What would you want in a Season 3 Ultra pack?

We got classic KI with the season 1 ultra pack (along with the 4th set of accessories). Same kind of deal with season 2 ultra pack.

Well, we’re out of classic games, so now what? I know that some people might want more character outfits or something like that, but what would it take for you to want to spend the extra dough and get the ultra pack? What would you want to see in it?

Anyone have any good ideas?

Customization options are always safe bets, I think. Add more colors and accessories to let people personalize their fighters; as an artist I think that’s one of the funnest thing about KI, seeing how people identify with the characters they play! Maybe even add more profile card stuff too, like emblems and backgrounds, etc…

However I would also pay to get updated story lines for the Season 1 characters… or any addition to the story. I mean, that’s something I think should be done regardless and included in every version of the game, so I’m not sure if putting it in an Ultra Bundle would make a lot of sense… but if the extra funding would make it more likely to happy then I would be all for it.

Getting more outfits for the characters would definitely be a cool thing. I wouldn’t mind getting the snes version of Killer Instinct either. On the other hand, I remember CodeMystics saying they would love to make a true 3d version of the original KI, or something to that effect, so that coming to fruition and being included in the Ultra Edition for season 3 would be pretty awesome too.

I prefer extras for the actual game than “another game”.

More accesories, retros(or not necesary retro, reimaginated), unlock special titles…

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It’s just tough for me to think of what the equivalent level of content could be for a season 3 ultra pack when we got a whole, complete GAME for the ultra packs of season 1 and season 2, and it’s not like they were just direct copies of the originals. Code Mystics added a fair amount of stuff to each game.

I just don’t know if a few more character outfits or accessories balances something like that out. The other thing to consider is that Code Mystics were working on those games themselves. All Double Helix and Iron Galaxy had to do was work on some accessory packs. Now, IG’s likely going to have to handle everything themselves. As much as I’d love to ask for everything and anything I can think of, it’s tough to know how much time they’d be able to devote to ultra pack stuff.

Here are some ideas that I can think of:

-Full Battletoads game from Rare Replay in honor of Rash being in KI (not saying I WANT this, just saying it could make sense).

-All guest characters become Ultra pack bonuses. This could be done to both placate the people that don’t want guest characters (they can just by the combo breaker pack). This could also placate those worried that the too much of the eight to nine season 3 roster spots could be taken up by guests. It would also provide a good incentive for people to upgrade if they really like Battletoads or Perfect Dark or Gears or Halo or whatever guests end up in the game.

-Classic stages re-imagined: There are a few levels that KI fans have been clamoring for, so why not use this as a way to give them a few extras? Maybe recreate those levels with greater detail and take the same music, but modernize it.

-Character alt outfits: Not just different colors or accessories, but think more like TJ Combo’s “Blade” look. Give each character a separate, cool looking outfit like that, either a reference from a movie or show or just something that, in general, looks good and really fits the character. It’d also be nice if these unique outfits had two sets of accessories for them.

Another set of classic retros for all characters: Bring back Kevin for another round of retros for ALL characters. MS & IG might have zero desire to touch up the season 1 retros that we currently have, and while it’d be nice, they really have no incentive to do it beyond the fact that it’d placate a few fans that bring it up every once in a while. This way, fans get what they want, perhaps they find some other cool looks for season 2 characters as well, and everyone’s happy.

-Second Omen: Given the opinion a lot of people tend to have about this character, how about if IG takes him back to the shop and upgrades him significantly everywhere? Brand new animations and a brand new move set.

Plus they give him a reimagined look and accessories. Perhaps his skin is more of matte / smoke-like type (like from his character art picture in survival mode) with black lightning zipping around inside of him. Maybe the give him his own rig, something bigger, so he could be a bit bulkier. He could still have wings of course, but they could be with him always, folded over his shoulders like a cap (like Goliath from Gargoyles) when he’s not using them.

There’s enough fan feedback about what works and what doesn’t and I’m sure they’re creative enough to reimagine him with an eye for making him a lot better. Anyways, for ultra owners, he’d occupy the same space as the old the original Omen, who would still remain, but would be referred to as First Omen. Those that don’t buy the Ultra Pack would only have First Omen. If the move list difference is a big deal, maybe have a small warning pop up for Ultra pack owners if they switch to First Omen that indicates “his move list is different, please refer to move list for further details.”

-Eyedol: This probably won’t sit well with people, but if MS & IG don’t feel like they have a great way of reimagining this character, then perhaps they might not want him on the roster and or even in the story. If that’s the case, as some of the creators don’t seem overly fond of him, then perhaps this is the best compromise: They can recreate him similarly to what he was before (properly balanced, of course), and make him an ultra pack bonus instead of a regular roster character.

Well, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment. Anyone else have any more ideas?

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My wishlist:

-Retro for all s3 characters.

-Extra accessories for all characters.
Not accessories like changing Thunder’s footwear, Glacius knees accesories, or Fulgore ponytail, instead more accesories like TJs Blade costume, or Orchid foot/leg accessories. They change a lot the character visual aspect, not only adds minor changes.

