should be a guest because I love this game and since guest characters are already confirmed it makes more sense to me to suggest some instead of being upset about it. And I like rash and I think that every character no matter if guest or not will be implemented in a cool way and be fun to play. I just prefered original characters that’s it.

I made this point in another thread but I would like to have a discussion about it.

In my opinion guest characters are a good financial decision but a bad one regarding the loyal fans of KI and here is why.

I noticed that not just me but most of the people, even ones that want guest characters would really really hate having some specific characters, some so much that they would lose some interest in the game, some to an extreme degree that even threat to stop supporting the game. The main problem is that the list of characters that are a no go is usually bigger than the list of characters that this particular person would like.

For instance I would hate if its a character from a movie, a character from another fighting game, anything anime, and in general characters that aren’t owned by Microsoft (a few exceptions here). So I have a list of maybe 10 characters that I would like and literally thousands that I would hate. Others will have other lists that follow the same model but changing the names.

Chances are I’m gonna be disappointed by the guest even if maybe not all of them. Chances are everyone is gonna be disappointed because of 1-2 characters. You could say the same about original character sure, not everyone likes all characters in KI but its easier to accept them because they are part of it unlike the guest characters.

Even if 80% of the players would be in favor of guests, chances are the majority of them is gonna be disappointed in the end anyway.

Like I said I think its a good financial decision because there might be a lot of people buying the game because character X or Y is in it. But for us the loyal fans, the majority of us will be upset because of the characters they choose to have in it.

What do you guys think? Am I making a good point? Or am I crazy? Or both?


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