When will we get some info about upcoming ultimates / season 4

Does any one know when we will get some info related to ultimates and possibly season 4?
@developers will we get some news about this at the KI world cup or maybe sooner?
Can IG give us a ‘date window’ when we get some new info?
We know ultimates are confirmed :slight_smile: but is it part of a 4th season, or season 3.5?
And what about the other 2 confirmed characters? Is that season 3.5 or part of a not anounced season 4?


During Kilgore stream, Keits showed KI Tour events schedule, and this schedule included dates from January to March, so I would assume that next character/patch/ultimates or at least info about them, would be released at the end of March at best.

Honestly no way of knowing. But I’m hyped and psyched for Ultimates coming! I hope we get some juicy info about them sometime before the month is over.

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I would love to know if we can expect the whole cast to get their ultimates or are they gunna drop one at a time?

I’m not expecting on that end until KI Con/World Cup.

I think the same. Still hope for some info sooner. And some info around season 4? Maybe?

The next patch, patch 3.7, is scheduled for March, so it at least won’t be until then. Now, I doubt that Ultimates will be in that patch, but we may get some more information about what is coming at that time.

Yeah, my guess is that character 2 comes in February and character 3 comes in March. Not sure about Ulitmates. Seems safe to assume that they’d be coming in the 3.7 patch (not sure if all or just some though), which I’m guessing they reveal at KI World Cup. Maybe even give the details on the 3.7 patch, which could involve more substantial character changes? Maybe not, who knows.

Anyways, KI World Cup also seems like a good time to announce season 4, if it’s happening. Maybe even reveal the first character.

We’ll see though! That seems logical to me, but they might have an entirely different road map.

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Well one of the devs mentioned Maya, to me that means everyone’s getting Ultimates. wheter we get them all at once or we’ll be getting them in waves is a question I’m curious about.

I bet ultimates won’t officially come until fall

I don’t think it’d take THAT long, but who knows shrug : >

I personally think March would be likely. Especially if the animators are working feverishly with the Ultimates I’m sure they could be done by March.

The fourth season will not be made. From now on Killer Instinct grows based on the feedback of the KI community.

I’ve totally hidden information in plain sight in the hopes that someone would notice. Sadly no one has.


Looks like I’m going on a scavenger hunt, lol. :thumbsup:


Rukari is that information in the forums?

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I’m wondering the same thing.


Around here “in plain sight” I’m pretty sure is an official announcement. There are so many different threads going in the forums at any given time it’s sometimes hard to dig for any noteworthy news otherwise.

…Unless you’re meaning we’re getting a Crackdown agent as a new character…


you referring to the Ultimates announcement video?..ooooorrr?..

Good luck finding out, I was going to scour around but I assume its some vague thing and I don’t feel like reading every post, article, tweet and whatnot. lol

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