Minor complaint about mimic Omen

Okay so we got green omen, it’s not one of his 9 colors (even though @TempusChaoti said omen was getting more colors) but at least it’s something for now.

However, it seems that I can’t use any accessories on mimic omen, he’s the only mimic character I have now so I don’t know if it’s the same with other mimics. Is this a glitch or are we not mean’t to use the mimic skins with accessories?

Mimic Skins are their own costumes with only one color and they can’t be customized for whatever reason. I don’t get it either. Why can’t we change the color while keeping the green and the mist? Why can’t I put accessories on the Mimic Skins? Your guess is as good as mine.


It’s cool that we finally got a green color for omen but we can’t use his accessories on it. It’s like “Sense! This makes none!” lol O_o

I feel Mimic skins should be another color slot like the holiday color Orchid or Gold & Platinum Gargos skins. It feels a little awkward having two additional spaces on the costume select for a single skin. I’m sure it has something to do with the extra VFX on the mimic skins, but I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to program them next to the other colors.


Are mimic mirror matches possible in that regard, considering the 1 color?

No. Only one player can pick the mimic skin, but if both players pick the same character and 1 chooses the default skin color 1 and the 2nd player chooses the default mimic skin color 1 as well, the mimic skin will change to the color 2 theme of the default skin. So, an ARIA mirror match where both players pick the default skin (1 normal, 1 mimic), the mimic will change the color of the coattail and the flying bodies that are behind her.

Whoa, that’s crazy. I’ll have to try it out, quite interesting.