Why do you like Killer Instinct?

I like Killer Instinct because the characters were appealing to me back in 1996. I thought Cinder and Glacius looked cool. I ended up buying the SNES version and was amazed at the black cartridge. But the main reason I got into Killer Instinct was the awesome graphics for its time. I remember so badly I wanted the arcade version at home. Thank goodness for KI Classic. Also I was in to Rare games and wallpaper, such as Donkey Kong Country. I can still remember Chief Thunder appearing in Donkey Kong Country 2. I’m glad Killer Instinct is here 20 years later. At first I was like wtf is this? Because of my nostalgia. But the new version is really great.

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^^^^^^^^that’s my reason. Right there.


I was dreaming of a knew KI game during the Xbox and Xbox 360 days… basically ever since Microsoft bought Rare. I was hoping that I’d live to see another KI with updated graphics and gameplay.

When it was officially revealed during E3 2013, I had mixed feelings. It was KI but looked different than what I was expecting.

After seeing the game in action with those early Jago/ Sabrewulf matches, I was sold. KI 2013 is now easily my favorite fighting game of all time.


The gameplay is fun and intuitive, the character designs are phenomenal, the music is godlike, the announcer is incredibly hype, and we’ve got an awesome community full of awesome people.
What’s not to love?


Community in Live or on the forums? Because if u were talking about Live then what about the people who can’t take the salt lol.

Never would I EVER say Xbox LIVE has a good community, in any game. :joy:
XBLA has quite a reputation, ya know.


Because it was and is EXTREMELY casual friendly, the combo system is brilliant, the online is great and the Ultras are hype.

As a werewolf nerd, I loved Wulf as a kid. I purchased the new KI with the Xbox One when it first came out, just because of Wulf. So yes, I was a Wulf main for four months, until I started messing with Sadira… And then she stole my soul. :slight_smile:

I find KI fun because the combo system is easy to pick up, but hard to master. The netcode is one of the greatest in any fighting game. It’s just fun.

Because of RAAM, RASH, the awesome sound track and the announcer screaming like crazy!


The characters. Ever since I was a kid I have always been drawn to beings out of the ordinary such as aliens, dinosaurs, robots, monsters, ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves, super heroes/villains etc. so when I finally discovered that there was a fighting game whose roster mainly consisted of characters who are not just people I was very intrigued and had to have it.

Because I saw a werewolf , a predator style cyborg, a t1000 character and and…The music and graphics! I couldn’t resist…


-Stylish robots.

-I grew up with this game.

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Well let’s see:
-The combo system is great, fluid and not too complicated (well to me, at least). Very fun to learn the mechanics and each character’s unique tools, unless of course you would rather be a trollish whack-job that whines about it being hard.

-The wicked diverse cast of kick-â– â– â–  humans and monsters that not a lot of other games have hardly tried doing. I personally considered this my high point on what attracts me to KI.

-The soundtrack is a great hardcore collection of mostly rock and metal tracks.

-And the announcer (my personal favorite is Chris, he’s classic) is exciting to hear.

And…that’s just about it for me.

Got it as a gift from my mom when I was a little kid. Amazed by the music. Amazed by the gameplay. Amazed by the characters. Jago was the one I immediately fell in love with. Seriously, I was like a fan boy when I discovered him for the first time. I was all “OH MY GOD! LOOK! HE’S SO COOL!”. Always this obsession with making the announcer shout their names on beat with the Character Select theme.

In all, the game itself was a stunning surprise. There was literally nothing that I hated about the game.

Good netcode
Solid variety of styles
Cool characters
Interesting neutral
Potential for huge damage but also ways to mitigate this damage

cause the fighting system are so diferent than others, and the music is basically the best thing that i heard on a fighting game i really like it robin beanland knows how to create music!

Wulf got me started being an avid werewolf fan, played ever since. Not to mention the music, combo styles, and the diversity between the cast. The hype is real.

Werewolf fan??? :smiley:

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Another werewolf fan! WOOT! I’m actually in a werewolf book. :smiley:

A good friend of mine is a paranormal author and I helped him with a few articles for his “The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia of Shapeshifting Beings 2nd Edition.”


What drew me in initially was the sound in the arcade. The awesome music, the loud, hardcore sounding voice. That got my attention. Once I actually started playing, I became enamored with the silicon graphical style, the overall look and dark tone of the game, from the cool FMV sequences before and after each match to the settings for each arena.

The more I played, the more I got in to the sort of post-apocalyptic story, the crazy cast of characters, and of course, the gameplay with the crazy combos. The whole experience felt “extreme” in an era that was certainly aiming for it.

But where the gameplay was something I discovered that I enjoyed once the thrill of the flash and style wore off a bit in the original, the new game kinda flips that script for me.

For the new version of KI, the incredibly designed characters and how different they are from one another in how they look and play and what they can do is what’s really drawn me in and kept me interested.

Now, I love the character’s stages, the outstanding music and I dig most of the voice work, but the overall tone of this game still feels like it has a ways to go in order to be complete. Where the original KI games felt incredibly polished in its presentation, this one still feels like it’s in-process. The select screen has improved dramatically, but it’s still a bit laggy and the visual style could use more style and flash (and probably less fog). Same goes for the checking DLC screen, the hiccups on the title screen video, the characters appearing late on the survival ladder, the combo fonts, and the pre-match “fight on” screen, which could stand a complete overhaul to make it darker, flashier, etc.

None of those issues are dire, of course. But if you’re asking me why I like this game, I’d say the reasons before tended to be a bit more style over substance in the originals, while the newer game has substance in spades, but the style could still use some polishing. I’ll still take that trade off, don’t get me wrong, but hopefully, by the time this game is done, the aesthetic polish will rival the originals back in their time while still being one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences around (from an actual gameplay standpoint).

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