What would you like to see announced at E3?

I’d like to see Nintendo announce and show off the NX (wishful thinking of course :disappointed:), maybe a new Darkstalkers game (that’s NOT exclusive to the PS4), Battletoads (on Xbox One, NOT on the Hololens like Conker) and maybe, MAYBE Capcom finally getting theirs heads out of their butts and announce that they’re resuming production of Mega Man Legends 3 (that’s NOT exclusive to PS4).

I’m tired of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat & Tekken! Killer Instinct was fun! But I want now the return of Bloody Roar, Darkstalkers & Crash Bandicoot!

Bloody Roar better reboot for something better in this new era. Darkstalkers gotta catch up with the new system of Street Fighter.

Take a look at Crash Bandicoot! I wish someone would hire this guy’s work.

Plus a reborn Battletoads video game thanks to Rash’s guest appearance.

New freshly fighting games along with a new platform adventure game after Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper!

I wish for more hack & slash games since Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. Speaking of DMC, I wish they put up a new game right about now. Oh wait… next year.

Wow. Lots of Bandicoot fans up in here. Who’d have thought? I loved those games. Even the lesser ones that were released after Warped and CTR.

If new Crash comes out on PS4, that’ll be the tipping point to put me over the edge and sell my Wii-U to get a PS4 again. If it also makes its way to XB1 though, I’ll be over the moon. That’d be awesome!

Of the two, I’d prefer KP3 to Injustice 2, but since we all know Injustice 2 is in development, maybe it’s best to get that going.

I’m really starting to worry that Tekken 7 is going PS exclusive. The fact that we’ve seen nothing thus far indicating that it’s coming to both doesn’t seem like a great sign.

As for Time Crisis 5, hell yeah! I’d love to see that. While we’re talking that genre, I’d love to see House of the Dead 4 come to home consoles as well.

Yeah no local multiplayer for Halo is insane to me. As soon as I saw that, I went from being on the fence to deciding not to get it at all.

As for a more powerful Xbox… I almost kinda think MS has to do it, don’t you? They came out of the gate with a less powerful product at a price that was $100 more and they paid dearly for it. Now Neo seems to be a reality and Skny’s releasing an even more powerful machine.

I mean… How does MS hope to compete with not one, but two Sony systems that are more powerful as well as NX, which I can only assume will also be more powerful given that XB1 and PS4 are almost three years old now.

Four consoles, and MS would have the weakest one. If you’re MS, don’t you almost HAVE to put out something that not only trumps PS4, but Neo as well?

Okay I’m gonna add something else to the list:
#Doom4 Single-Player Expansion Pack
The Season Pass seems to only contain future multiplayer DLC, which I’d kind of a bummer. I think it’d be awesome to have new enemies, new locales, new weapons (or weapons from the multiplayer), maybe some huge arenas where boss enemies show up as regular combatants.
Sure we’ve got Snap Map, but an official expansion with tons of new stuff would make me a very happy Fwuf.

If Crash truly is announced for PS4, that will single-handedly force me to buy a PS4. Not even Joking.

(multiplatform PLZ)


Netherrealm Studios’ next game.
They already confirmed they are planning to make Injustice 2, so it would be cool to see something from it at E3. However, they have also hinted at a Shaolin Monks 2 and also more Kombat Packs for Mortal Kombat X. So yeah, hopefully more will be revealed…

Would also be cool to see more of Yooka-Laylee and Mighty no. 9 (which will be released soon)!

My only concern is that, if ever the game gets ported, Namco must unveil an all-new Guncon. It’s a usual tradition when it comes to porting Time Crisis games to home consoles.

I’m assuming that’s the very reason why there isn’t a console release yet. Maybe budget cuts prevented to create a new Guncon.


Where were you when the game was ported to PS3 like a few years ago!? Heck, the PS3 port also includes HOTD 4 Special in it!

What do I want to see?
Whats next for KI
The next Fallout 4 dlcs covered by the season pass.
Whats next for Destiny
Whats next for Halo 5

Injustice 2
more Mega Man
Banjo Threeie
Crash Bandicoot, he needs to return.
Custom Robo
Sunset Overdrive 2
Titanfall 2
Lost Planet 4

I know, I’m hoping for a lot. :laughing:

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Capcom will release new Mega Man game on only mobile! XD

Seriously, I’m still waiting for they bring Custom Robo back!

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IG given the green light to add ultimate combos and for MS to give KI more support.

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I’m tired of the same old fighting games that haven’t been doing well in stories & characters lately!


long time Metroid fan, im tired of Nintendo ignoring or just overall making this franchise a joke


Marvel ultimate Alliance 3 on PS4

Now if I had to choose what I wanted to see at E3

Hopefully a new Kaiju based Fighting-game that can come out for all platforms Or a War of the Monsters 2
Somehow Primal Rage made a come back
That Halo 5 finally has playable Elites (been fighting to get them playable again for years now)

But lets be more realistic shall we?

Something cool going on with the next character in KI and hopefully more on Shadow Lords
kombat-Pack 3 (Please NO more f-king guests)
At least something Intresting coming from Sony, Nintendo and MS
revealing a legit Raptor in Pokémon: Sun and Moon
More Mega-Man
More info from DBZ Xenoverse 2

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Soul Calibur 6. A GOOD Soul Calibur too. Actually, just give me an HD Remaster of Soul Calibur 3 and we’ll be good.


Bloody Roar must have a return!

It’s the best fighting game to transform into an animal! I just hope they can do something with the story. And also the fighters’ clothes ripped after transformed. Hyper Beast form… their clothes return to normal.

Please make it happen as KI has!

I liked the ttale sof souls mode. Never finished it though especially with my main Lizardman/Aeon Calcos.
If we get a Soul Calibur III remasterd, I will finally get the chance to finish tales of souls with Aeon Calcos.

I’ll wait for the roster to get more and hope that Aeon make sit before I go anywhere.

V I R T U A F I G H T E R 6 :scream:

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PS4 Crash

God Of War 4

A New Infamous game

Prototype 3

Primal Rage (Wishful thinking, highly unlikely)

Darkstalkers (4?) (Wishful thinking, highly unlikely)

DMC 5 (or DmC 2)

Bayonneta on PS4 or XB1

Asura’s Wrath 2 or Remaster/HD

MediEvil 3

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Did you see God of War 4 leaked?..

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