When is omen getting more options?

If omen got a new costume I think this one would be great:

Speaking of which, when is omen getting colors 7, 8 and 9, along with another accessory set and more colors for his current accessories? I’m an omen player and it seems off that I got him to level 50 (a few months ago)… but there is nothing to unlock or use.

Color 7 - Green with black
Color 8 - http://www.galacticobserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/universe-backgrounds-81.jpg
Color 9 - Black body with stars and planets throughout his insides. Something like these:

Here’s another idea for omen color 9:

Here’s an example of how green omen would look:


Color 7 could be bronze colored omen with red eyes and tiger like features like the tiger statue in jago’s stage:

This would be a nice reference to how gargos/omen is the false tiger spirit that jago was worshiping.

Here’s another possibility:

I’ll soon post some ideas for another accessory set.


White with black!

So, color 4?


Purple and black for sure!

I so wanted that pic to be Gargos that I actually had it in my head that that was how he was going to look! His new look is close but I was really hoping for that one!


Yeah does he have anything of note to unlock after 30?

I’m sitting at 45 now, but I haven’t got anything in… ages.


Nothing after 30 except the fact that you have him higher than 30.

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Yep, nothing to unlock after level 30.

I think that’s color 4.

Oh yeah… I forget about that! I didn’t use him for while…

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Same here.


That was a “my new main” pic. Actual Gargos is not insta-main material.

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I’ve updated my OP.

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That Color 9 is perfect for Omen!

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Color 7 - Black body with green electricity and a green aura:


Color 8 - Tiger Spirit color:



Color 9 - Shadow Realm color (the purple one):

Since we didn’t get a mothman character, this idea for color 9 would be a great replacement.


By the way, I have no idea as to what his 3rd accessory set should be lol.

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Chains with a skull mask


It’s been said a million times, but he just needs to be completely revamped. Omen is a big ugly scratch on a $500,000 Ferrari. He literally takes away from how amazing everything else is because when you see him he sticks out like a sore thumb; you can’t help but wonder why the heck he’s there when you have him standing directly across from jago or riptor or Mira etc…

Yeah, like a reference to shadow jago.