When is Shadow Jago coming?


I know when Shadow Jago is coming…but you don’t. All trolling aside, let’s have some fun.

When do you think Shadow Jago is coming? Post an answer. ONE single answer, and I will collect all these answers and reward those who are right with their very own code for Shadow Jago.

This contest can’t last long though, so let’s give it a shot. Ready? GO!


Imma go with in 9 days

$1, Bob.

Oh wait, wrong show.

December 15th?!

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You know that there is a minimum number of characters to type, right? Oh, never mind.


Our waiting path ends here… on Dec 24th

I think next Friday, December 11th

I’m gonna guess youse a jerk and tell us now.

Uh, right now.


In all seriousness, I’m gonna place a bet on December 18th. It’s the Friday RIGHT before Christmas, which gives you guys no worries for the holidays and gives you ample time to finish Shago/release a trailer/talk about him on a stream.

 December 14 I bet!

December 22nd. The week of Christmas.

December 19! I hope hehehe

December 15th

A week after Fulgore’s story bio is released.

I’m going to say Friday, December 18th.

The last Friday before the holiday weeks. Guessing we’ll see the next update (2.12, I think?) and perhaps a double XP weekend as well. Just a guess though.

Oh yeah, I also have Shago already, but guessing is fun. :smile:

I’m going to say my birthday Dec 16th

December 7 :gift:

I’m hoping soon…like December 4th!

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Don’t give the code to me because I already have him, but I predict he’ll be released on Dec. 18.

Random guess, December 21st

as already posted in a previous thread, my guess is Wednesday the 9th.

My guess is tomorrow