What would you like to see announced at E3?

Well, the title says it all really. Would you like to see MS announce a new iteration from one of their past titles like say… MechAssault 3? A new Banjo Kazooie? How about they bring back Crimson Skies as a sort of Uncharted with flying combat? Maybe they get EA to bring a new Jade Dragon exclusively to XB1?

Maybe you’re in to JRPGs and want to see Lost Odyssey 2? Maybe you want to see Phil make good on that promise to make it up to Xbox owners for losing Street Fighter by announcing a new fighter?

I’d be curious to see what your lists are, both realistic stuff you want to see like Gears 4, the next Forza, etc and complete flight of fancy (within reason of course, I don’t expect to see MS buy Sony lol).


Opened it up to any and all games on any and all systems by request. What do you want to see at E3? :slight_smile:

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Maybe a new Fire Pro Wrestling Game without the avatars. Perhaps a new Soul Calibur or maybe new a SSX (Snowboard Super Cross) game? Maybe Nintendo should go all out with a new F-Zero?

I don’t know but lately in my opinion the fighting game genre is thriving with new content, tournaments and such but other genres like sports (wrestling, snowboarding etc,.), racing and even action games are taking the backseat.

That’s just me.

A new fighter IP or resurrect a dead series to the xbox.


What do I want to see MS’s new games at E3…

NEW FIGHTING GAME!!! Serious, I really want to see MS’s new fighting game like we never see before! I want Xbox smash bros too!


I feel like this thread should be opened up to all E3 announcements in general, rather than just Microsoft; because personally, I think it’s high time with the glorious return of Doom and Wolfenstein we need to complete the Unholy Trinity of iD shooters with a new Quake.
I’d also like to see a new Oddworld game, since the Oddworld Inhabitants FB page has been teasing another HD remaster.
Maybe a new Jetset Radio?

A modern/HD incarnation of the game Circus Maximus:Chariot Wars would be fantastic. It was a co-op chariot racing game, where one player controlled the cart and the other fought off enemy combatants. Polish it up and give it some more trimmings and it could be GODLIKE!

As far as MS specific properties I’d want to see revived at E3?
-Kung Fu Chaos could be fun if they made it relevant with a more fluid combat system, but still the same simple control style. A tongue in cheek free for all/co-op 3D brawler could be awesome.
-I agree with OP that the Mech Warrior franchise should come back in a big way for PC and Xbone. With the success and sequel to Titanfall, the market is ripe for more giant deathbot action.
-An HD remake of Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes would be killer! A 4 player dungeon crawling campaign experience? Hell yeah.
-Tork: The Prehistoric Punk -while a bit of a Tak knock off, from what I understand- was absolutely filled with character and awesome ideas. Interesting mechanics that deserve a revisit…

Phantom Dust

New Kameo or Perfect Dark

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A new Banjo game would be cool. MS as far as I am aware doesn’t really have like a platformer mascot right now.

Done and done! :slight_smile:

Ah man… Quake 3 Arena on Dreamcast is still one of my all time favorite shooters. What a fun game! I wouldn’t mind seeing Quake return, or Unreal Tournament, or maybe even Hexen, return.

I’d personally like to see:

From Microsoft:
-Confirm KI season 4

-Joanna Dark announced as the NINTH character for KI season 3, still leaving number eight a mystery.

-An exclusive fighting game coming to Xbox One to make up for losing SFV

-They’re bringing back Crimson Skies as a aerial dog fighting / Uncharted type of game

-MechAssault 3

-Lost Odyssey 2 (oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please)

-A baseball game that can actually compete with MLB The Show, maybe bring back High Heat?

-An actual JRPG exclusive for XB1

-Alan Wake 2

-Rallisport 3

-Kameo 2

-A kart racing game with MS and Rare IPs and it’s being developed by Sumo Digital

-Original Xbox games will be coming to Xbox one backward compatibility by the end of 2016

-Working with Team Ninja to revive Kakuto Chojin

-Bringing Unsung Story by Playdek out of Kickstarter purgatory and funding the spiritual successor to the creator of Final Fantasy Tactics’ games exclusively to Xbox One

-Stop effing around and finally bring back Conker in his own full game

-Ditto for Battletoads

-And Banjo

-Dance Central 4. Give people with Kinects some reason to dust them off and use them

-Bloodwake 2

-Fable 4. Even if it’s only the logo. Give us something that tells us this series isn’t dead

Obviously I’d like to see some new IPs, especially as it pertains to certain genres like fighters, JRPGs, strategy RPGs, etc. Just saying what announcements would get me hyped as far as MS properties.


