Where's Eagle's trailer?

It’s E3. Is it out yet?

Next week, hopefully sooner than later.

they told us next week. But they told us that last week.

@rukizzel said we won’t get the trailer until Wednesday at the earliest.


isn’t that after E3 what a really bad time to put it out. During E3 is the best time for it because that is when hype for gaming content is at its Highest what a huge missed opportunity and the dumb idea to skip out on E3 time.

I like the idea, but with the amount of games they plan on showing, there is a chance that it could just get lost amongst the crowd of other games.

Not to be a jerk about it, but the only part i really want to see will be a release date at the end.

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E3 is inundated with huge reveals across the board (games, hardware, IP’s). A character trailer for a niche game in a niche market isn’t going to make waves in that environment. MS isn’t losing anything by holding it.


Found it:

Is there any chance to see something unexpected at the end of the trailer?


The whole thing MS is wanting to do this year is get people hyped for reasons to buy into the XB.O.X. and the XB1 brand in general. I’m pretty sure showing a trailer for the addition of 1 character to a 2013 XB1 launch title would not do that in the least. I mean maybe if they had a whole new season to announce and a ton of new features…maybe. But that’s apparently not happening. So yeah, KI’s being done how it needs to be for what it’s got going on right now.

If there was something, it will have been at E3

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I think Season 3 was announced at Gamescom, so maybe we can expect to hear something in August? I believe Rukari said they’d talk about KI’s future later in the summer.

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Feel like it’s kind of dumb to expect something when it was explicitly stated not to expect something :information_desk_person:

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stated where? In the forums, because people don’t read every darn thing in the forums there’s like a million threads and 100 of comments for each to assume everyone has seen everything is retarded.

yet here we are… in the forums, with you and a bunch of people who, way in advance, knew the info you’re “breaking”… and somehow trying to sell us on what a bad industry decision it is (gimee a break) :smirk:

This looks like an open and shut case of assuming. You assumed. Your bad. Sorry Rukari didn’t text you personally.

Just because some people know doesn’t mean everyone knows again people don’t read everything you think because a bunch of people sore that single post that means everyone sore it pff give you a break no give me a break

Whatever the case, you know now.
All things considered they didn’t advertise updates to Minecraft or Warframe either. My guess is they don’t feel the need to just really advertise the crap out of KI at events like this because they figure with it being free-to-play people that are interested will naturally gravitate over to it once they get a console in their hands.

I can understand this, honestly we forum regulars are a close-knit group of people who pay attention to dev posts and sometimes forget that the vast majority (millions) of other players aren’t aware of each and every time a developer drops some info here and have no way of knowing these little intimate details that we’re fed by hand.


It’s coming!