-Early acces to all characters by "beta"
Ultra edition owners had early acces to S2 characters, but I’m going further. We are using Rash NOW, 7 months before game release. It would be cool to have a chance like this with more characters.
Even more, lets put this example:
April, Gargos is released the 30th(for example). Trailer released the 8th, gameplay stream the 15th, you can use him only in practice and exhibition that weekend

-Omen get’s better animations and new costume. His actual look it’s renamed “retro”. His new costume it’s more detailed and polished, giving that his Master has rewarded him with more power for his efforts as his Herald

-A character shouldn’t be ultra edition exclusive. All must be tournament viable, and this “forces” you to spend a lot of money in that character if you only want this particular one, wich betrays the filosophy of “pay only for what character you want”. Omen it’s a exception for that, and I’m not very fond of it. If they polish his animations and give him a new costume, Omen sould be buyable by his own.

-Some old stages could be really cool

-Killer cuts: all seasons soundtrack, and you can use it out of KI!! Download it digitally in your PC or smartphone, or use in your Xbox One while playing others games!

-Ultra edition also has XP booster! You can activate a xp booster for each character worth of 2 weeks!

-Exclusive titles, banners and icon for ultra users! Show your status as Ultra costumer to the rest of the players in your player card

-Images for your Gametag! You gain exclusive Killer Instinct pictures for your Gametag! All your friends will know how much you support KI thanks to them! (Please, if this comes true, add at least one per character and 5-4 generic, or all in the forum will have the same profile photo XDDD )

NES Battletoads Rom ported to the X1, standalone from the Rare Replay (as in not required to play). That would be a nice bonus, and maybe online enabled coop.

Wouldn’t this happen regardless? Not sure why this would need to be an Ultra pack idea, unless you’re talking about taking retros away from non-ultra pack buyers. Can’t say I’d love that idea, even though I’d be getting the ultra pack. Never take away something you used to give away for free.

If you’re referring to my idea about Eyedol, how would he not be tournament viable? It’s not like he wouldn’t be available to certain people. He’d be available to everyone.

YES. Love this idea!

Just trying to understand your thought process here. So you’re saying that for ultra pack owners, the first two weeks after a character comes out would automatically be double XP time? Two weeks might be a bit much, but a week? That sounds perfect to me. I love this idea!

I was just summarizing, making the full list, not only my “original” ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe two weeks sounds a lot, but maybe with new accesories, the cap level can be raised, so you need to lvl more with each character, so maybe two weeks its OK. If max lvl stays, then I agree, one week it’s enough

Making he a ultra pack bonus character only means that only people who buy the ultra pack will have him. This goes against the philosophy of the rest of the cast, which you can pay only a character if you want. If ultra edition its 40$ and you want only Eyedol, eyedol costs you 40$. That’s insane. I’m also not a big fan of Omen being only for packs buyers. He should be available for everybody individually, like the rest of the cast.

I don’t personally buy this logic. I’ve seen this in regards to Shadow Jago and Xbox One in general. People saying “I bought an Xbox One to play KI, so on top of pay $500 for KI, I now have to pay for…” No, Killer Instinct didn’t cost you $500. You bought a video game system for $500.

Saying Eyedol would be $40 would be a tad misleading unless Eyedol was the ONLY character you wanted in season 3. Given how popular Eyedol was, and given the number of people who would want him and no one else… I can’t imagine the number of people that would want to pay $40 for Eyedol would be that big to begin with. If you buy the combo breaker pack, then upgrading to Eyedol shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive.

That said, I wouldn’t want him to be the “main attraction” of an Ultra pack. There’d have to be a good deal more to make people want to spend the difference between the Combo Breaker and Ultra packs in terms of actual content and benefits so people wouldn’t feel like he was the one and only reason to upgrade from one to the other.

I still think that as far as tourney viability goes, if he’s available to everyone, he should be viable, even if he doesn’t fit the current pricing structure for characters. However, I do understand your point though on him being different from the rest (in pricing). Perhaps he becomes available for individual purchase at the end of season 3 for the same price as everyone else, but if you have the ultra pack, he’s simply rolled in to that price of the upgrade from Combo Breaker to Ultra and he’s available right away? Just an idea.

I understand your statement, but still I don’t see a good idea making a character exclusive for a ultra edition, even only temporary(not talking about early acces).

From the developer perspective, it’s also a bad idea. You put money and effort to make a character, his moveset, his appearance, all… but only a low percentage of your players will be able to use it? Sounds like a waste.

I hear ya. Curious though: What do you see then as the difference between early access and what I’m talking about with Eyedol? You mentioned that we’re using Rash 7 months before the game release and that it’d be cool to have a chance like this for more characters.

Would it change things for you if I said that instead of it being finished Eyedol, he were “beta” Eyedol and that he’d be finished and available for everyone at the end of the season? But the beta’s only open to Ultra pack owners? Maybe they give feedback on him and IG fine tunes him throughout the season? Once the season is over and Eyedol is available for everyone, he’s then declared tournament viable.

