When is Shadow Jago coming?

December 9th is when he’ll be released

Either in the middle of the month ( December 15 -16) or for christmas

Dec 31th 11:59pm… I’m just kidding. Now, I’m serious!

My guess: December 15th

December 25 as Christmas gift

I’m guessing December 15th.

I say 21 December

December 4. :sunglasses:

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Me thinks, Dec. 18th

I think Shadow Jago will come out on December 8th

I’m going to guess on the 9th! Time will tell!

Hmmmm December 4th

December 4th :smirk: :pray:

December 7th
why not I mean its a Monday right?

Tonight :slight_smile:

December 31st, 11:59pm

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I’m gonna have to go with Tuesday the 8th of December! - :disappointed_relieved:

shadow jago is comming 12/02/2015!!! where is my code? :c xD

this friday December 4th

Friday, December 18th

December the 14th.