Why I don't Want Any More Seasons

A lot of people have been asking me for my opinion on which I’d rather have a sequel or a new season so I figure why not lets do what I do best…making threads. :slight_smile: Let me just copy and paste what I wrote in another community members post.

The simplest way I can explain my reasoning is a jar of playdoh. The more you play with it the more dry it will get; no matter how much fresh playdoh you put over the dry stuff, eventually you have to buy new playdoh. This analogy is the best way to describe this iteration of Killer Instinct…which is that no matter how many seasons you try to create to cover up the old, eventually you need a new game to remove limitations of the old (the dry playdoh).

Up until this point people have just associated new content as needing a new season because this is how it has been presented to us thus far. This certainly doesn’t need to be the case going forward, they can always add new characters/content without labeling it as a new season.

The biggest problem for me with new seasons personally is the inevitable changing of system mechanics and characters which in turn as we’ve seen in previous years have driven more people away from the game than has introduced new people. This evidence is apparent by looking at stream numbers and tournament participation which are both at an all time low. Lets also not forget the enormous amount of bugs each new season has introduced to the game which was the biggest complaint about S3. Granted bugs are just an inherit problem of game design, that doesn’t change the fact it’s just simply frustrating for competitive and players in general when they have to wait weeks/maybe months for crucial character bugs to get ironed out. There are bugs still in the game that were reported month 1 of Season 3 like Orchid not being able to hit confirm in certain situations.

I think it’s also important to note the limitations of the game engine are holding up development as well. Correct me if I’m wrong but there have been numerous things mentioned that they are unable to add to the game in the past because it would require either a massive code overhaul (expensive) or without going through and reanimating everything like to add in head tracking or the ability to turn off negative edge.

Going forward I just don’t see any real net gain or benefit in continuing development on this version of the game instead of diverting resources into development of a real sequel perhaps for PC and Scorpio. You just satisfy the same small casual player base that will simply ask for a Season5 right as S4 gets launched lol. This would just be a much needed refresh for a lot of people with fresh character designs, new graphics engine without limitations that Double Helix had in place etc. including being able to rectify some of their mistakes with designs and costumes like Kim Wu’s face or most of the retros; something they will simply never get to if they continue making seasons. While development is happening on the new game, for sure in the meantime continue to support this version with perhaps a couple DLC characters and costumes. People love jumping on board the new game hype train as people love to play the new fresh hottness. We’ve seen this with MKX, KoF, Tekken and even KI S1 where literally everyone was playing like LTG, Justin Wong, Sonic Fox, ROG and many more.

Now the only real flaw in my plans logic is in the budget. There is no real secret at this point that KI has had a pretty low budget for development, I mean you can just look at the animation for Kim Wu’s Dragon Sweep and realize this. If they aren’t willing to invest more money in development on this version what makes me or anyone else think they would invest in creating a new sequel which would obviously be more expensive then creating a S4 aka putting a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches. Only if by some miracle Phil Spencer gets generous one day and walks into Adam Isgreen’s office and says “Here is $50,000,000 for KI” (just a random number)I don’t see this ever changing as they game just isn’t worth investing into at the moment in an already niche market which is dominated by SF. Shoot if I was rich I would pour money into this franchise like crazy because that’s how much I want it to succeed.

I am only one person here and obviously don’t speak or work for IG or MS; just as a fan and passionate community member like everyone else I just want whats best for the game and its future overall and a Season4 isn’t whats best. If I have to wait another 2-3 years for a true sequel then so be it.

In closing I leave you all with what a next Gen KI could look like on Unreal Engine 4


You know honestly I’m kinda torn of the matter. I completely understand the situation and agree to a point, but on the other hand I have spent so much time working on mastering this game I really don’t want to start back at square 1. I’m mostly concerned that there will be a radical difference between this game and the next similar to the original KI 1& 2 so that other than basic general FG knowledge what i’ve learned about how to play using these characters & mechanics goes right out the window. Now if it were a simple upgrade but like 80% or more of the game’s fundamentals & character moves, attributes, etc get carried over, great. But if we’re talking a drastic overhaul in the sense as how the MK games or SF4->SF5 have been, or every KI has been to date, I’d rather not see that.


I get your point. I’m happy with a Season 4 OR a sequel announcement. I would also be happy if IG goes back and fleshes out and polishes what we already have.


I kind of agree here. Now if were get extra things ala dlc rather than a whole new season, I would be OK with that. Personally I would rather have a sequel than another season. After all, they can only keep the seasonal approach for so long before it’s time to move on. That way, the devs would be able to start fresh and be able to have more creative freedom thanks to not being restricted to using “borrowed” engine.

