Where is the community fund thread

Pretty sure the devs have already indicated that they’re not pushing to have every S3 character playable at Evo.

Yeah, I agree with this.

Personally I wouldn’t mind Shorchid, and I’d like to think that people should be into a female character getting a dark edgy corrupted variant if they’re so obsessed with it for a male character. But the whole idea behind the community fund was to pander to the fervor of the edgy Shago die-hards for the sake of tournament pot bonuses, and those same people who were crazy for Shago actually seem to fervently hate the idea of Shorchid. It sucks, but I think that makes Shorchid a no-go.

I’ve said before that I think the devs have to go back and look at that list of nonsense that people won’t shut up about, and pick something practical off it to offer for the fund. That list includes things like Eyedol, ultimates, cinematic story mode, tag-team mode, Omen visual overhaul, redone retros, retro stages, just about anything which will help turn the game into a hollow vessel for the old KI games to inhabit, now 4 extra S3 stages…

The first thing you can nix from that list is anything to do with stages: like you said, they’d consume a prohibitive amount of development resources. Similar deal for story mode, that is if they’re not going down that road with the S3 budget proper already. Tag-team mode is really just not a good fit for the current game, short of redesigning everything you’d be left with just a really poor-quality afterthought of a mode. It’s a shame they haven’t revealed the entire S3 roster up-front with Eyedol not in it so they could do Eyedol for the fund. Finally, I actually see the modding scene taking care of the retros, and that might even get official support in some capacity soon anyway.

That leaves ultimates or Omen visual overhaul. Ultimates are a really subjective thing in the sense that people who chip in will complain that the end product is not cool/spectacular/gory enough and feel robbed by it, and I don’t know where to start trying to compare the cost of them to something like a character overhaul, but if it’s feasible, die-hards will support it in droves.

For extra stages, ultimates or an Omen redo - I’m up for a community fund for any/all of those.

I honestly wish they’d do a fund to buff the training suite. Lots of voices calling for more training options.

With a reasonably priced but steady stream of things like colors, accessories, and announcer packs, they could have funded a lot of this extra stuff already IMO. :disappointed:

I will pay good money for classic FG announcer packs for KI. I imagine the Alpha 3, CvS2, and 3rd Strike guys, the three most famous FG announcers, are still alive and hirable at a decent rate (ie, I highly doubt they are exclusive to Capcom) to record 4 hours worth of dialog. I will also pay a reasonable price for 5 new colors for every character in one giant pack. This stuff is reasonably cost effective to make, as well (compared to redesigning a character, making a stage, or doing ultimates).

If they released stuff like this, then said “50% of the sales on these items from X date to Y date go to the community fund”, they will see that the community will support this game.

I’ve said stuff like this before, but I’ll keep saying it if it means there’s a better chance this super low-hanging fruit gets made.


Probably coming after the last character is released.

We did not find out about the community fund until Cinders release last year, so if there was such a thing it very well may show up near the end of the Season.

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I’ll never understand why they haven’t done this.
Colours, accessories, announcers and maybe even stages.
We’d all buy them

I’d pay extra to raise money for this game. I’d love a fundraiser to make the remaining stages or for Omen/Shago to get full character sets. Anything to keep this game alive and going.


Why do people want shadow orchid? Why not shadow hisako :3

How about Shadow Shadow Jago?