Where is the community fund thread

Thread disusing the community fund.

Background: For those who don’t know what the community fund is it was a special fund raising event in which the Shadow Jago skin was proposed to become a real character with its own move set if the community raised a certain amount of money. A percentage of that money would go towards funding tournaments so that the pro scene would stop dwindling. It was so successful that at a point KI was the game with the highest pot bonus at EVO. Several other gaming events were also financially backed thanks to the community fund and as you now see Shadow Jago is his own character which you can purchase.

Certain pro players are becoming a little worried it hasn’t shown up and no financial incentives means the pro player has their own money to burn with nothing in return.

The first Season 3 tournament has begun and with nothing on the horizon so far it’s safe to say the next two months may also be too much of a financial hassle to travel to tournaments.

Discuss your thoughts on the community fund and potential ways in which money can be raised again.

Hopefully something is announced soon, the topic I started showed a lot of promise with people being interested in funding additional character stages for the season 3 cast. I’m sure such an event would raise the money in record time, just as the first fund did.

I def think they should do a community fund for more stages. Have tiers. Reach this much, Gargos gets a stage, this much Mira gets one… etc, etc…

Also maybe a bonus Shadow character to go with Omen and Shadow Jago. Shadow Orchid or something.

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I think it’s too early in the season for them to really offer anything. The Shago community fund came as S2 was coming to it’s end, right now they’re still hard at work on S3 content. The timing does suck for the tournament pots though but that might be why most majors aren’t KIWC qualifiers this year. Only online tournaments and kombo klashes.

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I’m actually getting worried. Last year the community fund was announced on April 28th so we have a couple more days but Combo Breaker and CEO are approaching fast. Still no new faces at tournaments.

I mean honestly unless they are planning something big this time around the community fund really isn’t hard to do. I could start one if I really wanted too or anyone else and just have everyone donate but having it done through an official channel like Microsoft is always better and more secure. They also can offer incentive like offering a DLC skin/costume/stage …anything really for people like they did last time with the Shadow Jago skin.

Just throw up a Shadow Orchid skin and let the money pour in.

Having it the same time as last year isn’t guaranteed. If anything, we may hear about it around the time Gargos or the character after him releases. While not an ideal time given the tournament schedules, the problem might be what they could offer that would make a majority happy with supporting a fund, Shago with his own moveset was enticing enough, stages (in plural) are too expensive for a fund IMO. Maybe Eyedol could be a reward, not sure how that will be received. I say patience, we don’t even know for sure if they plan on having one. By now, I’m sure we should all be used to “staying tuned”.


No more shadow characters! I don’t want get another shadow character…


They ought to just give Omen the proper character treatment along with Shago instead of dishing out another half-character.


This above I don’t believe I will participate in a community fund for more stages. However fleshin out Omen. I’m in!


If we cant have 5 new stages for the 5 characters that did not receive one…then 1 stage to cover them all would be fine with me. Being the bulk of the characters are hopefully from the shadow lords group… only rash would not fit and that’s ok… he can continue to be with out a stage.

Some sort of Castlesque stage that would cover Mira, Gargos, Eyedol and GR

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Given that season 2 started in October, while season 3 started in March, I’d have to wonder if adding a bonus character with tourney season kicking in to high gear is something they’d want to do, or how much of a consideration that would be given that character 8’s coming in the same month as EVO regardless.

I suppose a Shadow Orchid type of character could be added after EVO, but I just have to wonder… Unlike real boy Shago, which seemingly generated a thread a week, is there really a huge demand for another Shadow character?

If we’re going by current public sentiment, and this is only my personal, entirely anecdotal observation, but I’d think that stages for existing characters, even if just for Mira and Gargos, would be the thing to really get those that left 1,000+ comments in the 3 stages thread plus many other threads voting their approval with their wallets.

The advantage with stages is that there’s no chance for gameplay interference during tourney season (i.e. Having to learn another character). The disadvantage of course is that a few stages are way more expensive than one character.

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If they aren’t planning a community fund…
I can’t even begin to explain how awful that sounds

Give me anime hisako and we’ll talk.

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I’m so in for a fund/DLC pack for stages, characters or very unique costumes…

Well unless ms is gonna stump up the cash for the ki cup we know it’ll happen at some point.
Think id prefer stages than another shadow.

“Weeaboo Hisako”

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I’d pitch in again. Twice. Like last time. Let’s DO THIS NAO!

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IIRC, there was 70 at Texas Showdown, so saying there’s no new faces showing up (per twitch chat mods saying) when it beat last years event (which I believe was lower than this year’s) is reaching a little.

I would like this to come to fruition very soon though. Ask the devs.

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Honestly its really disappointing in how MS doesn’t take advantage of great opportunities. Community fund should have been announced with the world cup. Also if they want to do something greater they should have announced at when talking about 6 million unique users. People pick up and learn the game because of money. SFV does well not just because it is popular, but also because there is money to be made. Killer Instinct is small. The goal should be to bring in as many people as possible just so that when the newest version of KI is made in the future a lot more people will be there day one. They should have already made plans for making the fighter esports. Halo and Gears shouldn’t be their only esports focus.

I’m not exactly eager to just throw my money at stuff. I like the game a lot and all of my money that I’ve put in has been a great investment.

But I don’t really care about new stages or shadow skins. I would like to see something more of substance to fund. Hell, I’d even participate in a fund for a cartoon show or comic book.