That being said, looking at it form both sides, I can see why some people would want to ride this one out for a little longer. Whether they think it’s too early for a new sequel, they’re not in the mood to start their years of hard work all over again, or the fear of having their favorite character not return in the sequel. So I suggest that if a sequel does happen they don’t go for a drastic overhaul. Keep some of sort of familiarity to the previous game to keep old fans from becoming alienated while adding new things to make the game stand out.

All in all, I just want the franchise to continue getting support.

Edit: Why UE4 so much if I may be so curious? Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it makes it seem like that if a sequel does happen, they have to use to that engine.

I am happy. All I have ever wanted from this KI was to have the orginal cast, and that was done. They even brought in some new characters in also.

I am ok with no more seasons. Just small patches to fix known game breaking bugs, and nothing more. I know that streams are at a low, but so is the complaining :slight_smile: If they make a new one, then the complaining will start all over again. “My favorite move is gone”, “where is “x” character at”, and “it does not play like the other KI”.

KI could have done alot better if it just got 25% of the attention Halo gets. To be honest I don’t understand why people think Halo is that great in the first place, but that is just me. I think part of that is due to them being called an Indi developer, instead of a game company or game studio.

I don’t really want more characters (i think the amount we have is plenty)

just some touch ups like stages, modes etc and adding ultimate combos would be all i want

You’re basing a game’s entire popularity off of streaming numbers and tournament attendees?





No, where did you read this? I said tournament numbers and viewership is “good indication”. Back during Season 2 Beatdowns were averaging 800-1000 viewers and now barely get over 300. My personal streams saw 250+ viewers and more recently were barely getting 100 same can be said for others like Gutter, Paul, Rico etc. BY NO MEANS does this automatically determine popularity but it sure is a start in determining what direction the game is going in. It’s quite simple, if your game is growing them numbers should reflect that. There is obviously other analytics to take into consideration as well, this is just one example.

With the variety of new releases and other virtual or life activities, I’m pretty sure I can make a case for this not being a good indicator of the game’s direction.


But maybe that isn’t related to the game, it’s related to you.

I watched your streams before, but I’m not interested anymore, not because I dropped the game(I play more now than ever), it’s just because I don’t share your opinions about some stuff, and I got tired of that. So I prefer other streamers.

Also, I must say that I watch less KI streamers now, but only because I play more now than before, so I’m not making streaming numbers bigger, but I’m playing the game.

Does that means that, since my support can’t be measured by anyone but MS/IG, I’m not supporting the game? Quite the opposite, I’m supporting it by playing +3 hours every day. And like me, thousands of people.

At the end, a new KI game sounds like “I want better graphics” to me, and since I do like KI graphics, and bugs aren’t that omnipresent like everybody says(but negative feelings are more prominent than positive), I would be happy to see a Season 4.

Of course, just my opinion.


Honestly I would think also the introduction of a robust single player mode that KI didn’t have before would also factor into the online scene being a tad deader as of late.


Well i think we can all thanks @CrazyLCD for his views.

Mine are different of course like everyone here.

If anything Ki Season 3 for me is very lack luster. Ive been taken away from this game naterally by Gears of war 4, Overwatch and Forza Horizon at the moment.

For me the following factors have pulled me away from KI this year:

lack of new exciting characters compared to S2
the lack of lore and personal story for the characters
the lack of stages
the inconsistency in delivery and hype with long periods of radio silence.
the focus on shadow lords (online should always be the focus of this game)
the amount of guests that make the season feel like its a 0.5 season

if anything people are not playing or watching this season because it was weak. (see some votes)

Generally across the community we found S3 not as impressive.

i think MOST of this is tied to the PC version that the community cried about for months! Yes its great to get people to play the game but the level and quality across the seasons should only go in one direction and thats upwards and you cant ensure things on shoe string budget. From my exsperience the PC version has made the Xbox one version feel like a half season, its empty in places and overall less that what i purchesed the year before.

I think this year is the first year where we have seen the KI spread thin. The team have done too much but have not nailed a single thing.

now dont get me wrong! KI S3 for me still scores highly but for me its just bellow the greatness thats come before.

Regardless of what i think. KI is still super successful. Im not interested in competitive plays or streamers i dont think they grow these games AS much as we give them credit for.

