What We Know of the 3.4 Patch Notes

Bonus character? In the patch? I wish!

Who said anything about a bonus character?

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Well I have it on good authority from Kan Ra’s dog Soupy that it’ll be either Shadow Orchid or Pre-Transformation Cinder. :slight_smile:

So your brother?

I’ve probably missed it, but has anyone said anything about when Patch 3.4 will be released? With Shadow Lords or later down the road?

Shadow lords is patch 3.4. But it has a bunch of other stuff with it.

A page and a half of Eyedol changes? Kind of sounds like a full rework. Makes me feel bad for anyone thats been learning him.
Also yay for no more “lol enjoy this fullscreen distance” Gargos!

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Eh… a lot of that could be bug fixes, kind of like Aganos after he launched. His updates were always long but a lot of them were making sure his moves worked. With Eyedol’s head switching, I can see a bunch of weird stuff coming up they had to fix.

I have no doubt they’ll make changes to his gameplay but I doubt every item on that page and half is a nerf.


Additionally it could be that long with whatever explanatory notes they added. They don’t expand the list as much, but its possible some changes may require a little more insight.

Gargos light reckoning in the air will have less range. Hmmmm, doesn’t sound to good for him.

Glad I got a lot of enjoyment out of Eyedol before they totally butcher everything I like about him.

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what about the glacius unpunishable HK cold shoulder spam ??? if they did it with gargos glacius shoud have the same.
also remove all action or movements after a missed dragon punch DP for everyone ( like they did with maya and eyedol) cause now fulgore and thunder are enjoyin it. just let them be punishable as everyone in the cast

20 september

No more nerfs please. @TempusChaoti ,

I hope Glacius cold shoulder will push opponent at edge of screen, get +30 on block, get priority before DP`s and gets shorter startup, ignore armor and get damage buff.

Burfs for everyones

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Nurfs for some, miniature American flags for others.

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Yassss, nerf the ■■■■ out of Gargos and Eyedol :smiley:

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Yes, those two characters are the primary reason I have put the game down for a while. When frustration outweighs the enjoyment of the game, it’s time to find something else to do. And those characters are so prevalent online that I find my frustration to enjoyment ratio getting way out of wack really fast. I hope the changes are well thought out enough to leave the characters in a state where they are still enjoyable for the people using them, but become manageable matchups for the chunk of the cast that just have no answer for them right now.