Yeah but, you could say that about anything they do for the Ultra pack. Why have Code Mystics work on ports of the classic KI games if only a low percentage of players will be able to use it? The whole idea of the content we’re talking about here is to think of things that would make people want to fork over the extra money for the ultra pack versus the combo breaker pack.

Now, I’ll certainly concede that there’s a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to offering extra content. I wouldn’t want to see whole portions of the game cordoned off from people just because they didn’t get the ultra pack. But one character? One that will be available for the same price when he’s “finalized” at the end of the season anyways? I dunno if that’s crossing the line. I don’t think it is, but if you disagree, that’s cool.

A 30$ ultra edition?

ultra edition owners get all colors and accesories day one without grinding
special edition classic KI with KI-KI2 chars and some newcomers

Okay, but what would you want to see IN that $30 ultra edition?

So you wouldn’t want to have anything to unlock for the characters at all? I dunno. I think it’d be cool to have double XP for all new characters for maybe the first 3 months or something like that as an Ultra bonus. Of course, that alone wouldn’t make me want to upgrade to Ultra if I were choosing between that and the Combo Breaker pack.

Still need a big sweetener like classic KI or classic KI2. My fear is that they’ll include Battletoads as the free game or maybe even Rare Replay comes free for Ultra owners. To me, both would be a bit of a stretch as KI content and both would be a bit of a waste given what else could be done for the KI game itself in terms of cool content for Ultra pack owners.

Absolutely. I understand this defeats the purpose of in-game microtransactions, but I sincerely wish there was a way to not grind at all.

I’m not even talking about the microtransactions though. I just enjoy earning stuff by playing the game and unlocking it. It’s a nice reward for doing something that you want to do already (ie play the game).

I will concede though that the current grind is way too much. You should be able to unlock all colors and accessories by what we have now as level 25. Then fill out the rest of the levels (and perhaps have stuff post-level 50 as well) with vanity profile items.

I mentioned in a previous thread about a mode that allowed you to go beyond level 50 with a character to earn different colored stars and martial arts belts for your profile that would increase after a certain number of matches played and give you a level name ala Virtua Fighter 4’s kumite mode. Have that type of stuff be available for hardcore players to show off.

Maybe the belts go behind the profile icon, taking up half of the screen with about 3/4ths the thickness of the current profile icon, and have the stars appear on the belt? Either way… Something like this to reward hardcore players and give them something to show off online with that particular character (like you’re a brown belt with Sabrewulf, but if you switch to Kan Ra, maybe you’re only a yellow belt and your profile belt switches to reflect this) would be a lot cooler to me than storing the last few colors and accessories up in level 40 or more.

To be honest I find the whole playercard customization useless too. Profile icons, taunts, backgrounds… It’s all a waste of time.

It’s even worse that all this stuff costs points to unlock also.

In fact player card has too many customization options and none are useful to show who you really are, aside of the pro stars.

Player level: You can reach level 50 playing CPU on easy.
Character level: the same
Online taunt: the same

Wouldn’t it be clearer to just show:
Number of online fights
Win ratio %

If you want, there should also be some system to assess the quality of the competition your opponent has faced.

These are true measures of player skill, instead of the useless mess of data (player level, character level) playercard shows now.

I am a level 50 player and I have 9 level 50 characters.

Am I a pro? No, I am crap, because I did it all grinding on easy CPU.
So please stop quitting on me on the vs screen, random ragequitters. You probably were going to defeat me if you hadn’t crapped yourselves after seeing the level 50 on screen.

I agree with you that the profile icon stuff shouldn’t cost points to unlock, but I do think that if the customization options for the profile are good enough, or rather, prestigious enough, that some will see value in playing to get them, or at the very least wouldn’t mind them as a small token bonus for doing what they’re already doing (playing the game).

So if you look at them in that context, I don’t think they’d have to be a waste if they didn’t cost anything but were earned instead.

That said, I don’t currently customize this stuff. I think I’ve had the same icon, taunt and background since season 2 started. The belt/stars thing, I think, could be cool as something to get with a character post-level 50 just as a sort of side thing. I don’t know that there has to be much incentive there.

Of course, when I say that I enjoy unlocking stuff and earning stuff, I’m thinking more of colors and accessories. If they could find a way to make me care about the player card stuff, more power to them. I like that the options exist, like in general, I’d rather have them than not have them. But I’m not personally all about changing my taunt or my background or whatever, even if it’s nice that you can, should you choose to.

I dunno… Still wish that there was something cool that would immediately make me want the Ultra pack. Classic KI’s did it for me in the last two seasons. No idea what’s going to get my hype level up for that in season 3.

My vote goes for Classic KI remakes in the Hex engine, with Classic Arcade Ladders, stages, classic costumes, and Remastered FMV sequences.
Obviously, like previous seasons, S3 Ultra should also provide premium accessory packs and the retro skins, though possibly in greater excess. Maybe some KI gold to unlock stuff early?