A nrw mode for KI

as for toher stuff I’m not sure I have to wait and see what happens

Don’t care really…new IPs mostly


New zelda game

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Recore: 1 of the only games that really has my attention right now. Hope the game looks beautiful and we get a gameplay demo. The main protagonist of the game is the best thing MS has put out this entire gen imo.

Scalebound: I don’t know how to feel yet about this game. It’s a platinum game without the platinum gameplay. Kind of wished it was more like a pokemon capture different dragons and use them type of game. Any who, the main protagonist is what pushes me away the most. Looks just as bad as Kim Wu.

Banjo Kazooie: People have asked this for ages. Can’t believe they have yet to make it happen. I mean Sony pulled it off with Ratchet, don’t know why they don’t try a new Banjo game especially since Ratchet outsold Quantum Break.

Phantom Dust: I want Arksys or a Japanese dev to work on the visuals and a western dev to work on the gameplay. Really needs a unique artstyle to put it inline with the original game. The leaked demo looked very generic which makes me glad it was canceled. The gameplay also looked dated, it need a modern revamp. Any ways, this is a pipe dream that will never happen.

New IP: Xbox has nothing at this point. Besides Recore, Scalebound, and Sea of Thieves, there really isn’t much to look forward to. Sony had a good year ahead of it with Persona, Crash, and more.

Backwards compat: This can save E3 for them. If they announce Mass Effect 2-3, MvC 1-2, FF 13, Red Dead Redemption, and more then they can look decent.

HD Remaster of the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

If this happens, I might just have to see the (not so) old Wii-U and get a PS4 again. One of my all time favorite series right there!

I love the way this game looks. The art style draws me in. Not a ton, but the protagonist is a big plus for me as well. I’m intrigued, but I definitely need to see gameplay before I really put it on my list of must-haves.

Im not sure what to make of the main character. He seems kinda generic. Putting the headphones on and yelling woohoo as he and his dragon eat stuff up. Eh…

As for the game itself, again, I dig the atmosphere, though unlike ReCore, where I haven’t seen any gameplay, I must say that the limited amount I’ve seen in this game didn’t overly impress me. I didn’t hate it, and I’m sure there’s s lot more under the surface beyond what we’ve seen, but nothing really wowed me beyond the lush greenery (that you apparently have to walk through even though you have a dragon?)

Yeah this E3 feels like one of the more important ones in recent memory. They’ve really kind of shot most of their big bullets like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, and while they still have Crackdown, I just don’t see that or even Gears bringing a whole lot of buzz or excitement to MS at E3.

People will expect those two along with Forza, ReCore, Cuphead, Halo Wars, Sea of Thieves and Scalebound. I could see Sea of Thieves surprising (of underwhelming), but I’m personally not wowed by any of this.

Nothing against MS or those working on these titles, but I was psyched for Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse (unfortunately), Crimson Dragon (again, unfortunately), Forza Horizon 2, D4, Project Spark, Titanfall, Superhot, Oxenfree, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

Now that all of those are out, there isn’t a single exclusive I’m looking forward to, so I’ll be curious to see what they announce and whether or not there’s something for me to look forward to on this system.

Fusion frenzy remake.

This is just me, but a beefed-up version of the XB1 similar to the PS4 Neo, and including a new version of Halo 5 that supports split screen play. That honestly has KILLED Halo for me, not being able to play with my wife & kids.

Also, KI season 4…stages for everybody and a classic arcade ladder. And a Battletoads game.

And since Disney is leading out liscenses again…Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Remastered. It just needs to happen.

Oh…and a new Mega Man game. A REAL Mega Man game. Not “knock-off Mega Man cause we don’t have the rights to make a real one” Mighty no.9…Mega Man…11 or X9, I don’t care which.
If you’re having trouble figuring it out Capcom, lease him out to Nintendo…they apparently know how to get him right judging from Smash Bros.

Anyway…just some thoughts.

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  • Two words: CRASH. BANDICOOT.
  • Chances are slim, but Namco could show something Tekken 7-related. Also, console release of Time Crisis 5 please.
  • Chances are slim too, the next KI character.
  • The upcoming Kojima Productions game. Slim chances also.
  • Injustice 2 or Kombat Pack 3.
  • Games for the Nintendo NX.

Just gimme a multi-platform Crash Bandicoot game and KI S4, that’s all I really want right now…

I know this is a want-to see thread, but I do have to point out Nintendo has already said the only thing they’re showing around (not at) E3 is Zelda…but then again it’s supposed to be akin to Twilight Princess where it’s going to be for both console generations

I want Nintendo bring Custom Robo back!!