Im a gamer i play games. 1000s of hours games if the game is good. Comparing KI to SF is rediculous mostly because Street Fighter although has high numbers at tournerments has sold AWFUL. If anything SF6 could be a LONG LONG way off in never land!

Killer instinct is a hugely successful game amongst the casual player regardless of any tournaments.

#Do i want another season?

The answers yes. But i want it done properly. Stages, new characters, full lore as well as shadow lords. A season spread across the year to keep hype high!

Personally i dont think we are quite ready for a NEW killer instinct and i dont think its the right time. I get what LDC is talking about but i think we need to see IG and MS create season 4 off their own backs. Give us something all new in terms of characters.

Comics are coming? So that proves that story content IS wanted? my question is? IF we need comics? IF they are a vaiable merechendise that we want… then why isnt it in the game in the form a story mode?


Season 3 wasn’t as WOWing, and KI has IMO lost some of its sparkle and pull because of it. But hey im glad people are playing on PC! :stuck_out_tongue:


26 characters is perfect quantity. Casuals dont realize that more characters create balance issues and makes a chore to learn match up knowledge. Now, every character in KI is unique snowflake visual and gameplay wise, we have FAIRLY good balance (every FG has its bullcrap, but IMO KI has least of it) and this is beautiful.

Killer Instinct has 23 stages iirc, which is almost 2x more than SF5 and MKXL has. Every character has his own theme, making him more fleshed out.

We dont have like 5 ninjas, 7 military styled chars, 4 pallete swaps etc., so appreciate it you little spoiled casual ■■■■■.

Personally I enjoy Season 3. We have opportunity to play as Gargos and Eyedol, create an iconic showdown of two warlords, how quickly people forgot how hard they cried for it. Also my 2 mains are from S3, so I would say its good imo.

And my biggest gripe of all time is that the casuals that constantly cry for more content cant even play two characters right.


That’s because they are not trying to master anything so they need new content to keep playing as a casual. I know because I’m in the midle, not a casual but not a master also, I would spend 100h or more in a arcade mode with history (I have lost the count of hours spent on shadow lords) and 1/3 of that playing online versus. In my case i can wait a long time for new content just playing a few hours online, but for those that just wanna trade some blows here and there new content is always required or they will leave for other games that provide what they need.

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I sure haven’t forgot. In fact, while I can’t exactly confirm it, but I’m pretty sure a comment I made on & Q & A Atlas & Celldweller did is directly the cause of their so-called “no-guitar challenge” on Eyedol’s music, though I can’t exactly confirm this…I’m working on getting confirmation though.

Season 3 is good. Thats my point. its Good but not AS good as season 2.

As a stand alone game… would i by season 3 1st? No id buy season 3 3rd. Yet season 3 is the season that is meant to keep a 3 year old game feeling new, fresh and exciting?

of course its enjoyable and there is some epic stuff in there that makes KI a better game overal But across the board its undoubtably not as good as it has been.

I don’t think you should worry how anyone else plays TBH :joy:. If more or more vairred content keeps brining players back to KI and keeps them interested in merchandise and the franchise then thats EXACTLY what we need.

A few things I need to call you out on before I say my take:

Sure. Just S3. Gotcha.

Ever considered it might be subtle on purpose? Why would I want to go for a mixup with a move that’s surrounded by bright colors?

I’m sorry, do you have a data chart of this to prove it? As many here have stated, stream and tournament numbers are not necessarily good indicators of the whole population.

Other than that, I can see what you mean LCD. But while I don’t think an entire season with new characters and balance adjustments is a good idea, adding small content like costumes, SL updates, etc. would be a good idea to let the game thrive for a while. New characters are not necessary (I think even @TheKeits said this somewhere) but we do need more love added to the game over time. We probably will get a sequel, but I feel like it should be a long time away.

P.S. While I may disagree with many of your points, I am glad you’re taking time to express on your concerns on the forums for the devs to see.

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That’s not just your opinion as I share it fully. Just like many others do too. Couldn’t say it any better. I used to be a frequent viewer of the previously prominent streamers like LCD but why would I stick around when they all have so much negativity towards a game I enjoy immensely. Plus the only time they show up in the forums is to spread more of that negativity and then they’re gone.

There is only a small number of streamers I enjoy to watch now who stream KI but I still play the game as much as I ever have.


Or, IG could play the safest card and put aggressive microtransactions in game. Like pets, colors, flashy effects, clothes. People LOVE spending money on most vain crap.

A sequel is too far. So far that it could kill KI forever. I think we have an awesome base at this point and this is what IG have to keep up with. I believe in seasons.

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